How to Elevate Your Iceland Adventure

In Iceland, unique adventures await you around every corner!  Truly offering unforgettable experiences you’ll have no where else in the world.  From discovering breathtaking glaciers and dynamic volcanic landscapes to soaking in the rejuvenating geothermal hot springs under the dancing Northern Lights, Iceland’s natural wonders leave visitors speechless!  But if you’re seeking limit testing activities, where do you go to find Iceland adventure companies that can craft a once in a lifetime journey?  Today we would love to share with you one company whose goal is to elevate your adventure!

Elevating Your Iceland Adventure

Everyone has a different description of what adventure means.  For example, to some simply taking an organized tour or embarking on a self drive trip around Iceland is the answer.  Whereas others may define an Iceland adventure as partaking in an one-of-a-kind activity or multi-day expedition.  Maybe you’re folks who thrive on taking the road less travelled too!  Meanwhile, what type of experiences get you excited when you think about elevating your Iceland adventure to an unforgettable level?

Trailblazers vs Followers

Next, there is a massive difference between tour operators and guides in Iceland.  To illustrate, some create and others imitate.  After all, the Dictionary, defines a trailblazer is being, “the first person to do something or go somewhere, one who shows that it is also possible for other people.”  So who would you rather choose to take you out on an Iceland adventure?

Trailblazers have the imagination and ingenuity to make shit happen.  Whereas, followers imitate and ride on the coattails of others who have set the path or set the market.  Choosing the local small companies who have blazed the trail is always a better decision.  Why?  Here are a few reasons…

#1: They intimately know the ebb and flow of the areas (which is uber important when you explore glaciers and highland areas).

#2: The standard is higher, quality of service is better, and guides are invested in you as a client versus just doing a “job.”

#3: Group sizes are always lower.  Likely your adventure will be a custom experience!

#4: Areas they head into are typically more exclusive and offbeat which means less or no other tourists sharing space!

Vik Expeditions

Likely now you’re wondering what Iceland adventure companies fall into this small circle of expertise?  Well, in South Iceland we would love to educate you on the amazing experiences our friends at Vik Expeditions is crafting!

The owner, Davíð Geir Jónasson is a mountaineering, ice climbing, super jeep driving rock star.  No matter your idea / goal, skill level or inhibitions, he will support you, make you feel confident, and turn your “tour” into an expedition!  Read more about his badassery and below we will highlight some of his unique experiences adventurers hire him for.

Ice Climbing in Vik

Did you know Vik ice climbing is a thing?  In fact, Iceland’s 4th largest glacier, Mýrdalsjökull has several outlets that offer really beautiful views.  Also, Vik Expeditions caters to whatever skill level you are.  For instance, let’s say you this is your first time ever even seeing a glacier in person!  You can still ice climb and Davíð is a patient and experienced teacher who will break it down for you.  That way you’ll gain courage and rock it out!  Heck, maybe even become addicted!

Furthermore, if you’re a seasoned ice climber he will challenge you accordingly.  For example, maybe you get lowered into a cavern or crevasse that is multi-pitched.  Dare you to rock that advanced ice climbing in Iceland!  Regardless, what skill level you are, give ice climbing a try as a way to elevate your Iceland adventure.  Likely you won’t regret it and your friends will be totally jealous of your experience!

Iceland Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Iceland SUP)

For you water lovers, oh man does Vik Expeditions have something incredible for you!  Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) on a glacier lagoon.  After all, who the freak does that on your Iceland adventure?!  Maybe SUP on Sólheimajökull, Jökulsárlón, Fjallsárlón or a super nuts look highland lake?!  #yesplease!

Glacier Walking on Mýrdalsjökull

Walking on a glacier in Iceland is an invigorating experience!  There is just something so empowering about having crampons tied to your hiking boots and hiking on a massive piece of history.  Vik Expeditions customizes all of their glacier walks to skill, energy level, and the clients desires.  Certainly the time frame can range between 1 – 8 hours, you choose!  And typically the glacier outlets are Sólheimajökull and the famed Katla Glacier outlet.  Both offer impeccable views for you photo buffs out there!

Cross Country Skiing + Snow Shoeing in Iceland

Visiting Iceland during the heart of winter?  Oh la la well then you may want your choices for Iceland adventure to center around the snow!  And if that is the case, Vik Expeditions would love to show you picturesque areas via cross-country skiing or on snow shoes!  Will you find your way to an ice cave or get that #earned it feeling at the end of the day?

Vik’s Historical Katla Track

Escape the tourist traps and allow Vik Expeditions to show you a side of Katla Glacier others dare to go, for a true Iceland adventure!  Embarking on The Katla Track expedition means you’ll hear about and be witness to a piece of Icelandic history.  Meanwhile, depending on the custom time frame you book, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to walk into your very own private ice cave!!

Canyoneering in Iceland

Next, there are different ways canyoneering is done in Iceland… First, you may be rocking waders, helmet, light / headlamp and traversing through a narrow canyon through the river current.  Second, a more intensive route would be donning wetsuits, harness, helmet, and rappelling through the river walls and likely a waterfall.  Hands down, this is the most uncommon and maybe extreme experience you can embark on… Even Inspired by Iceland says so!  However, the question is will you choose it to elevate your Iceland adventure?

Iceland Hiking with a Local Guide

Lastly, another one-of-a-kind Iceland adventure Vik Expeditions is so excited to take you on is a custom hiking expedition!  After all, who doesn’t love the idea of a local private guide leading you through a hike you’re a bit nervous to take?  Fully equipped with local area knowledge, hiking GPS, first aid kit, and encouragement, you’ll be in good hands!

In conclusion, embarking on unique adventures in Iceland promises to be a magical and transformative experience that will leave indelible memories etched in your heart forever.  Therefore, as you plan your trip remember Vik Expeditions bespoke expeditions and these tips!  ….and if you’d rather plan an experience driven wedding or elopement, feel free to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team for more details on making that desire happen!

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