Sunny Iceland Summer Nuptials of Lucy + Dave

Finding your way into the Icelandic highlands during summer is likely going to be a highlight of your trip.  You’ll remember all of the incredible colors, sights, sounds, and textures the landscapes exude.  The weather, good or bad will just add to the experience and the story of where you are exploring.  Will you discover crazy shaped mountains, vivid waterfalls, lunar landscapes, caves, canyons, or marvel over 360 degree views?  Likely, it will be hard to narrow down the perfect wedding location for your Iceland summer nuptials!

Please Beware: The most interesting and offbeat areas of the highlands of Iceland are only accessible via super jeep.  And having a skilled driver is needed, as crossing glacier rivers that have quick sand is no joke!  Rest assured, our exclusive super jeep team have all of the professional credentials and decades of highland driving experience in all conditions.

UK Nationals Find Each Other in Bermuda

Do you like a good love story?  Allow us to recant one of our favorites…  Meet Lucy and Dave!  Two adventurous people from the United Kingdom separately move to Bermuda.  One moves in 2010 and the other in 2012.  Little did they know that in moving into the same apartment complex, they would find their way to meeting each other and embark on a lifetime full of adventures together!  Or that they each fell in love with the other on date  #1 in circa 2016… Swoon!!

Although they met in Bermuda, funnily enough they are from neighboring towns in the United Kingdom.  They never care what they do, just as long as they are together doing it!  For example, they love exploring Bermuda, SUP, reading, photographing, and travelling.  Places like the Galapagos Islands, Belize, and Costa Rica fill pages of their passport!  Moreover, their theme is often the more adventurous and unusual, the better!

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

A slowly dying trend it seems is for a partner to ask permission of the others family to ask the son or daughter to marry them.  Would you agree?  Luckily, that trend has not been lost on Dave.  Whereas he took the time to ask Lucy’s father and family for permission to propose.  They said yes so then the epic proposal planning began!  While on a trip to New York City months later in November 2018 Dave had the ring ready for when the moment felt right.  Fortunately, he took Lucy by surprise after a food tour and proposed a lifetime of crazy adventures in front of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Less than a month after getting engaged, these two approached our team hopeful we could plan with them their Iceland summer nuptials and adventurous wedding experience!  To illustrate, they were hoping for an authentic and relaxed shared experience between themselves and their 15+ guests.  However, they were also seeking a good balance between having quality time with their friends and family but still having time for just the two of them.  Experts in Iceland wedding planning, our team was thrilled to put together some unique options for them to consider!  Come along with us today as you take part in their adventurous August wedding in Iceland!

Iceland Summer Nuptials of Lucy + Dave

A luxury lodge in the south of Iceland was the setting for Lucy and Dave’s Iceland wedding group.  The morning of August 9th began around 5am with our hair and makeup team arriving to the lodge and getting all of the lovely ladies ready for the Iceland summer nuptials.  Our fabulous Iceland Wedding PhotographerDay of Planner; and video team also began shortly after.  Sunshine filled the skies and excitement in the air!

Scheduling for the day went something like this… The group loaded between a bus and super jeeps because all but the couple, photographer, and video team were doing a full day adventure for Lucy and Dave’s Iceland summer nuptials.  Everyone else was leaving after the lunch stop.  Remember folks, this is the beauty of planning an adventure wedding!  An action packed day may not be everyone’s thing, so there is no shame in parting from your guests and continuing on with your own private journey as husband and wife.  Pretty damn fun to do in fact!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Upon arriving to the private property waterfall, our Day of Planner went to work setting up the ceremony seating, the champagne toast, and organizing the guests and bridal party.  Lucy and her father shared a beautiful walk across a bridge and down the aisle to Dave.  Our favorite Pastor, performed a custom ceremony complete with the couple reciting their own Iceland wedding vows.  Immediately following the ceremony the group were given glasses of cava in celebration of the newlyweds!  Truly a delightful end to their summer Iceland nuptials and ceremony!

Cave Exploration, First Dance and Hot Chocolate Lunch!

Next on the Iceland summer nuptials adventure wedding agenda was to take the group to a private property cave on the skirts of the highlands.  Particularly this Iceland cave location would serve as a multi purpose stop.  For instance, the first event that would take place was Lucy and Dave sharing their first dance as husband and wife.  Being both a bit more on the introverted side, they welcomed their guests to join them about half way through the song.  Following this lovely gesture, they treated their guests to a BBQ lunch complete with traditional hot dogs and hot chocolate!

The Adventure Continues…

After lots of hugs, Dave and Lucy parted from their 16 guests and continued the rest of their Iceland summer nuptials in an adventurous elopement style.  Fair to say they savored every single second by chatting, laughing, and snuggling!  Looking out the window of the super jeep really added to the excitement as so many different types of landscapes filtered by.

Icelandic Highland Mountains and Captivating Waterfalls

Here is where we officially step into the formal highlands of Iceland.  Lucy and Dave ere stoked!  For example, a serious sense of wonder, amazement, and disbelief filled the super jeep.  It felt like we were transitioning between planets, not highland roads!  From spring fed waterfalls to glacier ones, they explored throughout these areas and were sad to leave!  Alas, their Iceland wedding reception awaited them…

Iceland Luxury House Wedding Reception

Landing back to the Iceland luxury lodge sometime after 6:30pm, these two lovers had about one hour to rest and refresh while the rest of their guests already began the party!  Three mouthwatering courses were hand crafted and delivered to each guest and frankly, everyone was left speechless!!  Finally for the final dessert, guests were invited to partake in the kransakaka tradition.  Which wishes the newlyweds well and allows everyone to have a taste of local tradition!  Yum!!

In conclusion, are you feeling inspired and ready to begin planing your very own Iceland summer nuptials with or without guests?  If so, we would love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us for more information!

August Iceland Wedding Video

Two Penny Productions, one  of our favorite video teams returned for another amazing adventure with us and Lucy and Dave!  Checkout their adventure in a more live way below…

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