Iceland E-Session Keldur Sod Farm: Paul + Marc

When you are fortunate enough to witness a once in a lifetime love it has no shape, size, sex, or color attached to it.  It is unconditional, inviting, charismatic, and incredibly infectious!  And sometimes it makes you weep with happiness because it’s so rare to see.  Couples like this should be love role models to the world.  All that being said, I’m pleased to introduce you to Paul + Marc.  This week and following, you’ll understand exactly why I say this.

These two fabulous Scottish gents contacted me last spring, to plan and photograph their amazing February 14th Iceland destination wedding adventure and ooooooh boy did we plan something EPIC for their 40+ guests!  Keep your eyes peeled to this space for that upcoming post – You do not want to miss it!

Several days before their Southern Iceland wedding adventure began, we kicked off the festivities with a super fun Iceland engagement session (sometimes referred to as an Iceland pre-wedding session) at some very snowy/icy locations!  What I love most about Paul + Marc the most is that they were themselves… they were game for anything, playful, silly, and showed me at every moment and in every scene change how madly in love they are in with each other!  They ran around throwing snow balls, admiring Iceland’s dramatic winter ice, awed in the power of nature at Skogafoss Waterfall, all while getting soaked and laughing through it!  Enough talk… Enjoy these images and the love they exude!

PS- Their fabulous Iceland Engagement Session was recently featured on the fabulous Love Inc. Magazine, go check it out here!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Photographer and Planner)

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