Dreamy Iceland Summer Wedding Reception | Kim + Chris

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Since Beth and I are down in Atlanta, Georgia (Hotlanta) for the weekend at Chris + Kim’s local celebration we thought it would be a PERFECT time to wrap up their Icelandic elopement!

Before we start talking about the conclusion of their Iceland wedding day, we must first go back to the start. Let me preface this perfectly played story with this disclaimer: Iceland Wedding Planner and Photos by Miss Ann, never ever takes on a wedding that is scheduled for the same day we are flying in for obvious reasons….

But Sunday, June 22nd was literally Chris + Kim’s last day in Iceland and they wanted to end the trip in an EPIC way by getting married! How could we say no to such a gorgeous and amazing couple? After Skyping with them we couldn’t… so we made an exception to the rule! Because we had a wedding in Plymouth, Michigan the Friday before we weren’t able to drive to Toronto until Saturday and we then flew overnight to Iceland. We (Beth and I) literally landed at 6:45am Sunday morning at KEF, grabbed our bags, and were at the doorstep of our favorite Iceland Florist by 8:15am.

By 9:30am we arrived at the fabulous and luxurious Hotel Grimsborgir in Grímsnes which served as the base-camp for Chris + Kim’s marvelous Iceland wedding adventure. They had a stunning 2-story luxury apartment along the river Sog (Iceland’s largest fresh water river).

Thankfully our awesome travel karma was in full force and we made every stop on time, phew! Beth went to work styling our plan for the stunning gazebo that would hold Chris and Kim’s intimate Iceland elopement dinner later. The rest of my team (Iceland Hairstylist and Iceland Makeup Artist) were already there working on getting Kim ready, while I hung her dress from the house (Ha, totally happened) and delighted in photographing her Iceland wedding day details.

Now, just because you elope in Iceland, doesn’t mean that takes the element of surprise out of anything… You can still stage an Iceland first look between the two of you and in fact we encourage it as you’ll see below it was a really special moment for Kim and Chris.

From our previous Iceland wedding blog posts you saw their Iceland wedding day agenda carried on to the following locations:

Drawing close to 9pm under the midnight sun, Kim and Chris headed back to Hotel Grimsborgir to delight in their private gazebo dinner overlooking the river and the mountains.  The reception space from head to toe was tailored in bright white, but earthy tones and fabulous textures like moss, lace, and burlap. We loved doing the surprise reception styling for them!  As soon as the couple headed in to their secluded dreamy escape they were all smiles. They were over the moon with each other as they drank champagne and started in on their 3 course Icelandic wedding meal.

From start to finish the day felt like a destination wedding day should… full of love, adventure, awe-inspiring scenes and Chris and Kim savored every second of it. Please enjoy their Iceland wedding reception photos and Iceland wedding video below!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer & Planner)



[wpvideo YSd6vn4Y]


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