Two-day Iceland Wedding: Peter + Eva

Periodically having one day to celebrate your love with your friends and family, just isn’t enough.  Likely, if you’re anything like Eva and Peter, then you plan an epic two-day Iceland wedding adventure!  Is your curiosity peaked?  Then allow these back to back fall adventures to inspire you…

Multi-Day Wedding Events

When you plan an international destination wedding, you are typically grateful to the guests who take the time to travel.  But what things can you do to show your appreciation in return?  Well, why not surprise them with an unforgettable things to do or organize a group activity the day(s) before or following your special day?!

Canadian entrepreneurs, Peter and Eva wanted to gift their guests an unforgettable multi-day Iceland experience.  First, guests flew in front around the world for a 3 day event to celebrate the couples love.  Second, upon landing guests were whisked away for an exploration day in the Reykjanes Peninsula, which included a delicious food at Rauða Húsið Restaurant.  Third, the days continued with their two-day Iceland wedding adventure!

Þórsmörk Lunch Experience

Next, on the morning of October 13th 2022, Peter and Eva’s two-day Iceland wedding adventure begins… The group gathered in the lobby and loaded into super jeeps.  To illustrate, they were venturing into the iconic area of Þórsmörk (Thórsmörk).

The sights they witnessed were rugged mountainscapes, river crossings, and upon arriving a traditional hot dog BBQ!  After all it was important to Peter and Eva to also include local Icelandic culture so their guests could experience it firsthand.  Once their bellies were full the group embarked on an offbeat hike for a gorgeous view further up into the highlands.

Viking Style Icelandic Dinner

We all know our Nordic island has Viking roots.  So Eva and Peter thought it would be fun to add in that fabulous element to their formal welcome dinner that night.  But also still sprinkle in more Icelandic culture too!  For example, the tables were decorated with Viking flare among greenery and moss.  Furthermore, the group had the opportunity to try local Icelandic delicacies like fermented shark, puffin, smoked / cured meats, etc!

Two-Day Iceland Wedding

Bring on day 2 of Peter and Eva’s two-day Iceland wedding adventure!  October 14th 2022, begins with full on sunshine.  Eva gets ready with her girl friends and Peter with his best friends.  You could feel the excitement all of the guests had for the soon to be newlyweds especially when the loaded into the super jeeps!

Ceremony at a Highland Waterfall

When you plan a waterfall wedding for a large group one of the many things you need to consider is your guests comfort.  Likewise, hearing the ceremony is extraordinarily important so make sure you have a sound system so it can be heard over the waterfall sounds and weather in Iceland.  Further, if the ceremony will be longer than 5 minutes, consider having a seated ceremony.  Also, if it’s a rural location, how will they use bathroom?  But don’t fret, if you have hired our Iceland Wedding Planner team, none of these items will worry you!

Back to Peter and Eva’s 2-day Iceland wedding adventure… Guests ooh’d and awe’d over the drivee, caught up with each other, and also learned some fabulous things about Iceland along the way.  Upon arriving to the highland waterfall the group made their way down to the main attraction to be seated.  Everyone then waited excitedly for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Next, their symbolic ceremony was officiated by one of their close friends.  Meanwhile, the pair exchanged personal vows, rings, and started the celebration with a kiss!  Following the Iceland waterfall wedding, the group posed for photos and explored the magnificence of the place!!

Champagne Toast

The journey continued with a champagne toast at a private property cave.  Pol Roger champagne (and non-alcoholic for the kids and those who wished) was served alongside a fabulous display of fruit and Icelandic artisan chocolates.

Iceland Wedding Reception

Once the newlyweds and their group returned to their accommodation, they had ample time to rest and refresh.  Meanwhile, as the hour approached 8pm the guests found their way to the Iceland wedding reception.   There they delighted in a 3 course meal, speeches, cake (both North American style and an Icelandic kransakaka), and dancing to the tunes of the local Icelandic band, Spútnik!

Truly the perfect end to Peter and Eva’s two-day Iceland wedding!!  Feeling inspired to plan something just as custom?  Feel free to contact us to see what is possible!!

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