What to Wear to an Iceland Wedding (Updated 2023)

Attending an Iceland destination wedding will be unlike any wedding you have been invited to.  Mainly because of the distinctive scenery, unpredictable weather, and terrain.  Depending on the specific Iceland wedding locations the couple have chosen, the appropriate attire may vary and in most cases you may want to plan to have two outfits.  Furthermore, we often get the question from our couples, asking us “what to wear to an Iceland wedding?”  So today we are going to talk about the etiquette, options, and our personal recommendations for you to consider.

The Icelandic Weather

More often than not, your outfit for the day may be dictated by preparing for the Icelandic weather.  After all, you could encounter rain, blizzard-like conditions, gale force winds, sand storms, freezing temps, etc.  Additionally, it’s important to also research the time of year the couple is getting married and the region of Iceland in as well.  Truly so many factors to consider!  Furthermore, the best way to figure out what to wear to an Iceland wedding would be tracking the weather on Vedur.is.

What to Wear to an Iceland Wedding Adventure:

As a general rule, remember that weddings are semi-formal regardless of the location, but the translation of that to an adventure wedding in Iceland is as follows:

  • Boots and Suits (meaning nice on top for photos and rugged on the bottom to navigate comfortably through the terrain).
  • Ladies, we would encourage you to wear something nice with FLAT shoes / boots.  This could mean a cute warm long sleeve dress with fleece lined leggings, layers, and like an awesome pair of hiking or Sorel boots

Overall, if you are attending a wedding we have personally planned…. For sure, you will need hiking boots and waterproof outerwear.   Further, we also encourage you to bring a “go bag” which contains things like layers, extra socks, extra shoes, Hot Hands, and snacks.  Iceland Wedding Planning Tip: Ask your couple further on how to prepare (will vary depending on their Iceland wedding locations).  Additionally, it is also proper etiquette to ensure you do not wear anything that will draw attention away from the couple.  Below we have compiled our list of “do not ever wear to a wedding” items.

What NOT to Wear to an Iceland Adventure Wedding:

  • Jeans (they will get wet and uncomfortable).
  • Shorts (you will likely be cold).
  • Tee-shirt (on the outside, not nice enough for photos).
  • A fluorescent colored shirt/dress.
  • White/Ivory/Champagne colored dress or suit or coat.
  • Skimpy Dress (you’ll freeze).
  • Animal print or camouflage.
  • Trainers / Running Shoes (trade them in for hiking boots if your couple is doing an adventure wedding)
  • Heels over 2 inches (save them for the reception!)

Now that you know what you should never wear to an Iceland adventure wedding, we’re going to narrow down what wear to an Iceland wedding.  Firstly, you may find our previous blog post on “What to Pack,” helpful as you pack for that Iceland destination wedding.  Secondly, the best way to communicate your desired attire for your guests would be through your wedding website.  For example, is easy to include a section focused on this topic on your webpage explaining the expected attire.   Thirdly, some example Iceland wedding scenarios below you can draw from as well as you educate your guests on this topic…

What to Wear to a Iceland Waterfall Wedding:

When you decide to get married at a waterfall in Iceland, there is a lot to consider!  After all, how do you plan a waterfall wedding?  Next, if the wedding in Iceland is happening at a waterfall please consider the following advice:

  • Clothing: Layers!  Wear warm enough clothing to be outside in for 1-2 hours at a time in temperatures just above freezing or lower.  Why?  Because no matter the time of year you visit Iceland the wind can plummet the temperatures to be below freezing.
  • Outerwear: Rain Gear and/or a Parka depending on time of year and how cold you get!  Maybe even both are good to have!
  • Recommended Shoes: Hiking Boots (our faves are Salewa), low wedged heels (think Sorel’s or Sperry’s) or Hunter Rain Boots.  Regardless of shoe type please make sure they are closed toe!
  • Reception: Bring cocktail attire to change into for the Iceland wedding reception if your couples says to!  For instance, some couples may encourage you to stay cozy / comfortably casual for part two, the dinner.

Furthermore, we would love to share specifics of what guests have previously worn… First, may opt in for a suit and tie (no shame in rocking long-johns or Smartwool underneath!).  Second, others guests wore dresses with lined leggings and boots.  Third, all of guests wear / brought a coat and simply took it off for a few minutes when participating in Iceland wedding photos.  Next, the majority of guests change into cocktail dresses upon the return for the Iceland wedding dinner!

What to Wear to a Glacier Wedding Ceremony:

If you’ve visited a glacier before, you know they are ever changing from day to day and season to season.  Therefore, it is best to consult your Iceland Wedding Planner on what the anticipated conditions could be and what to wear to an Iceland wedding at a glacier.  Also be aware that there can be a different in how to dress if planning an ice cave wedding or one just at or in front of the glacier.

Firstly, going to either one, proper hiking boots are a must.  Why?  Because there is uneven ground that can easily twist an ankle.  Second, there can be a chance you’ll encounter glacier quick sand or need to cross a river so boots are beneficial regardless of the terrain.  Third, weather can be more volatile at the glacier areas so dressing in layers becomes a MUST.

Forth, making sure you have waterproof outwear (with a hood) is important too as the wind can be insane and sideways rain or sleet isn’t nice if ill prepared.  Likewise if you’re heading up to one of the countless the glacier areas in Iceland, you have hired a local professional that will provide required safety gear, wear it!

How to Dress for a Cave Wedding Ceremony:

Heading to a natural cave in Iceland to witness a wedding ceremony is the most indoor yet, outdoor experience you can have.  To illustrate, here you can get away with more formal attire and still be comfortable.  Meaning, not aerating the landscape or falling on your bottom.  Also, if you’re working with a local Iceland Wedding Planner there is an opportunity to bring in rentals like heaters, firepits, etc to warm the place up!

But that being said, what to wear to an Iceland wedding in a natural cave?

  • Layers – Continuous theme for having an Iceland adventure wedding with guests!
  • Coats- Wind still blows into the cave and sometimes if a sunny day outside, it’s colder inside the cave than out!
  • Boots- Are still suggested as depending on the weather or season there can be ice on the floor, mud, and for sure dirt no matter what!  Therefore, we would shy away from any open toe shoes unless you do not mind dirty feet!

Iceland Church Wedding Location:

Having a church wedding in Iceland is the easiest option for your guests to dress because it is the same as it is for any local or destination wedding elsewhere.  You can keep it simple and offer the following as suggestions to your guests:

  • Semiformal attire or casual depending on your vibe!
  • Whatever shoes you wish!  However, a pair of comfortable walking shoes (if you plan on having a little country or city tour after) could come in handy.

Basic Iceland Adventure Wedding Attire:

In conclusion, if you have decided to hold your destination wedding on one of Iceland’s many rugged landscapes make sure you prepare your guests for your adventure!  Via your wedding website or email are the best routes so folks having something to look back on and find as they pack.  For instance, give your guests ideas on what they may need…

  • Hiking poles.
  • Dress in layers (state what the average temperature may be on your wedding date).
  • Dress to possibly withstand high winds, rain and / or sand storms (IE, layers like long johns or Under Armour).
  • Waterproof coat with a hood.
  • Wear hiking boots.
  • Gloves & Hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Be prepared to walk on uneven surfaces, loose rock, mud, or sand.
  • Plan to encounter strong wind gusts, sometimes gale force gusts!
  • Make your guests aware of how long they may be outside (IE, 20-40 minutes at a time, etc).
  • If applicable: Cocktail Attire for indoor reception / dinner.

Hope this gets you thinking!  In the meantime, we hope you have enjoyed today’s post on what to wear to an Iceland wedding!  Furthermore, if you’re a client of our Iceland Wedding Planner team, please link your guests to this page via your wedding website.

Lastly, feel free to contact us if interested in planning your own exciting adventure wedding in Iceland!

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