The Tiny Luxe Iceland Wedding of Kathleen + Drew

Tiny Luxe Iceland Wedding

Planning tiny intimate weddings are on the rise.  Couples are choosing stand up against the pressures of society and craft the type of wedding they really want.  Truly a day of genuine time spent adventuring together with their favorite people!  … Continue reading

Wild Adventure Wedding in May | Lana + Jason

Couple running during wild wedding adventure in Iceland

Wild hearts cannot be contained by ordinary adventures or places.  They thrive on experiences!  Non-traditional couples come to our Iceland Wedding Planner team seeking a thrilling day celebrating their unique relationship the way they want to.  Exploring crazy beautiful private … Continue reading

Private Iceland Wedding Explores Waterfalls, Caves, Canyons and Cliffs!

Private Iceland Wedding at a Waterfall

Privacy is sought out by couples worldwide.  Especially when you have a once in a lifetime moment happen.  It’s fair to say, no one wants to share those unforgettable minutes with a bunch of strangers on looking.  Likely the very … Continue reading