Married in Iceland: Kurtis + Kristin’s Summer Wedding

August weddings in Iceland are our personal favorite summer month.  It’s the time when the land is the greenest, every single highland road is open, and in our opinion it typically has the best weather of the entire year!  It’s also a time which is considered “high season” so tourist locations are brimming with people and it’s hard to escape them.  The privacy factor and “secretness” of our unique wedding locations, drew Kristin and Kurtis to choose our Iceland Wedding Planner team.

These two chose Iceland to hold their intimate destination wedding for countless reasons.  The bride’s family has a heritage line that stems back to Iceland plus, these two Canadians thrive on adventure, love to camp, hike, and do volunteer work together.  So naturally after a proposal in the Canadian Rockies they began the excitement around planning their exciting adventure wedding in Iceland!  What felt right and best to Kristin and Kurtis was having their sets of parents join them for a half day adventure and the remaining half be an exclusive adventure for just the two of them to share in.

So!  Without further ado folks, today we are super excited to share with you a couple who literally had the warmest wedding day of the year last year!

The day began in Vik, at the Iceland wedding host hotel, Hotel Katla around 5am.  This countryside hotel is rich in history of the area and holds one of all-time favorite folklore stories in Iceland (See: Hofdabrekku Joka).  One of the super cool things about Hotel Katla is that she has two sides for 2 types of wedding budgets if needed.  There is the original side which boasts wooden walls and countryside charm and then the newer side which has more of a Scandinavian chic feel and look to it.  No matter what side you delight in, you are welcome to enjoy the hot tubs and European style breakfast.

Kristin’s beautiful wedding dress was handmade made by Canadian company, Truvelle and it blew so lovely in the wind that summer morning.  The sun was rising and our Iceland hair and makeup team was already at work glamming up Kristin’s already stunning features.

The only traditional element that was important to these two was to have a formal “first look” before the adventure wedding day began.  So as our Iceland wedding super jeep team arrived, these two had a special private moment before the enjoyment of the adventurous day began.  So sweet!

With the super jeeps in place we were ready to embark on their amazing Iceland adventure wedding day!  Kristin and Kurtis chose to have their Iceland wedding ceremony at one of our favorite private waterfalls.  It was lovely to see them marry in Iceland in front of their sets of parents on such a stunning summer day!

Following their Iceland wedding ceremony, they explored the secret waterfall hand in hand and thoroughly enjoyed the endless glacier views they saw from the top of the waterfall!

It’s rare to have an entire wedding day full of endless blue skies and sunshine but these two won the weather lottery!  Everywhere we went on their Iceland adventure wedding day they were greeted with the best weather of the entire year!  Including our next exploration spot… A secret side of one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers!

Shortly after coming out of the glacier area Kristin and Kurtis parted from their guests to continue the day as an adventurous elopement in Iceland.  It was then they journeyed to mountain tops, traveled through canyons, drove through rivers, and discovered hidden waterfalls during their Iceland adventure wedding day itinerary.

Reynisfjara is a public beach, but our team has special permission to drive to the top of the mountain which overlooks the beach (it is closed to the general public to drive, you must hike the 1.5-2.5 hours one way to the top).  These two lovers delighted in the endless views from all directions on that summer Iceland wedding day.

An Iceland elopement would not be complete without having a visit to a black sand beach!  Kurtis and Kristen were super excited to adventure to the private side of Dyrholaey.  Millions of black stones line this beach and it’s oh-so dreamy for Iceland wedding photos!  This area is also home to some beautiful seaside interesting rock formations.  We even mixed in a quick visit to an area with gorgeous sand dunes during their Iceland adventure wedding!

As the afternoon turned to evening, Kristin, Kurtis, and their handful of guests found their way to The Berg in Vik Iceland.  It was there that they held their Iceland wedding reception that August evening.  The intimate Iceland wedding reception was simply and elegantly styled by our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Once seated, the group enjoyed a delicious 3 course dinner together.

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