Intimate Hiking Wedding of Chelsea + Travis

Intimacy comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, and in countless moments!  The meaning can be something very private and personal or even a place that exudes these elements.  In contrast, other times it could mean sharing with close friends.  On that same note, in regards to our planning style, an intimate hiking wedding in Iceland, means you invite less than 25 of your favorite people.  Then you may or may not embark on a hike with those folks or just your favorite person if people.  Are you up to the experience?

Persistence Wins

Rewind over six years ago, Chelsea was bartending in a place in Canada. Travis was a patron that was 100% smitten with her.  The man went there every day for months until he finally convinced her to give him her phone number.  However, when she finally gave it to him, it was scrambled.  Finally he narrowed it down to nine numbers and sent text messages to all of them.  Realizing his persistence was charming, Chelsea messaged him back and agreed to a first date!  After their first date they were inseparable!

These two lovers spend their days connecting over being entrepreneurs, badass winter sports like snowboarding, summer fun at their cabin enjoying every single water sport, nature, and international traveling!  Plus they are lucky enough to created a sweet little family over the last six years together.  Two adorable children and their Neapolitan Mastiff, Opie take up much their time but they still manage to take weekends to themselves to be foodies and tourists in their own city limits!  Best of all the worlds, we think!

Speaking of weekends away, right before they were heading out for one of their weekend dates together something AMAZING happened!  Chelsea came home to finish packing and she came home to a house full of flowers and Travis on one knee!  The house had recently been renovated to perfection so seeing this display of romance and love, was undeniably stunning!  << High Five Travis! >>

Curiosity Brings an Iceland Wedding

Finding themselves super intrigued by the crazy landscapes Iceland has, it was a place that kept crawling higher into their travel list!  For example, the crazy vivid greens, waterfalls, and intoxicating black sand beaches stole their hearts in photos immediately.  The idea of wedding planning became exciting again!  Plus they felt that Iceland is adventurous and it is not your every day type of wedding destination (at least for them!)!

Travis and Chelsea came to our Iceland Wedding Planner team seeking a full day PRIVATE EXPERIENCE.  Furthermore, it was important for them to have their two children and each set of parents in attendance.  Beyond that, they also wished for the day to center around the way they love each other and travel.  Which meant embarking on a hiking elopement experience too!

Eloping in Vik

Vik is a tiny town in Southern Iceland that has less than 350 people living there year round.  But on any given day of the week, it see’s 1,000’s of visitors.  Travis and Chelsea chose to stay at the Vik Apartments to begin their intimate hiking wedding.  The morning sun came and the moon was even still out when our hairstylist and elopement photographer arrived.  Such a dreamy crisp morning!  Choosing to stay traditional, Chelsea and Travis got ready separately and stayed in different jeeps until she walked down the aisle.  So sweet to see the kids help get their mum into her Iceland wedding dress too!

Dyrhólaey Wedding Ceremony

After everyone loaded into the super jeeps, they were on their way to their private property Iceland wedding ceremony location.  Being so captivated by unique landscapes, they decided on having their ceremony on the private beach in front of Dyrhólaey sea arch.  It was magical with the morning sun shinning everywhere!  Subsequently when the ceremony concluded the group delighted in a luxury champagne toast complete with Icelandic pastries including kleinur, macarons, artisan chocolates, and colorful fruit!

Wedding with Guests Turns Elopement

As the group finished the delicious champagne toast and snacks, they said their goodbyes to each other.  Now it was time for the parents and children to “bail out” for the rest of the day so the newlyweds could begin their hiking elopement adventure.  Spending quality time with each other is a key to success in all relationships.  Deciding to shift your wedding with guests to an elopement adventure with just the two of you is exciting!

And we are here to reassure you that there is ZERO shame or stress in that decision either.  After all, you have shared the most important part with your guests, the ceremony!  The moment everyone left the beach, these two were like two crazy in love kids, it was inspiring to see!

Super Green Canyon Discovery

What intrigued Travis the most, was the vivid greens that live during summer and early fall in Iceland.  Nowhere else in the world has he seen such colors.  In crafting a custom Iceland wedding schedule for them, this sweet private property canyon instantly came to mind!  While there exploring, they just so happened so try a little Icelandic schnapps too, called Brennivin!

Iceland Wedding Private Property Waterfall

Avid waterfall hunters, these two love chasing waterfalls.  Next on the agenda was one of our first and most amazing private property waterfalls!  Over 8 years later and our team still goes speechless at it’s beauty.  Fair to say that Chelsea and Travis did too!  Upon arrival to the adventure wedding location, our team got to work on creating their lunch experience!  Thoroughly enjoy the traditional hot dog BBQ, they explored the waterfall together hand in hand, with only sheep nearby watching.

Intimate Hiking Wedding

Trekking during your elopement, allows you to connect with nature and your partner.  To illustrate, imagine your forever favorite lending you a hand to help you cross a river.  Oh-so romantic and an amazing moment to bond over!  Chelsea and Travis enjoyed ever single second hiking into this incredibly inspiring rocky canyon!

Exploring Tops of Mountains

Lastly on their hiking elopement, was seeing the warm sunset colors begin from the top of a mountain.  Overlooking the other side of Dyrhólaey, the sea arch was really stunning as that is where they began their day.  Super sweet to see the day go full circle!  Following their intimate trekking wedding in Iceland, they began a honeymoon that explored the countless offbeat places!

Likely, you’re leaving this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post inspired.  Feel free to contact us for more information on possibly creating your own custom and intimate hiking wedding!

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