Volcanic Beach Wedding: Stephanie + Jason

Envision yourself standing hand-in-hand with your beloved on a secluded beach in front of iconic volcanic rock formations.  Far from the typical wedding venue!  This one-of-a-kind location offers an extraordinary experience that will etch lasting memories in the hearts of both you and your guests.  With its raw and untouched features, a volcanic beach wedding proves to be a captivating stage for celebrating the unity of Stephanie and Jason!  Come along with us today to experience their journey firsthand…

Stephanie + Jason

Midwesterners, Stephanie and Jason met during a serendipitous moment in their local gym.  And believe it or not, a night of indulging in tacos was a turning point from gym friend zone to soulmates!  After having so many foundational things in common, how could they not?!  These two love thrive in the outdoors, hosting BBQ’s for their friends and family, Mud Runs, flipping houses, hiking, foodie experiences, travel, and going on adventures with their pup Penny!

After an intimate proposal during Covid, these two initially thought about getting married in Canada.  Then Google sent them down a rabbit hole and they found having an experience driven wedding in Iceland was a thing!  In fact, Christophe and Mary’s wedding from September 2016 further inspired them to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Plus, Stephanie has been to Iceland previously to celebrate a birthday and she felt called to come back and certainly to share it with Jason and all they love and adore!  Therefore, the planning of their volcanic beach wedding adventure begins…

October 4th 2022

Way earlier than sunrise, the hustle and bustle of the day begins with our Iceland wedding photographer documenting all of Stephanie and Jason’s fab details.  Then shortly before they met their loved ones, the pair shared a sweet first look.  Also during that moment, they chose to exchange day of gifts.  To illustrate, Jason gave Stephanie black diamond earrings to match her beautiful engagement and wedding rings.  And Stephanie gave Jason a special watch.  Next, the group gathered to load into the super jeeps in order to begin the volcanic beach wedding adventure!

Volcanic Beach Wedding Ceremony

Volcanic beaches are a testament to the awe-inspiring forces that shape our planet.  Formed by volcanic activity, this beach showcases dramatic geological features, including striking cliffs, basalt stones, and  black sand.  All mix together to create an exotic and eye-catching contrast against the North Atlantic ocean.  The energy and beauty of these elements lend an air of mystique and excitement to any volcanic beach wedding ceremony!

Jason and Stephanie held a seated, intimate yet fun Iceland wedding ceremony.  Pretty sure everyone’s cheeks hurt from smiling at the newlyweds!  Afterwards, a group photo, family photos, and couples photos followed.  Along with exploration of this awe-inspiring beach!  To say the guests were impressed they had this beach all to themselves would be an understatement!

Experience Driven Wedding Adventure

A huge part of getting married in Iceland is immersing yourselves (and your guests) and experiencing.  From the variety of landscape features to endless amount of unforgettable adventures you can have.  To illustrate, in choosing to plan a volcanic beach wedding with us, you get so much more.

Firstly, one of our favorite things that typically happen during our experience driven weddings is that the super jeeps drive through CRAZY conditions like canyons, unbridged rivers, quick sand, and other tricky elements.  Second, guests usually fill up their water bottles naturally at one of the Iceland wedding locations too!  Third, the opportunity to discover such gems with no tourists around is freaking priceless!

BBQ Lunch at a Private Waterfall

When you explore you work up an appetite, right?!  Next on the newlyweds volcanic beach wedding itinerary was a private property waterfall.  For instance, it was here they laughed playfully crossed rivers together, scaled basalt rock cliffs, and joined their guests in a traditional Icelandic Hot Dog BBQ for lunch!  Furthermore, there are plenty of lunch experiences you could have in Iceland.  However, gifting your guests a hot lunch goes a long way specifically on rainy wedding days like these two had that fabulous fall day.

Iceland Mountaintop Wedding Photos

Our tiny little coastal island in the North Atlantic offers an endless supply of mountaintops.  But one of the most impressive and beautiful is Reynisfjall, which is in the heart of Vik Iceland.  In fact, the basalt rock formations you see from this point on the island follow along with our volcanic beach wedding vibes!

Black Sand Beach Champagne Toast!

Imagine toasting with champagne on another volcanic beach wedding location in Iceland.  As the waves crash against the shore you notice how the black sands contrast with the sparkling bubbles.  It creates a unique and unforgettable moment of celebration and romance in a truly breathtaking setting!

Part of Icelandic History

Over 100 lighthouses can be found along Iceland’s coastline.  Therefore, in taking time to visit one, you’re experiencing part of Iceland’s history.  For example, the oldest lighthouse in Iceland was built in 1878!  But none are as old as the volcanic beach wedding locations Stephanie, Jason, and their guests discovered on this amazing day in October 2022.

Iceland Wedding Reception in Vik

Upon returning to Hotel Vik, after the volcanic beach wedding adventure the group had time to rest and refresh.  Next, the group gathered at a restaurant in Vik so they could hold a private wedding reception.  Every Iceland wedding with guests is different.  However it was important to Jason and Stephanie to have fun food, a DJ dance party, and just be able to cut loose with their guests!  Fair to say mission accomplished!!

…And make sure you do not miss their lovely Iceland wedding video by our talented friends at Two Penny Productions!  If you’re curious to plan your own experience driven wedding adventure feel free to contact us to find out more…

Legal Marriage in Iceland

Want to follow in the steps of these forever newlyweds and be legally married in Iceland when you visit?  Then you may want to checkout our DIY Iceland Marriage License Guide!

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