Southern Iceland Wedding Inspired by Love: Kim + Teresa

Imagine knowing that your forever favorite, soulmate, and partner in crime lives 9.5 hours or 550 miles (878 km) away from you.  Would you do anything to find them, give it shot, and potentially get your happily ever after?  Fair to say, everyone would say yes to that question!  After all, love inspires us and we crave to give and receive it!  Luckily technology has made it easier via dating applications and options to make long distance love easier and more connected.  On that same note, we are thrilled to share with you the story of 2 brides and their inspirational southern Iceland wedding adventure!

Kim and Teresa Meet

Allow us to introduce you to Kim + Teresa (aka Tee)!  Although these lovely ladies, originally have roots in other areas of the world like the Philippines (Kim) and China (Teresa).  Surprisingly found their way to each other an ocean over in Australia  over 7 years ago!  Initially being introduced on a dating application, they quickly realized they had a mutual friend and something bigger than them was pushing them to meet!  Kim was living in the Melbourne area and Teresa in Sydney.  However, thankfully an event in Melbourne gave them a beautiful excuse to meet!

Happy to say these two thrive on being independent career driven gals, but do appreciate doing things together too.  From being winter sport adrenaline junkies, hiking in nature, experiencing food, art, they are truly discovering the world together.  Traveling has given them all sorts of experiences near and far, enriched their lives and most certainly their relationship growth too!  Four years into their dating adventures, Tee came down to Melbourne and an unforgettable proposal ensued and then exciting southern Iceland wedding planning began!

Same-Sex Iceland Wedding Planner

Believe it or not, same-sex marriage was not legal in Australia until December of 2017, which is super unfortunate!  Meanwhile, next year, it’ll actually be 10 years for Iceland!  Iceland Wedding Planner has been happily planning same sex (LGBTQ) weddings in Iceland since 2012.  The bottom line is that love is love and every single darn human being on the planet deserves it!

Okay, wait so let’s back up… These two lovers get engaged and how did they choose Iceland to be the place to get married?  Good question!!  Being inspired by the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Fun Fact: Our team member, David Geir Jonasson was doing special affects for it!) and seeing couples throughout our website adventuring in amazing locations is what sold them on Iceland.  Therefore, they absolutely loved the idea of beauty meets raw!  To illustrate, it paints an image of 2 brides running around in gum boots, in the rain all around an epic place!

Everything about these two lovely ladies made our team smile during our initial 90+ minute Skype call.  Seriously, they exude HAPPINESS and so much of it, it’s contagious!  An ideal Southern Iceland wedding day for them and their 25+ guests needed to be crazy fun, filled with laughter, action packed experiences, literally and figuratively take everyone’s breath away!  Truly, our Iceland Wedding Planner team was more than excited to put together the most magnificent custom itineraries for them to consider!

The Morning Begins at Hrifunes Guesthouse

Seeking something a bit more homey feeling than a hotel, Tee and Kim adored the Hrifunes Guesthouse.  Therefore, this charming place set the scene for their August 3rd southern Iceland wedding weekend!  Having no televisions in the room encourages guests to interact together by playing cards, taking a walk, or chatting in the main room together.  Perfect way to have the merging of family and friends!  Additionally, the evening before the southern Iceland wedding journey began, the group dined together family style.

5 o’clock in the morning arrived and it was time for the adventure to begin!  Our teams Iceland wedding photographer and fabulous film team, Two Penny Productions began documenting all of the super cool details like their gorgeous wedding dresses!!  Further, inside of their apartment that morning, both sides of each brides tribe helped them get ready adding to the already high energy.  Perfect start!  Next, their 25+ guests with “go bags” in hand all loaded into the super jeeps for the day.  In addition, they had ZERO clue where they were going making the suspense so fun!

Private Property Waterfall Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Nothing like having a Southern Iceland wedding location all to yourself for a heartfelt ceremony!  Having a place like this all to yourself will 100% leave you and your guests speechless.  Completely a way to add the “wow” factor to your southern Iceland wedding adventure, that’s for sure!  Plus Kim and Teresa’s personal vows to each other didn’t leave a dry eye in the house!

Love is Love and it Conquers all Things

Love shines through everything.  A moment, a place, a person, and all things.  In the looks they shared, the soft touches they exchanged, and kisses they stole, Tee and Kim proved to all how much they love, respect, and appreciate the other.  Clearly this was captured in the gorgeous southern Iceland wedding photos below!

Discovering a New World Together

Did you know seeing a 4 horned sheep on your wedding day is good luck?  Sheep that have 4 horns are like Iceland’s version of a unicorn.  If you see one, close your eyes and make a wish!

Teresa and Kim discovered what looked like another world together.  However it was just southern Iceland wedding locations!

Southern Iceland Wedding Lunch

Wanting to ensure their guests got a piece of Icelandic culture, Tee and Kim treated their guests to a traditional hot dog BBQ!  On that same note, a warm lunch on a rainy or overcast chilly day sure goes a long way!  Let’s not forget that there is no better place for it either than a natural cave. Secondly, it will keep you free from wind, rain, and allow you to thoroughly enjoy your lunch during a southern Iceland wedding day.

Take Me to the Moon, Please!

Introducing their 25+ wedding guests to lunar landscapes, was a highlight to many during this southern Iceland wedding.  The black sands and desolate landscape features really transport you to the moon!  So if you love someone to the moon and back, this is such a cool place to have your first dance!  Teresa and Kim savored every single moment as they laughed their brains out and cuddled.  To think that planning a southern Iceland wedding offers your guests such special variety!

Let’s Scream Our Loves from the Mountain Tops!

During your southern Iceland wedding adventure, how will you profess your never ending love to your partner?  Maybe in your vows, a specific gift, or how about screaming it from the mountain tops!  Overlooking the town of Vik was the perfect spot for Kim and Tee to be present with each other hand in hand.

Exploring a Black Glacier

One of the countless things that resonated with us throughout Kim and Tee’s southern Iceland wedding was that wanted their dresses to be trashed by the end.  Almost as if the dirtier their dress became the more accomplished they would feel.  So!  As the last stop on their southern Iceland wedding adventure came, they were all in!  A black glacier would hopefully make their dresses muddy, sandy, and wet!  Needless to say the area did not disappoint…  And they get huge props for being BADASS and FEARLESS adventurers for standing in water in front of a glacier ice canyon waterfall!!

Home-style Iceland Wedding Reception

In conclusion, not all couples want to have a formal plated Iceland wedding reception.  Others veer towards their own personal path of eating a traditional home cooked family style meal together.  Reliving the days adventures together asking each other what their favorite locations or moments throughout the day were.  It feels good to be authentic and go against the deep rooted traditions.  Throughout the 3 course meal, guests were exploding about how it had been the wedding of the DECADE!  #truestory

Did this southern Iceland wedding adventure inspire the crap out you?!  Likewise, maybe it has set off the adventure wedding desires in you… If so, contact us to get more information and don’t miss their Iceland wedding film below!!  Also be sure to read Kim and Teresa’s Google review on our Iceland Wedding Planner team.

Iceland Wedding Film by Two Penny Productions

Two Penny Productions is based in Detroit, Michigan but have come to film a few of our southern Iceland wedding adventures.  Really happy they documented thoroughly Kim and Tee’s journey.  Check it out…

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