Iceland Elopement | Adventure Wedding Photography

During every Iceland wedding day, I always have a “O.M.G, is this really happening?!” moment. Do you ever get those? Living in Iceland, I get them a lot when I ice climb, hike, SUP, and of course while scouting secret Iceland wedding … Continue reading

Tipping in Iceland || Iceland Wedding Planner Advice

Most people think that when traveling to European countries it’s a faux-pas to tip, but that is not true anymore, especially in Iceland.  My rule of thumb and what I tell all of my Iceland adventure wedding clients, is to waiver on … Continue reading

20 Tips for Planning Your Iceland Wedding (Part 2 of 2)

Hello and Woohoo to you considering Iceland as your destination wedding location! Thanks so much for joining us for our second installment of 20 tips for planning your Iceland wedding!  If you missed the first half of this series, feel … Continue reading