October Adventure Wedding: Jonathan + Christine

Fall is a month that can go in any direction in Iceland in regards to weather and conditions.  Frankly it’s kind of exciting to see what mother nature may dish out for you!  Plus it’s a time of year I think you describe as a canvas.  The mountains are often painted with snow if you head up into the Icelandic highlands.  Therefore when you embark on an October adventure wedding you need to be ready for anything and go with the flow.  Are you up to the challenge?  Jonathan and Christine were so let’s see how their venture unfolds…

Jonathan + Christine

From meeting for bubble tea during the pandemic to realizing they were exactly what each needed.  A love of traveling, sci-fi, games, pushing limits, and family bonded the pair instantly.  Next, these two merged their lives but somehow built even bigger things together including a newly built custom home.  Fair to say they bring the best out in each other!  And after getting engaged, their curiosity of ice caves, black beaches, mountains, and waterfalls led them to want to plan an adventure wedding with our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Plus Icelandair offering direct flights from North Carolina helped in the choice of Iceland too!

October Adventure Wedding Begins in Kirkjubæjarklaustur

The village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur is a tiny town heading towards Southeast Iceland.  In fact, it’s population is barely over 500 people.  But it is a perfect place to be based in the south if you’re exploring the highlands of Iceland.  Hotel Klaustur is the wedding base for Jonathan and Christine’s October adventure wedding.  Well before sunrise, our hair and makeup artists and Iceland wedding photographer got to work.  To illustrate, below you’ll see how fabulous Christine’s pink Iceland wedding dress is along with Jonathan’s dapper groom details.  Additionally, right before the group loaded into the super jeep the soon-to-be newlyweds have a quick first look!

Highland Waterfall Marriage Ceremony

It was important to Christine and Jonathan that they not only gift themselves but also their loved ones of a once in a lifetime experience.  That translated,  to them choosing one of our favorite highland waterfalls to hold their October adventure wedding ceremony.  An exciting drive chockful of river crossings, fall landscapes, and good vibes led them to the magical Iceland wedding location.

Upon arriving, the group did a hike to the waterfall and found their seats.  Our favorite adventurous pastor performed a special wedding ceremony which bonded them not just as husband and wife but as a family as well.  To illustrate, the kids were part of the rings and vows.  And they walked back down the aisle together as a new family.  Following the ceremony, the kids made mini snowmen with a bits of snow shielded from the sun, folks filled their water bottles and they explored the waterfall!

Champagne Toast and Lunch in the Yoda Cave

Meanwhile the October adventure wedding itinerary brought us next to the famed “Yoda Cave” (aka Gígjagjá or Hjörleifshöfði).  Why?  Well for a Viking style toast, Icelandic hot dog BBQ, discovery of the cave inside and out!  The newlyweds and the kids may or may not have had a light saber fight within!  After all we are at times, all kids at heart!

Icelandic Fall Sunset on a Black Sand Beach

One of the many pros of having an October adventure wedding in Iceland when there is good weather in Iceland is warm long sunsets!  For example, if sunset is around 6pm, then you start getting this fabulous warm light 2 hours or so before.  Further, Christine and Jonathan enjoyed the sunshine as they discovered this private property beach hand in hand!

Exploring a Glacier Ice Cave in Iceland

The light and temperatures began dropping very quickly on the way up to Katla Glacier, which is an outlet to Mýrdalsjökull.  But the groups excitement to experience the glacier kept everyone warm.  The newlyweds and their October adventure wedding group geared up and hiked to the Katla ice cave that is usually very touristy during normal business hours, but today it was reserved for us!  Meanwhile, the group marveled over the scenes, explored the ice cave thoroughly before hiking back out.  On the way out, the newlyweds stole some kisses in front of the iconic sci-fi hit Star Wars Rogue One.

Klaustur Restaurant Wedding Reception

Moreover, when the October wedding adventure group returned to Hotel Klaustur, they had time to rest and refresh.  When 7:30pm came, they were asked to find their seats in the private dining room at Klaustur Restaurant.  First, they were greeted by our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Second, they delighted in the beautiful earthy basalt rock décor that was on the table.  Third, seeing a traditional Iceland wedding cake (kransakaka) is always a fun cultural tidbit to share.  Fourth, the group dined on a local menu created by the talented local Chef Einar B. Halldórsson.  However, that’s not how the night ended… Please continue!

Nighttime Wedding Photos at Stjórnarfoss

What full day October adventure wedding would be complete without head back out for the possibility of Northern Lights or ending with nighttime wedding photos?!  Although there was a glimpse of Northern Lights, they didn’t stay for long and were hard to detect with the naked eye.  Therefore, Jonathan and Christine were game to jump over to the nearby private property waterfall named, Stjórnarfoss (Government Waterfall) to create some nighttime magic!

October Iceland Wedding Video

Choosing to add on an Iceland wedding video is always a good idea.  After all, there is a different vibe you get when you see yourselves in motion venturing through these stunning landscapes.  Well, Jonathan and Christine hired our favorite local team, Beit Productions to forever document their day.  Checkout their lovely video below to see their October adventure wedding go down in almost real-time!

Lastly, are you leaving impressed and craving more?  Maybe even a little jealous?  Don’t fret, let’s create something unique to you!  Feel free to contact us if you are potentially interested in planning your own October adventure wedding in Iceland!

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