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You’ve made the most amazing decision: Getting Married in Iceland!  Bravo!

As you probably already know, from reading our fabulous “About Us” section, I was too =)  I actually planned my Iceland adventure wedding long before it was cool to get married there.  Shortly after, Iceland Wedding Planner emerged as the #1 Official Resource for any couple considering to marry in Iceland!  Thanks for continuing that trend!  We feel honored to help you plan your Iceland Wedding, even if you are not a direct client!  ? ? ?

Today, I wanted to go back in time and pull some of our amazing Iceland Wedding Planning advice from our 5+ years of archives and put them all in one spot for you to read through and enjoy!

Iceland Wedding Bridal Advice:

  1. Iceland Wedding Shoes
  2. Iceland Wedding Coats
  3. Iceland Bridal Bouquets
  4. Preserving your Bridal Bouquet
  5. Emergency Kit for your Iceland Wedding Day
  6. Day of Gift Ideas
  7. Iceland Wedding Ceremony Vows
  8. Love Letter Ceremony (Type of Unity Ceremony’s)
  9. 10 Tips for the Perfect Iceland Wedding Kiss!
  10. Iceland Wedding Rings: Engraving Ideas


General Iceland Wedding Planning Advice:

  1. 10 Biggest Myths About Getting Married in Iceland
  2. Best Time of Year to Marry in Iceland
  3. 20 Tips on Planning Your Iceland Wedding Part 1
  4. 20 Tips on Planning Your Iceland Wedding Part 2
  5. Iceland Wedding Timeline Advice
  6. Planning an Iceland Destination Wedding (My Story from 2011)
  7. Questions to Ask Your Iceland Wedding Photographer
  8. Iceland Destination Wedding Etiquette
  9. Protocol for Family Issues (Advice for Parents)
  10. Iceland Wedding Save The Dates!
  11. Iceland Wedding Invites Part 1 (Extravagant Destination Wedding Invitations)
  12. Icelandic Wedding Invitations Part 2 (Creative Iceland Destination Wedding Invites)
  13. Iceland Wedding Invitations Part 3 (Whimiscal Destination Wedding Invitations)
  14. Iceland Wedding Detail Planning
  15. Why You Should Have an Unplugged Iceland Wedding
  16. Iceland Wedding Locations (Mainstream)
  17. Iceland Engagement Guestbook
  18. Iceland Wedding Welcome Bags
  19. Iceland Wedding Favors
  20. Importing Your Iceland Wedding Details
  21. Iceland Wedding Reception: Menu Ideas
  22. Iceland Wedding Reception Table Setup
  23. Iceland Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas
  24. Iceland Wedding Reception Music Ideas
  25. Iceland Wedding Reception Alcohol Advice
  26. Iceland Wedding Cake: Kransekake
  27. Tipping in Iceland
  28. Things You Should Know Before Having a Wedding in Iceland
  29. To Seat or Not to Seat Your Iceland Wedding Guests
  30. Iceland Wedding Signature Drink Ideas!


Iceland Wedding Guest Advice:

  1. What to Wear to an Iceland Wedding
  2. What to Pack for an Iceland Destination Wedding
  3. How to Drive in Iceland
  4. Things to Do in Iceland!
  5. Things to Do in the Snaefellsness Peninsula
  6. Iceland Destination Wedding: Guest Advice
  7. Best Hot Springs to visit in Iceland
  8. Top 12 Restaurants in Reykjavik
  9. Most Adventurous Things to do in Iceland


With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Wedding Planner & Adventure Wedding Photographer)

PS- This information is copyrighted, so please don’t make us sad and steal our years of hard work.  But do feel free to read, take notes, and possibly link to our site!

Iceland Wedding Photographer Photos by Miss Ann Glacier Wedding Iceland

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