Brúarfoss Waterfall Hike

While traveling, do you like to discover vivid lesser known places?  Maybe even add in a sweet little hike to stretch your from road tripping?!  Well today we have just the spot in mind for you…  A place that has a crystalline glacial water that flows through multiple waterfalls creating an awe inspiring experience for you.  Come along with us as we share all of the details on the Brúarfoss Waterfall Hike!

Hiking in Iceland

Likely, if you’re visiting Iceland you are renting your own car and planning to do an unforgettable self-drive itinerary.  After all, that is the best way to explore Iceland in our opinion.  However, if you’re an adventurous person, couple, or group maybe hiking is also on your agenda.  But not one that is many hours, rather one that is around an hour one way or less.

Well, no matter your skill level, there are incredible hikes in Iceland to embark on and we know about some of the best places to go hiking for amazing views!  But beyond our list is the hike to Brúarfoss Waterfall which we will highlight below…

Where is Brúarfoss?

Brúarfoss Waterfall is found in South Central Iceland.  In fact, it is near to the famed Golden Circle route and outside of a town known for their geothermal geysers called, Laugarás.  Meanwhile, it is a fantastic offbeat waterfall to add on to your day if you will be specifically exploring Geysir (only a 15 minute detour).  Furthermore, you can find the drive times from various areas of Iceland and map links to the hiking trail as follows:

  • Geysir to Brúarfoss = 15 minutes.  Map link.
  • Selfoss to Brúarfoss = 40 minutes.  Map link.
  • Reykjavik to Brúarfoss = 1 hour 25 minutes.  Map link.
  • Vik to Brúarfoss = 2 hours 1 minute.  Map link.
  • Höfn to Brúarfoss = 5 hours 20 16 minutes.  Map link.
  • Akureyri to Brúarfoss = 5 hours 30 minutes.  Map link.

Parking Lot vs the Trek

Next, in Spring of 2023, the landowners of Brúarfoss Waterfall built a parking lot that allows you to bypass the hike and have only a 5 minute (less than 1,000 feet) walk to the main waterfall.  However, upon arrival you need to pay 750 ISK (or more), see price list for more information.  You need to pay via the app Parka.

So for those of you that a have a tight driving schedule or don’t want to hike this is an ideal solution for you.  That way you can still experience this vivid place with less physical effort.  On the other hand, if you have the time, want to have a journey through an Icelandic forest, see two additional waterfalls (Hlauptungufoss and Miðfoss), save on parking, connect with nature, and burn some calories!

Feel free to continue to read below the specifics of the hike to Brúarfoss Waterfall so you can make an informed decision before you embark on which way you go.  After all, it’s nice to have options!

Brúarfoss Waterfall Hike

Okay, so hiking to Brúarfoss is a fun experience to have.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team did it in 45 minutes one way and honestly it was a refreshing hike!  Below we share the details and step by step photo guide of the journey you’ll have…

Brúarfoss Hiking Specifications:

  • Distance: ~4.4 miles round trip.
  • Hike Time: ~2-3 hours round trip depending on your pace and how much time you spend stopping along the way.
  • Terrain:  Rocky path, loose rocks, large rocks (almost boulders to traverse through), dirt/mud, sand, slippery rocks, and wooden bridges.
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate!  But if you’re an unsure hiker, it’s best to bring hiking poles.
  • Elevation Gain: ~225 feet
  • Brúarfoss Hike Parking Lot: Google Map (off of Route #37).
  • Best Time to Hike: Late April – October.
  • What to Pack: Checkout our IWP Amazon Shop for a guide on what to buy and / or bring!
  • Notes:
    • Between the months of mid November– Late April, the area is open but trail markers will likely be covered in snow making the trail impassable.  It may be best to view from the paid parking lot instead of doing the hike.
    • Be very aware and careful hiking as there was sadly a death here in the Summer of 2022.
    • Please respect the ropes, signs, and LEAVE NO TRACE!

Step by Step Directions to Brúarfoss Waterfall

Follow these directions to find your way to the 3 waterfalls and super blue water along the Brúará River…

Hlauptungufoss Waterfall

About 20-25 minutes into the Brúarfoss waterfall hike you’ll walk up a small hill and emerge from the forest and encounter Hlauptungufoss.

Miðfoss Waterfall

Approximately, 10-15 minutes from Hlauptungufoss Waterfall is Miðfoss Waterfall.

Final Stretch to the Main Waterfall: Brúarfoss

After you experience Hlauptungufoss and Miðfoss waterfalls you’re 15-20 minutes away from the main attraction of Brúarfoss Waterfall.  So high five to you for making it this point!

Planning a Wedding at Brúarfoss

Likely after reading this, you may be interested in getting married at Brúarfoss Waterfall.  Good news, it is totally possible!  However, it will require in advance permission from the landowners.  A local Iceland Wedding Planner can help you reach them and apply for any permits from other agencies as well depending on your group size and scope.  And if you’re interested in crafting a more private experience for your adventure wedding or elopement, feel free to contact us to get that conversation started!

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