Vik Iceland Rugged Adventure Wedding: Christophe + Mary

There are Iceland wedding day adventures with several couples I’d like to keep on a continuous repeat loop and Christophe + Mary are most certainly one!  So you must be on the edge of your seat wondering who are these … Continue reading

Tipping in Iceland || Iceland Wedding Planner Advice

Most people think that when traveling to European countries it’s a faux-pas to tip, but that is not true anymore, especially in Iceland.  My rule of thumb and what I tell all of my Iceland adventure wedding clients, is to waiver on … Continue reading

Iceland Wedding Planner: 2014 Rocked!

Hello fabulous Friends & Fans! Well here we are again at the close of another unforgettable year!  Our hearts are gratefully overflowing here at Iceland Wedding Planner and Photos by Miss Ann!  Big amazing changes, exceptional opportunities, partnerships, and we … Continue reading