Scottish Icelandic Cave Wedding: Marc + Paul

Paul + Marc have a connection that is unbelievable to witness and regardless of whether or not the entire world recognizes their marriage officially, they are hands down one of the most committed and crazy-in-love couples I have ever met. Frankly, I felt like I was taking part of history watching and photographing these two be so in love! Did you catch their Iceland Pre Wedding Session last week? If not, go back here to check it out!

This fabulous pair contacted me last spring, to plan and photograph their amazing February 14th Iceland destination wedding adventure and ooooooh boy did we plan something EPIC! Can someone say FIRST Iceland wedding in a super-secret Icelandic cave? Yes, please! At sunrise, we loaded their 40+ Scottish guests into super jeeps and surprised them with a unique lantern lit ceremony locale! They were in awe. <Remember! You saw the location here at Iceland Wedding Planner / Photos by Miss Ann, FIRST>

The Grooms Style: They donned themselves head to toe in traditional Scottish garb! Their tartan’s were: Purple Slanj and Scotland Forever Ancient and they looked just dapper!

The gents held a traditional Icelandic Ásatrú wedding ceremony which is inspired by the historic Norse culture. The ceremony was performed in Icelandic, included holding an oath ring as they spoke their vows and the guests even drank whisky from a horn as they toasted the groom’s new life together!

The next several locations on their wedding day adventure came with sideways rain and 20-30mph wind gusts. We mustn’t forget Rule #1 about getting married in Iceland:  Iceland is moody and unpredictable! Pretty sure most couples would have tapped out at this point and said, “Plan B indoor locations, please!” Paul and Marc, didn’t! The guests and grooms prevailed over it and made it to another cave on a gorgeous black sand beach. The group drank Prosecco, recanted awesome stories of the grooms, and had many laughs over the ever-changing Icelandic weather which had just transitioned to hail/snow. To be expected and embraced! The guests found their way back to the jeeps for a packed lunch and the grooms and I continued on for some epic rainy day wedding portraits in front of some gorgeous basalt rocks that emerged from the sea.

Sometimes, the weather gets pretty rough in Iceland and pushes you to your absolute maximum limits. When we reached Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, the rain and wind were pushing 40mph! Needless to say, the stop was not long and we executed Plan B to turn the adventure into a driving tour. One of the last stops was Sólheimasandur Black Sand Beach, which is a private beach where an abandoned United States DC-3 airplane resides. The plane crashed in 1973 and is one of Iceland’s super-secret spots.

Marc + Paul’s Iceland wedding reception was full of endless amounts of energy! Their guests were pleasantly surprised by the party favors on the table… Mini bottles of Reyka Vodka which were covered by little hand knit Icelandic sweaters that had their initials on them! How flipping cute, right?! From the endless laughs, smiles, stories, the Scottish Gay Gordon traditional dancing, to late night Icelandic snacks the guests and grooms went strong long after midnight!

To Paul + Marc:

I’m your biggest fan =) Your love story captivated me as soon as I Skyped with you two. I mean who is lucky enough to have an instant serendipitous connection be… A Rainy Night + Mutual Friends x All Night Talk of Zombies / VW Campers / Antarctica Penguins = 7am Marriage Talk?! Then to have a surprise proposal in Iceland under the Northern Lights?! I am insanely jealous and so is the rest of the romantics out here with me! Needless to say after hearing all of this… I was dying to be a part of your wedding day and make it out-of-this-world! Thank you for choosing me to plan and photograph such an epic adventure for you and your guests! I welcome you back to Iceland every year to renew those vows =)

Lots of Hugs, Smiles, and Love to You, Ann (Iceland Wedding Photographer and Planner)

© 2015, Iceland Wedding Planner /  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved

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