20 Tips for Planning Your Iceland Wedding (Part 2 of 2)

Hello and Woohoo to you considering Iceland as your destination wedding location!

Thanks so much for joining us for our second installment of 20 tips for planning your Iceland wedding!  If you missed the first half of this series, feel free to go back and delight in it here.  As having been married in Iceland ourselves, we know firsthand how crazy awesome it is as a destination wedding location.  We also know how difficult it can be planning a wedding if you are unfamiliar with the country, so feel free to contact us!  We’d love to hear from you!

We hope these tips prove to be a helpful tool in deciding if an Iceland weeding is in your future!

11.  Before you embark on your journey, request that your Iceland wedding official/celebrant sends you the full service in print so you and your fiancé can review and make changes if needed.  If writing your own vows or having a unity ceremony make him/her conscious of this ahead of time.  Many of the priests and magistrates in Iceland are unfamiliar with North American wedding customs.

12.  Have your wedding budget detailed out in your own currency and in ISK (Icelandic currency).  The exchange rate changes daily.  When budget planning 12 months out from your Iceland wedding date, fluctuations in the rate (and VAT increases) can have a significant impact on your overall costs.

13.  Do not be afraid to ship in your own wedding details ahead of time to ensure they meet your standards and vision.  We imported over 16,000 freeze-dried rose petals for our Iceland destination wedding at Seljalandsfoss.  For more information on this topic, please see our blog post on Importing Your Iceland Wedding Details.

14.  Having a wedding Iceland wedding timeline card (schedule) available when your guests check-in to the hotel is a great way to help keep your guests on track.  This extra detail will let everyone know what festivities are in store during their stay.  Not sure what to include or why? Don’t fret!  We wrote a great post about Wedding Issues you can check out to ease your mind.

15.  For an extra special wedding welcome, provide your guests with an Iceland Wedding Welcome Bag.  They made the trip to Iceland to see you get married, now spoil them with some local super sweet luxuries to use during their stay.

16.  Take your Iceland wedding dress off the bridal store’s hanger and say no to plastic hangers!  Bring a personalized wooden one that says your future name (Example: Mrs. Smith), or “The Bride,” “Love,” “I Do,” etc!  This is a delightful detail for your Iceland wedding photographers to capture.  Example of what that looks like, here.

17.  Do not be afraid to talk with your photographers candidly about your vision and what you need captured, it’s important to make that clear.  See why this topic is so important in our previous blog post, here.

18.  Understand that you may not have an ideal weather day for your wedding in Iceland and just accept it.  The day might bring rain, sleet, snow, be cloudy, or be blazing with endless sunshine, who knows!  Storms approach and blow through quickly.  You may just have to wait 15 mins or so.    Above all, have a feasible “Plan B” option if holding your wedding ceremony outside.  Our advice to you is to either an indoor locale on standby or umbrellas for each guest readily available.

19.  If having guests attend your Iceland destination wedding, plan a fun post wedding day group activity that all ages can participate in.  Idea: We designed a self-drive highlight tour of the Golden Circle, Seltun/Krýsuvík Lava Field, and the Blue Lagoon the next day with our guests.  Check out our previous blog post here on that topic.

20.  Make your honeymoon a separate trip and enjoy your trip to Iceland with all who have come to share it with you.  We actually waited 6 months to take our honeymoon and were so glad we did!  Check our Bali Indonesia Honeymoon Portraits here.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s post and it has provided you with some better insight into the many things to consider when planning your destination wedding in Iceland.  Think this may be for you?  Talk to us today on how Iceland Wedding Planner and Photos by Miss Ann can complement your wedding day in Iceland!  Please feel free to contact us directly here.

Today’s wedding day photo inspiration comes from a gorgeous wedding we had the pleasure of photographing on Saturday, September 7th on the esteemed Infinity Ovation Yacht.  Beth and Jarret have become very dear friends to Chris and I over the past few years.  We were honored and super excited when they asked us to photograph the most important day of their lives!  They are a pair who is very adventurous, challenge each other, and they have a relentless love and admiration for each other that is unmistakable.

Beth was already one of the most gorgeous women I know, but to see her as a bride on her wedding day took my breath away!  Oh man and Jarret…in his bow tie, suit, and perfect smile -so handsome!  The Day:  It was an ideal moment in Saint Clair Shores with early fall temperatures and endless blue skies overhead for their ceremony.  Chris and I spilt up for an early morning start to this amazing event.  Beth and her ladies started at the MGM Casino and Jarret and his groomsmen began their day right around the corner from the Jefferson Beach Marina.

The 11am ceremony brought all who love them together in celebration.  The captain of the boat married them and the horn of the yacht blew in announcement of the newlywed Mr. and Mrs.!  How fun, right?  After the ceremony, all of the guests boarded the boat to enjoy an afternoon cruise.  A strolling gourmet lunch was served while the yacht boasted amazing views around the Detroit River including the historic Ambassador Bridge!  Jarret and Beth, we hope these images speak to you and forever seal that marvelous moment in time for you!  Thank you for choosing Photos by Miss Ann to tell your wedding day story!   Now please delight in their wedding day BLISS below…

Lots of Smiles and positive planning vibes, Ann & Chris Peters

Husband and Wife Iceland Wedding Planning & Photography Team

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