Enchanting July Iceland Wedding Makes Rain Look Fun!

Rain during your travels through Iceland is almost a given no mater the time of year you visit Iceland.  But the way it falls on your Iceland wedding day, can be oh-so enchanting!  We encourage you to embrace the weather in Iceland, as part of your story.  In fact, Chris and Jenna make playing in the rain look like so much FUN during their July Iceland wedding!  Allow us to formally invite you to experience their story…

Canadian Couple Choose to Get Married in Iceland

Although these two graduated high school together, they weren’t a couple to start.  Through mutual friends later on they reconnected and found their way to adventuring together.  Hailing from Canada, these two have spent their lives growing up alongside stunning mountains.  Home for these two lovers, is in Edmonton, Alberta.  And their relationship thrives on laughter, being outside, discovering every mountain they can, delighting in foodie spots, biking, hiking, watching movies, and snorkeling when possible.  Fair to say they just love living their lives fully!

Despite spending three years of their 7+ years together, doing a long distance relationship they knew each other were “the one.”  Around the 4 year mark (and well after their long distance jaunt ended), Valentines Day rolled around.  Chris very thoughtfully proposed to Jenna at their favorite pizza place which also happened to be the place he first asked her to be his girlfriend too!  Talk about coming full circle!!  << High Five Chris! >>

So where does a couple who LOVE nature, grew up in the mountains, and don’t mind the rain, go to get married?!  For a hot second, they contemplated a Canadian adventure wedding in British Columbia but that was short lived.  Iceland had been high on their list for their next destination to discover so then they began asking some of their would-be guests if they would follow… Hands raised and all of a sudden they were on a 2 hours Skype call with our Iceland Wedding Planner team!

Half Day Adventure Wedding Begins

Even though our Iceland adventure wedding planning team focuses on full day timelines, having a group embark on a half day adventure can sometimes be a better fit.  Mainly because of the group dynamic mixed with challenging weather conditions.  In this case, we go in with a full day plan but always have room to change on the fly.  After all, it’s your badass wedding adventure in Iceland so you call the shots!

Chris and Jenna began their morning together around 6am.  Our local Iceland wedding photographers arrived excited to begin detail photos!  Shortly after, our teams lovely makeup artist created Jenna’s fabulous bridal look!  Our team was sooo in LOVE with Jenna’s Iceland wedding dress and Chris’ groom details!!  Plus who can beat getting ready shots with your hubby to be and your bff’s!?

It was a damn good morning!  8:30am came quick as the group gathered together with “go bags” in tow ready to embark on this awesome July Iceland wedding adventure!

Iceland Lakeside Love

July is the heart of summertime in Iceland.  Many couples gravitate to planning a July Iceland wedding because it can be hit or miss with rain but likely warmer temperatures than the rest of the year!

Upon arriving to the Iceland wedding ceremony location, it was raining.  Our Iceland wedding, Day of Planner, Vanessa got people ready with rain gear, offered up umbrellas, blankets, and lots of contagious positivity!  Everyone was ready to take a short hike down to the ceremony location and grab a cozy seat!

Fun Fact: Chris’ father performed the ceremony where Jenna and Chris exchanged heartfelt personal vows and rings (NOTE: It was not a legal binding one, just symbolic as an celebrant outside of Iceland cannot legally marry you).

Once the Iceland wedding ceremony concluded, these two enjoyed time with their guests and small bridal party.   Jenna and Chris really enjoyed their rainy lakeside adventures after their July Iceland wedding ceremony.  There is just something really special about the rock formations, colors, textures, and the privacy the mossy cove creates.

Exploring in the Rain

Have you ever traveled to an area and had the overwhelming feeling that the location feels “alive” or enchanted?  Lake Kleifarvatn easily has this affect.  For example, one of the rock formations looks like a troll face / head with a mullet!  Do you see it?  There are countless caves, lookout points, and romantic little spots throughout this 3.5 square mile lake in Iceland.  You could spend the entire day here and not run into the same spot twice!  Likely one of the reasons Jenna and Chris fell in love with this area to hold their July Iceland wedding here.

With their Iceland wedding photographer, these two snuck away from their guests to explore more of Lake Kleifarvatn.  Natural caves are always nice have a small break to discover during a rainy wedding adventure for intimate snuggles and kisses!  Meanwhile these two made dancing in the rain look soooo freaking FUN!!

Additionally, did you know that our Iceland adventure weddings are not just playing dress up and getting amazing wedding photos?  Truly, it’s an EXPERIENCE!  Within the custom schedules we craft specific to our couples, we always build the right balance of exploring with your favorite person and guests along with time for stunning Iceland wedding photos.

During the exploring time, you are in the moment taking in all of the sights, sounds, tones, textures, and maybe even hiking about for even better views or secret spots!  Our Iceland wedding photographer provides playful direction to capture our style of small people big landscape with a side of cuddles in between.

Lunch at Seltún Geothermal Area

Next was lunch at the Seltún Geothermal area!  Offering your guests a hot lunch during your Iceland adventure wedding experience is important for several reasons.

  1. Getting a hot meal in your belly during a challenging weather day makes you warm and cozy!
  2. Having a traditional Icelandic “fast food” meal of Iceland hot dogs (with all of the glorious toppings), Prince Polo Bar, a Coca Cola and hot coffee connects to your guest to our local tradition of traveling and exploring with friends and family.  Don’t worry our North American friends, they do not taste like dirty American hot dogs made of who knows what.  Any guest or couple who has ever been on the “fence” has always returned with high praise on the taste and experience.  Also know our Iceland Wedding Planner team can make the same experience veggie-friendly too.
  3. Lets your guests know you’ve thoughtfully considered their needs.
  4. A hot meal can give any guest a “second wind” of energy allowing them to power through any weather conditions!
  5. Having our Iceland wedding planning team handle lunch allows you to enjoy!

A part from this, geothermal heat sounds divine during a very wet July Iceland wedding adventure, eh?  With hot dogs in hand the group ventured around the geothermal area during the July Iceland wedding of Chris and Jenna.  Above all, Wet or not this group enjoyed running around experiencing Iceland together.  Moreover, Chris and Jenna walked around the boardwalk hand in hand savoring every single second!

Special Note: This is NOT a geothermal area our team typically goes to, as there are ropes, signs, and barriers around all of it. The ropes and signs were removed in post processing by our teams Iceland wedding photo editor.  If you intend on visiting this area, please be a responsible tourist!

Rugged Cliffs and Romance in Iceland

Variety is often attractive to our clients as they think about what type of locations they wish to adventure to during their July Iceland wedding.  Already having a lake, lunar like landscapes, a cave, and a geothermal area these two loved the idea of having their group visit sea cliffs!  Reykjanesviti was an ideal choice.  Again, this is also a location our team does not typically or ever go to, but Chris and Jenna had their heart set on it!

The actual sea stacks are named Valahnúkamöl within the Reykjanesviti area.  It can be a bit offbeat and during summer can be a prime spot for bird watchers.  The road to get here is often rutted so take your time heading down it or have a higher clearance SUV.  Although the wind was still running high, the rain had let up a bit.  Jenna and Chris were game to hike down closer to the sea stacks to get a prime view and unforgettable Iceland wedding photos!

Newlyweds Jenna and Chris decided it was best for the group to call it a day on the adventure portion of the day.  That way, the group could thoroughly enjoy the hot tub back at the hotel and have ample time to rest and refresh before the Iceland wedding reception!  No shame in a half day adventure wedding so people are ready to PARTY the night away!  Hello priorities!!

July Iceland Wedding Reception in a Barn

Keeping with the theme of enchanting, Jenna and Chris opted to have a rustic yet classic reception.  Combining the two meant that the space and ambiance itself was rustic being inside of a barn with charming bits of elegance intermingled.  Candles and greenery lined both the table and Iceland wedding cake table.  Totally ideal for a July Iceland wedding reception to create a warm ambiance!

Lastly, are you leaving inspired after experiencing Jenna and Chris’ July Iceland wedding half day adventure?  You’re invited to contact us to get more information on making that happen!  Similarly, make sure you check out more advice from our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Especially when it comes rocking our your adventure wedding during the crazy weather in Iceland!

Special NOTE: As of when this blog post was written the hotel and reception space featured in this post closed because of bankruptcy (as of November 8th 2019).

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