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Calling all lovers of DIY projects!  If you’re going down the road of exploring destination wedding locations and Iceland is on your list… We have some amazing news for you today!  Our team has crafted some thorough Do-It-Yourself Iceland Wedding Guides that will aid you in your journey!  Follow us today as we share some fabulous insight into them.

DIY Iceland Wedding VS Hiring a Local Wedding Planner

There are those of us that naturally gravitate to doing things ourselves and others who feel more comfortable sourcing to experts in the industry.  But there is no shame either way, each couple to their own course!  However, the differences in the routes, boil down to how you two want to spend your time.

To illustrate, if you decide to venture down the path of DIY Iceland wedding planning be ready to research your brains out!  Although, our Iceland Wedding Planner blog along with others out there offer some excellent resources, will it be enough?  We’ve read that on average, couples spend 500+ hours (or 20+ days) researching and planning their own destination weddings.  And personally, I’ve been there done that TWICE well before there were developed wedding markets for Iceland or in the Lofoten Islands, so I know it’s true!

Furthermore, in hiring a local Iceland Wedding Planner you have a resource that is live and always accessible to you.  Someone who provides direct access, contacts, knows the rules, regulations, keeps you on track and planned way more weddings than you!  Therefore, if you’re a person who is short on spare time and / or likes to procrastinate it is beneficial hiring a local Iceland Wedding Planner.  Also, the team can provide guidance or handle bookings, scheduling, navigate through any challenges, certainly help you through the permissions and permit process too.

Now if you’re somewhere in between, where does that leave you?  Maybe a combo of having DIY Iceland wedding information at your finger tips and hiring a Day of Planner?!  Let’s see what’s possible!

IWP Do-It-Yourself Iceland Wedding Guides

Likely you know we are the OG’s of planning adventure weddings in Iceland.  So having 10+ years of experience, photographing and planning 100’s of Iceland weddings all around the entire country it’s fair to say we are seasoned experts on this topic!  But, we know our style of experience driven weddings isn’t for everyone.  Nor do we want to be a company who takes on 45+ weddings a year.

On the other hand, we have a deep appreciation for you do-it-yourselfers out there!  As this is one of the countless reasons Iceland Wedding Planner was formally founded back in 2012!  Nevertheless, we still see the need out there for DIY Iceland wedding support.  Especially if you do not have the budget to hire a local wedding planner.  Or you just straight up like to do things yourself!

Therefore, we would LOVE to introduce you to our Iceland Wedding Planner Shop and it’s current contents…

DIY Iceland Marriage License Process

Okay so we all know that government regulations can be overwhelming and totally time sucking.  Yet, we have to follow them if we want the end goal.  For instance in this case, is to be legally married in Iceland!  Meanwhile, if you’re not a direct client of our Iceland Wedding Planner team, can we still help you?  The answer is yes!  We have created  a few DIY Iceland Wedding Guides!  …and the first one we want to highlight reel for you is the Do-It-Yourself Iceland Marriage License Process.

Inside of this DIY Iceland Paperwork Guide we cover the following topics:
• Checklist
• Important Things to Note
• Step by Step Guide (13 steps to clearly follow)
• Timeline to Follow (from 14 weeks down to 3 weeks)
• After Wedding Steps (4 to easily follow)
• Example Documents

Curious for more information?  Jump over HERE to learn more!


DIY Reykjavik Wedding Guide

Although our team is based in South Iceland, when we stopped offering our wedding adventures from Reykjavik, our connection to the city didn’t!  Likewise, we know there are a plethora of couples out there who need to be more budget focused, desire tons of options, or like to party but also want to have the city accessible on their wedding night.  After all, hello after party!  And being within the city limits of Reykjavik affords you numerous options for all.  Which is exactly why we crafted a Do-It-Yourself Reykjavik Wedding Guide!

 Within our DIY Reykjavik Wedding Guide you’ll find:

  • Comprehensive 20+ page Downloadable PDF Guide.
  • 3-5 Star Accommodation Recommendations (with links).
  • 40+ Reykjavik Ceremony & Reception Locations (indoor / outdoor with contacts).
  • Permit & Permission Information.
  • Reykjavik Celebrants (legal and symbolic with contacts).
  • Iceland Wedding Photographers and Videographers (with links).
  • Icelandic Catering Company Recommendations.
  • Wedding Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists (with contacts).
  • Florists in Reykjavik (with contacts).
  • Reykjavik Wedding Cake Bakeries (with contacts).
  • Icelandic DJ’s (with contacts).
  • Rental Equipment Contacts.
  • Transportation Recommendations (with contacts).

Want more information?  Head over to our DIY Reykjavik Iceland Wedding Guide page…

DIY Reykjavik Wedding Guide

Iceland Wedding Planner Shop

Lastly, besides our DIY Iceland wedding guides, we also have a fabulous and educational IWP Amazon Storefront that awaits you!  Over the years, many of our couples have asked for suggestions from us.  For instance, maybe wanting ideas on what to pack, for what guests should wear, what to put in welcome bags, party favors, a for their wedding “go bag.” etc!  Accordingly, we wanted to share this guidance with anyone traveling to Iceland as a helpful tool!

For example, our IWP Store offer the following topics:

The Shop at Iceland Wedding Planner

Craving More Education on Iceland?

In conclusion, if you’re ready to indulge in over 10 years worth of Iceland Wedding Planner blog posts, check out our Advice category.  Furthermore, make sure you spend a few minutes checking out out the Best Iceland Self-Drive Itinerary too!  And if you want to bypass all that and get the info straight from the OG’s, feel free to contact us for more information on planning your unforgettable experience driven Iceland wedding adventure!

Best Restaurants in Reykjavik by Iceland Wedding Planner

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