Private Waterfall Wedding in Iceland: Yong + Zosia

Visiting stunning and interesting places around the world is a part of Yong Guck and Zosia’s relationship foundation.  By traveling often, they share unique experiences and challenges together which craft an epic amount of memories!  They enjoy a nice mix of nature and city based holidays with cultural undertones.  Their favorite types of places to explore are mountains, rainforests, and Zosia always finds her way to a volcano if the country they are discovering has one!  So you’re likely wondering where such an adventurous couple plans destination wedding, right?  A private waterfall wedding in Iceland, duh!

Yong + Zosia

Having met each other over 10 years ago in high school, they grew up together and saw each other’s personalities and interests take shape.  During their time together in University (Uni) in Australia they both “knew” their lives together long term was going to be epic!  So fast forward to a trip they took together to Central America, discovering Guatemala and Yong was ready to propose.  So there they were New Years Eve Day standing between two volcanoes and in front of a beautiful crater lake and Yong proposed a lifetime of adventuring to Zosia!  She wasn’t expecting it (total surprise) and could barely contain her excitement!

Being such avid travelers, they always knew when they would start wedding planning it would be a destination wedding because it felt right to them.  Neither one of them enjoys the over the top “all eyes on them” type of day.  They embraced a lower key look to a wedding day, you know more like they travel.  So when they started “Googling” around for unique destination wedding locations, Iceland immediately became a part of the conversation.  Zosia had seen all sorts of amazing Iceland wedding photos throughout our blog and fell in love with the more “offbeat” private locations versus seeking out tourist locations.

So come along with us today to explore Yong + Zosia’s Private Waterfall Wedding in Iceland and the adventures that followed!  Also feel free to head over to the lovely Jet Fete destination wedding blog for more as they recently featured their beautiful Iceland wedding day!

Icelandair Vik Wedding:

An ideal wedding day in Iceland originally began with Yong and Zosia seeking an adventurous day being fully immersed in the Icelandic nature and the breath-taking scenery.  Having time to explore a subglacial volcano, hiking in the highlands, exploring a sod farm or a lovely little lakeside, endless views, and originally no waterfalls.  But after going through our intricate Iceland wedding planning process and seeing countless photos, 360 videos of our offbeat and private locations, they fell in love with one of our exclusive Iceland Wedding Planner waterfalls to hold their ceremony!  What a super cool choice for the time of the year too… Getting married in March can mean, everything is covered in snow or it’s all melting away.  The week these two came, it was all melting away paving the way for more green to emerge but the mountains to still be semi-covered.

Before the sun rose that brisk March morning at Icelandair Vik, our hair and makeup team were hard at work glamming up Zosia’s already stunning features.  Our Iceland wedding photography team smoothly captured all of their lovely details during this getting ready time too.  You have got to checkout Zosia’s exquisite two piece Iceland Wedding Dress because it’s a beauty!  Note: For those of you interested, the designer is Australian Lover the Label and it’s their libra crop top and midi.  But keep in mind the company sold and changed how they sell since.  And Yong Guck’s stylish groom details are so freaking awesome too!  My first groom with the color theme of burnt orange, tan, and navy and it worked so well together!

The Iceland Wedding Adventure Begins…

By 8:30am that brisk March morning, the group of 10+ Iceland wedding guests and the bride and groom loaded into the super jeep for the day (with a discrete black porta potty in tow – Iceland Wedding Planner Tip: Total must have for an Iceland adventure wedding with guests).  The excitement was looming in the air and everyone was curious to where Yong Guck and Zosia chose for their Iceland wedding ceremony!  Arriving at the private Iceland waterfall wedding ceremony location I think everyone’s jaw dropped!!

Iceland  Private Waterfall Wedding Ceremony:

Yong Guck and Zosia, held one of the most intimate Iceland wedding ceremonies we have ever witnessed.  The sun was shining, the mountains were sparkling with snow behind the waterfall, and the setup for their ceremony was so sweet!  They had rented our fabulous black benches with reindeer furs.  To keep the closeness of family feeling during the private waterfall wedding ceremony, our Iceland Wedding Planner team formed a half circle with the benches.  Yong and Zosia had wanted a meaningful and sweet ceremony and that is exactly what Pastor Egill created in front of that private waterfall!

Private Waterfall Wedding Photos in Iceland:

Once the ceremony concluded, Yong and Zosia took time to savor the views and explore the waterfall.  Alongside of our Iceland wedding photographer, they were able to create some amazing photos.  The cool thing about our photography team is that when conditions permit, they also do drone Iceland wedding photos which creates a really unique perspective.

Iceland Glacier Wedding Exploration:

Being able to explore one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers was high on Yong + Zosia’s Iceland wedding adventure list.  Especially since Zosia has a bit of an obsession with volcanoes… Visiting a sub-glacial one on her wedding day is the ultimate I think!  Heading into this area, is an adventure in itself because of the private road / track to get there is on a black desert, has crazy shaped mountains and the glacier has strong elements of black (because of the sand).

Ice Cave Wedding Photos:

When you come to Iceland in March, you’re visiting during prime ice cave season, so it’s important to explore one for Iceland wedding photos!  Remember last weeks ice cave wedding ceremony post?  Yong and Zosia want to be the first to go to an ice cave in a super private (and hard to get to) area of the glacier.  The cave had closed up a bit since the last we scouted (lots of snow that turned to ice) and now actually no longer exists as I write this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post!  Since then, it has melted away so they were not only the FIRST but the LAST in that Iceland ice cave for wedding photos.

Natural Cave Wedding Photos:

One of the most amazing things about Iceland, is the fact that there are so many natural caves to explore.  In winter, often you will often find icicles hanging from the ceiling which adds to the drama for Iceland wedding photos.  Note: Safety is always number one for our adventure weddings and elopements in Iceland, so icicles are removed from the ceiling to ensure the safety of our clients.  Also know, this cave is on private property so you cannot get there without our teams help.

Journey to a Secret Canyon:

Having an adventure with our Iceland Wedding Planner team, allows you to experience areas of Iceland that most locals do not even know exist!  During Yong and Zosia’s wedding day, we had to “plan b” one of our many locations because of weather and flooding.  We reserve the right to do this sometimes to ensure the safety of our clients and their guests, also our super jeeps.  Given countless options (including several other private waterfall wedding locations) as a “plan b” they chose one of our favorite narrow private canyons to explore with their Iceland wedding guests.  It had begun to rain but it just added to the adventure and cuteness with our clear umbrellas!

Mountain Top Wedding Photos:

After exploring a variety of different types of Iceland wedding locations and landscapes, it’s nice to change perspective a bit and get high on top of a mountain!  Although our mountains in Iceland are not as high as the Italian Alps, they can still hold their own in awe-inspiring beauty.  This specific mountain, our super jeep has exclusive access and permission to drive to the top of (others must hike like 2-4 hours) so it was a real treat when Yong and Zosia’s group got our and explored it’s almost sunset glory!

Sunset Wedding Photos in Iceland:

Our last location was across the street from the hotel.  A lovely little public beach in the town of Vik Iceland.  This is a super nice spot for sunset Iceland wedding photos so we ended the adventure part of the day here.

Iceland Wedding Reception Details:

The group arrived back to the hotel in time for a little rest and refresh time to catch a second wind.  The lovely Berg restaurant hosted their intimate Iceland wedding reception.  Yong and Zosia’s decor theme came from our Iceland wedding rental section of our website HERE, it held a strong theme of bringing the outdoors in with a hint of romantic ambiance mixed in.  Their Iceland wedding guests thoroughly enjoyed a 3 course meal and delighted in an Iceland wedding cake (Kransakaka).

From having a private waterfall wedding ceremony to exploring caves, canyons, and mountain tops, Yong and Zosia held one heck of an unforgettable Iceland wedding day for themselves and their guests!

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