Iceland Wedding at Hotel Ranga: Alison + Dave

“Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…”

-Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

From across the “pond” as some say, Dave (from the U.K.) found his way to meeting Alison (from the USA) through their many terrific friends.  Weeks later they were head over heels for each other and months later, Dave proposed a lifetime of adventures to Alison!  She said Yes 😉  Iceland was the half way point for all of their friends and family to meet and celebrate!  …so then the days of awesome Iceland wedding planning began!  They craved intimacy, adventure, and wanted to take their 20+ guests on an unforgettable EXPERIENCE for their wedding day in Iceland.  So all that said, follow us today as we share with you Alison and Dave’s adventure wedding in Iceland!  ::Update:: My Hotel Wedding did a lovely feature of Allison and Dave’s wedding, HERE.

Iceland Wedding Photos-96

Ohhhh yes, May 4th!  Being Star Wars fans, it was only fitting they go explore some of the epic areas the movies have been filmed within Iceland!  …May the Fourth Be With You!

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But first we must set the scene… Hotel Ranga, served as the groups hotel “base camp” for 2 days.  It’s a fabulous boutique hotel found in Southern Iceland that screams luxury but still designates hints of earthy rustic charm.  It also is near Hekla, one of Iceland’s most powerful volcanoes.


When you have a wedding in Iceland that has guests attending, it’s important to provide your guests with a “welcome bag.”  It adds to the excitement and also aids your guests in things they may need during the adventure.  Alison and Dave did it up right!  With lots of goodies like a timeline card, eye mask (nice to have during the months of May-August when we have TONS of daylight), bandaids, Shout Wipes, Pepto (which isn’t sold here in Iceland) Hot Hands, Hangover Kit, Pancho, etc!

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With our adventure weddings in Iceland, we action pack them with little room for delay. So it’s nice to create a timeline card to give to your guests upon check in (or at a Welcome dinner the evening before) so they know when and where they have to be.  Sets everyone up for success, you know?  Our favorite timeline creator: Pixels to Paper Studio did an awesome job on Alison and Dave’s!

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Iceland Wedding Photos-7

Alison’s Iceland wedding dress was divine!  So much gorgeous detail and sooo flowy!

Iceland Wedding Photos-8

Alison had some awesome blue rain-boots she wore for the majority of the day but she also had some stunning Badgley Mischka’s and Tom’s waiting for her Iceland wedding reception!  Every adventure wedding bride needs 3 pairs of shoes!

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Now let’s talk about her GROOM, Dave for a sec, shall we and his dapper Iceland wedding details!

Iceland Wedding Photos-3

His handmade suit even came with a custom tag that featured their initials and wedding date.  From the suit to the shoes, Dave was handsome!

Iceland Wedding Photos-4

Iceland Wedding Photos-5

As I mentioned, being Star Wars fans, Alison surprised Dave with themed cuff-links.

Iceland Wedding Photos-6

We adored Dave’s super awesome bow tie too!

Iceland Wedding Photos-14

Our Iceland hair and makeup team made Alison even more beautiful then she already was!  …and proofed her against rain and wind.

Iceland Wedding Photos-12

Iceland Wedding Photos-98

Before leaving Hotel Ranga, these two loved the idea of doing a “first look” so we opted to do it behind the hotel, riverside.

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The structure for this Iceland adventure wedding was a tiny bit different than we typically do, but we were happy to craft a unique option for this awesome group!  All of the guests loaded onto a bus for a 1/2 day adventure.  Read further on to see the rest of the wedding adventure flow.

Iceland Wedding Photos-23

Alison and Dave for months, kept the adventure wedding day secret.  So when the guests arrived and saw the setup below, they were hollering in enthusiasm!

Iceland Wedding Photos-21

Having a Asatru (some refer to as a traditional Norse / Pagan / Viking) ceremony was important to Dave and Alison.  It’s a super fun ceremony that has old roots in our culture here in Iceland.  Not to mention who doesn’t want to hold an oath ring and drink from a horn?!

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Iceland Wedding Photos-25

Iceland Wedding Photos-26

How fantastic was this offbeat waterfall as their Iceland wedding ceremony background?!

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Iceland Wedding Ceremony Locations

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Iceland Wedding Photos-44

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Iceland Wedding Photos-48

Iceland Wedding Photos-22

Alison’s Iceland wedding bouquet is one of my all time favorites!

Iceland Wedding Photos-52

As many of you know, we do not go to the tourist locations like Reynisfjara, but for the right couple we make exceptions and these two loved the idea of a champagne toast here during their Iceland wedding day adventure!

Exploring with each other during your wedding day in Iceland, creates some magical moments!

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After the 1/2 day adventure via bus was complete, we transitioned with 1/2 of their group to super jeeps for a more private adventure.

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Iceland Wedding Photos-68

Iceland Wedding Photos-69

Alison, Dave, and their closest family members got to explore the private side of one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers!

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Iceland Wedding Photos-77

The fog and the rain made for some dramatic Iceland wedding photo moments!

Iceland Wedding Photos-73

Iceland Wedding Photos-72Iceland Wedding Photos-74

Iceland Wedding Photos-75

Their nieces and nephews all got to touch a glacier for the very first time!  Talk about unforgettable moments on your adventure wedding day!

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Iceland Wedding Photos-81

Oh la la romantic Iceland wedding moments in front of glacier ice caves… Love!

Iceland Wedding Photos-80

Uniquely shaped mountains like these always make me melt!  Then add in a gorgeous Iceland wedding couple and it takes it to another level!

Iceland Wedding Photos-84

Iceland Wedding Photos-83

One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was the 3rd part… We said goodbye to two super jeeps and Alison and David continued on to a super secret canyon area with a private waterfall for some intimate adventures!

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The contrast of the dark and light together is AMAZING to me in this Iceland wedding photo!  Major high-fives to Alison and Dave who went into total “mountain goat” mode to get to this spot! 😉

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Iceland Wedding Photos-97

Once everyone got back to Hotel Ranga after the days adventure, they had some time to rest and refresh before they were invited to a BEAUTIFUL Iceland wedding reception in River Hall.

Iceland Wedding Photos-112

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Fun Fact: The bride’s grandmother had past away and in remembrance of her, we had lavender at each place setting.  It filled the room with a 5 sensory experience!

Iceland Wedding Photos-103

As a sweet little party favor to all of their guests, Dave and Alison gifted them with “Let the Adventure Begin” bottle openers!  How fun!

Iceland Wedding Photos-104

Iceland Wedding Photos-109

Following the overall theme of “Adventure” and “May 4th” they had 2 beautiful handmade cakes by the groom’s talented sister!

Iceland Wedding Photos-99

Iceland wedding Groom’s cake!

Iceland Wedding Photos-100

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Iceland Wedding Photos-118

Can I just say, I LOVE Hotel Ranga’s food?!  Seriously folks, I often drive 1.5 hours from Reykjavik just to have their delicious Mushroom Soup and Reindeer Carpaccio (pictured below), no joke! Alison and Dave’s Iceland wedding menu was fit for the best foodies!

Iceland Wedding Photos-111

A lovely smoked salmon dish with rye bread served as their 2nd course!

Iceland Wedding Photos-115

Iceland Wedding Photos-116

Did you know with the rental of River Hall at Hotel Ranga, you have access to their beautiful balcony and impeccable view?!  Comes in handy for Iceland wedding photos!

Iceland Wedding Photos-110

Iceland Wedding Photos-120

Iceland Wedding Photos-119

When Alison and I were brainstorming about something fun to decor their Iceland wedding reception dancing space (Hekla Hall) we came up with some awesome ideas but in the end LOVE balloons and candles would win!  I think we made the right choice!!

Iceland Wedding Photos-113

Iceland Wedding Photos-114

First dance magic!

Iceland Wedding Photos-121

Iceland Wedding Photos-122

So many folks forget about a “send off” for the couple at the end of the night.  We crafted something super fun for this group… complete with sparklers and an “Adventure” marque sign!

Hotel Ranga Wedding-1

Hotel Ranga Wedding-2

Hotel Ranga Wedding-3

Truly an unforgettable Iceland wedding day you shared Alison + Dave!  Keep reliving it!!

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