Proposing in Iceland: The Element of Surprise

Being avid travelers and adventurers, Gustavo and Natalia (both hailing from Mexico) began planning a super exciting trip to Iceland.  Little did Natalia know though Gustavo was planning a surprise element of the trip… Proposing in Iceland!

Since our Iceland Wedding Planner team specialize in being able to provide our clients with non-touristy locations that boast intimacy and exploration Gustavo was drawn to working with us.  I mean who wants to propose at a location in Iceland where 50+ tourists could also be Instagramming your special moment?!  Uh, yeah no thank you!

Selecting a location to propose in Iceland can be a daunting task in itself.  But don’t fret!  I think Gustavo would agree (see his GOOGLE review) that our Iceland Wedding Planner team are experts in showcasing the options.  We like to look at selecting a proposal location in Iceland as an interactive experience with us right from the start!  We provide endless amounts of photos and videos from our weekly scouting missions to give you a “like you’re already there” kind of vibe.  That way, you feel more comfortable and begin to envision how your special moment will look and feel.

Now let’s talk about having the token “element of surprise” as a key point to those partners who may never “believe” you’ve just hired a photographer for the day (when you HATE having your photos taken back home) for fun.  Most folks would think “somethings up” and maybe spoil the surprise outright.  This was a concern for Gustavo… So!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team created a fantastic plan of picking them up in our 4×4 truck and acting as we were a “tour guide” for the day taking them over to Landmannalaugar for a day of hiking.

While “on the way” our Iceland proposal photographer said there was a stop that they thought they would enjoy, so they stopped, jumped out of the super jeep and headed down to some cool rock formations in the lake.  While doing so, our Iceland wedding photographer mentioned they would just snap a few images as a keepsake for them.  I think that caught Natalia off guard for the even bigger surprise of Gustavo proposing a lifetime of adventures together!  Come along with us today to see their surprise proposal session with our Iceland Wedding Planner team!

The energy these two exude was really freaking contagious.  So when we saw Gustavo get down on one knee, I think ALL of us plus Natalia squealed in excitement!  Natalia’s reaction was priceless… She went from surprise -> excitement -> extreme love -> to disbelief -> and back to extreme LOVE!  << High Five >> Gustavo for gifting her that element of surprise!  It’s a moment she will always cherish.

Moments later Gustavo filled Natalia in on what was happening… No tour today to Landmannalaugar, but instead they get to celebrate their LOVE and engagement with someone even more thrilling, a luxury picnic in Iceland!  After a short hike they were introduced to their private (and secret) cave where a beautiful surprise picnic was setup by our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Delicious details like La Caravelle champagne, lovely cheese plate, Icelandic chocolates, cozy pillows and blankets!

After plenty of private time and several glasses of bubbles, Gustavo was happy to let Natalia in on the last part of the surprise… A professional photography session with an Iceland wedding photographer!  Wohoo!  They explored the lakeside area together hand in hand and savored every freaking second of it!

The textures and tones of this lakeside area in Iceland is one of my many favorites for Iceland marriage proposals.  You definitely get the “mars” like “you’ve just discovered it” kind of feeling but it still boasts stillness and intimacy.  These two thoroughly enjoyed their time adventuring here together!  Seriously, what I loved the most about Natalia and Gustavo was the endless amounts of giggles, laughs, and “I love you’s” between them.  They weren’t shy to express their love, nor should they be it left our team further inspired and high on love too!

© 2018, Photos by Miss Ann / Iceland Wedding Planner, All Rights Reserved

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