Joyful July Elopement in Iceland | Anja + Peter’s Story

As Iceland’s popularity has exponentially increased over the last decade, it’s been pretty common for travelers to visit again and again.  Mainly because there is so much to do, see, and discover.  Maybe even adventurers want to experience the landscapes in all of the different seasons and enjoy the beauty each brings.  Who knows!  Everyone has different desires and objectives.  But today’s fabulous couple Anja and Peter are return travelers and forever lovers of the Icelandic landscape.  Only fitting that they plan and embark on a gorgeous July elopement in Iceland!

So what made Iceland so popular in the first place?  The answer is three fold.  Firstly, Eyjafjallajökull Volcano brought a lot of attention to the country in early 2010.  In case you forgot or are too young to remember… From April 14-21st 2010 the ash cloud from the volcano brought absolute chaos and flights to a standstill across all of Europe.  People then became curious of Iceland!  Secondly, airlines began offering more affordable flights and direct routes from the USA and Canada.  Thirdly, the formal and largest tourist “boom” in Iceland was the year of 2014, when it skyrocketed by 42% likely thanks for countless Hollywood films.

Fun Fact: The Owner of Iceland Wedding Planner, Ann Peters began coming to Iceland in 2010 and formally began Iceland Wedding Planner in 2012.  We’ve literally witnessed the growth and changes at every turn!  Because of the influx of tourism was the main reason also why our focus changed in 2014 to crafting wedding experiences in private property locations and bringing exclusivity to other locations.

From Germany to a July Elopement in Iceland

Over 20 years ago, Anja and Peter met at a motorbike rally in Northern Germany.  Passing glances, smiles, and seeing each other attend random rallies throughout the year intensified the connection.  Finally they broke the ice and found them inseparable from each other!  Away from work, they love being in nature hiking, camping, hosting friends, spending time on their motorbikes, with their horses.  Spending 2 decades together adventuring the world together really provides perspective and teaches you to not rush and savor all moments.

Anja, had traveled to Iceland in circa 1994 and had come back to tour on her motorbike with Peter in 2016.  Realizing how much had changed both in the roads, natural wonders, and the growth of tourism she was shocked!  After they were formally engaged they immediately knew no place called to them like Iceland so they must return.  However, knowing how different the experiences were, they were seeking an Iceland wedding planner who could craft a private experience driven adventure wedding for them.  Fair to say, contacting us was a no brainier!

Peter and Anja love combining their holidays with non-stop adventures filled with exploring together.  Having a wedding day that celebrated and embraced the way that they travel was oh-so PERFECT!  So the planning of their joyful July elopement in Iceland began!

Ceremony at a Waterfall in Iceland

Anja and Peter began their Iceland adventure elopement on July 31st.  They got ready together in the bliss of a sweet little cliff-side cottage in Vik Iceland.  Not every couple hires our hair and makeup team, or wants a ton of getting ready photos and that is a-okay.  Totally the beauty of eloping, you choose what is best and most comfortable for you, then focus in on celebrating the two of you every single second!

As a matter of fact, some of our couples meet our Iceland elopement photographer minutes before the adventure begins as they load their “go bags” and themselves in the super jeep!  No shame in keeping to yourselves all morning and savoring the quite time!!  As soon as 8am hit they were on their way an and on their way to their ceremony at a waterfall in Iceland!  They were married on the middle of an island in front of the waterfall and held a inspiring ceremony that wasn’t short on smiles!!  And it even ended with screams of joy, hugs, and bubbles!

Glacier Waterfalls vs Spring Waterfalls

If you follow us on Instagram, you likely know that we freaking LOVE glacier waterfalls in Iceland.  There is just something so special in the POWER they exude and mystery.  As you’ll see below with the July elopement in Iceland photos, a glacier waterfall runs black or gray whereas a spring fed waterfall will run white or clear.  In contrast they create very different atmospheres as you will see.  Which makes the area even more exciting to explore together during your adventurous elopement!

Joyful Love

Happiness, joy and contagious energy ooze from Anja and Peter!  Seriously, they are going down as one of our infectious couples for positive energy!!  To illustrate, our Iceland elopement photographer was thriving on their excitement and willingness to do anything and everything in celebration of their love and being in Iceland!  They were having THE BEST TIME splashing through unbridged rivers, seeing crazy shaped mountains, and running around in the wind!  Such a thrilling July elopement in Iceland, truly!

Fire and Ice Meet

When you think about Iceland, do you automatically think of where ice meets fire?  Although, we have not had any full on volcanic activity since February 2015.  On the other hand, for decades we have on average an eruption every 4 years, we are overdue! 😉  Now please don’t freak out if you are in the midst of of Iceland wedding planning.  Why?  The majority of the volcanoes that are due to erupt in Iceland are not in areas that would affect your Iceland wedding.

Anyhow, it was symbolic to Anja and Peter to incorporate a sense of fire and ice during their July elopement in Iceland.  Originally thinking maybe the fire and the iciness of the ceremony waterfall may be a good pairing, the glacier turned out to be so much more daring!  Our glacier area is offbeat and NOT full of tourists.  Furthermore, the road to get to the glacier area is on private property and requires in advance permission.  Rest assured these two basked in the glory of being 100% by themselves discovering a new glacier area together!

Exploring Ice Caves During Adventure Elopement

Most Icelanders would tell you that natural ice caves (not man made) are not safe to visit in Iceland during the summer months.  Happy to report though that our glacier, they are thanks for the black sand that isolates them!  Notice the color to understand 😉  Note only that but our Iceland wedding photographers are well-versed in off camera flash to ensure the moment is perfectly captured!  Anja and Peter were totally inspired during their July elopement in Iceland while exploring the private ice cave area.  Lunch followed at the glacier with a deliciously warm traditional hot dog BBQ!

Unique Iceland Wedding Locations

Rounding out the epic adventurous elopement was exploring a few other unique Iceland elopement locations.  For example, private property areas where Game of Thrones was filmed (Oh hey Jon Snow and Ygritte being North of the Wall!).  Fun Fact: Did you know our team member Davíð Geir Jonasson spent over 10 years in the film industry making special effects for all those super cool shows and television shows?  He’s multi-talented, also married to the owner Ann Peters, and totally a human dictionary too! Just so happened to be the super jeep driver and guide for this July elopement in Iceland too!

Vik Cottages and Cake!

A July elopement in Iceland for Anja and Peter would not be complete without popping on to their motorbikes for a photo op!  And their sweet little cottage proved to be a perfect backdrop!!  Delighting in a local cultural tradition too was key to ending the day.  Enter in the kransakaka (Iceland wedding cake) but by direct translation it means “ring cake.”  Super fun ending to the perfect elopement adventure!

Inspired by Anja and Peter’s  joyful July elopement in Iceland?  Our team would love to hear from you if so, feel free to contact us for more information on getting that thrilling journey started!  Lastly, make sure you check out Anja and Peter’s Google Review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team too!

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