Chilly December Elopement: Brittany + Zach

December in Iceland offers a variety of wintry landscapes depending on what region of Iceland you explore.  However all of Iceland during this time can have the chance of experiencing magical Northern Lights and a cozy holiday atmosphere.  Truly making it a unique and memorable time for a chilly December elopement!  Follow us today as we share Brittany and Zach’s intimate journey through the Icelandic highlands…

2nd of December Elopement

Eloping in December in Iceland could mean a few things in regards to weather.  First, you could have sunrise / sunset light all day.  Second, you also could have storms carrying rain, wind, or snow.  Likely then means heavy overcast skies which will make everything feel a lot darker overall.

Third, the amount of daylight hours are significantly less than the rest of the year.   Therefore, you should be prepared to utilize every single second which means embracing driving in darkness at the start and end of your days.  Fourth, keep your fingers crossed there are solar flares and clear skies so you can experience the illusive Aurora Borealis!

Well, the morning of December 2nd began well before sunrise with Brittany and Zach getting ready together.  Our Iceland elopement photographer was hard at work documenting all of their wonderful details.  Next, even though it was still dark, once it drew 9:30am, the couple loaded into the super jeep to begin their December elopement adventure!

Sunrise Waterfall Ceremony

The weather in Iceland is heavy overcast, low light, and raining upon arrival to the private property waterfall.  However, it is sunrise time when their December elopement ceremony begins regardless!  In fact, the rain just added to the ambiance and reasons to snuggle up!

Private Canyon Encounter

After thoroughly exploring the waterfall the newlyweds continued their December elopement experience by heading to a gorge!  In fact, because of how much rain was happening, the waterfalls in the canyon were full on.  Further adding to the excitement and new look of the location too!

Champagne with a Glacier View & Cave Lunch!

Working up an appetite is a real thing on our Iceland adventure wedding days.  So why not begin the next location exploration with champagne and lunch?!  First, they pair delighted in a bottle of Pol Roger champagne.  Second, Brittany and Zach wanted to have a hot lunch experience so bring on the Icelandic BBQ!  Third, after they quenched their thirst and were fueled again, they ventured around this iconic area.

Exploring a Distinguished Peak

Meanwhile, the further the super jeeps climbed into the Icelandic highlands the snow becomes more prominent.  Our team has gone up to this area in all months and we were very surprised at the lack of snow!  Typically in December several of the mountain passes become extremely tricky to navigate (like needing a wench and snow anchor).  But Brittany and Zach brought the good luck and also a change in the weather.  Finally the rain subsided for a bit during their December elopement so they could enjoy this iconic mountain!

Vivid Mountain Meets Snow!

Although the mountain tops were covered in snow, they still had cool shapes!  For example, the next location set for the newlyweds to discover is usually a very vivid canyon. However, with the freshly fallen snow it covered the vividness a bit.  But instead, created a unique backdrop for the pair to explore during their December elopement.

360 Views of Winter in the Highlands

Sometimes during a December elopement, it can feel like you’re chasing the last bits of daylight.  Likely because the light drops extremely quickly once the clock passes the sunset hour.  For instance, the super jeep climbed the highest track it could before the light completely dropped and the moon took over.

Flares and Fireworks

Darkness enveloped the highland track as the group made their way down from elevation.  But before they returned to Hotel Stracta for their evening meal and Iceland wedding cake… Our Iceland Wedding Planner team rigged up a fabulous nighttime shot to round out the December elopement adventure!

Are you a couple who have found themselves inspired by Brittany and Zach’s chilly wedding in Iceland?  If so, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us to get that dialogue started!

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