Vatnajökull Elopement: Eva + Peter

Many hours east of the city limits of Reykjavik you’ll encounter Iceland’s largest glacier named, Vatnajökull.  To put it in perspective for you, it spans over 3,000 square miles.  In fact, it has outlet points throughout South, East, and North Iceland.  Furthermore, this glacier is known in Iceland as housing the bluest ice in crevasses, moulins, ice caves, and tunnels.  So when a couple is seeking this look it’s natural they embark on planning a thrilling Vatnajökull elopement!  What could that look like you might wonder?  Well, allow our adventurous couple, Eva and Peter show you…

Eva & Peter

Peter and Eva hail from the Jersey the largest of the Channel Islands.  Let’s rewind back to 2016, when Eva was living in London and returned home for a visit and briefly meets Peter at a friends party.  Although the meeting was brief she made such an impression on him that he messaged him after expressing his interest.  After a bit of long distance dating for a bit Eva found her way back to Jersey.

These two connect over their shared love for animals, nature, travel, music, the beach, and BBQ’s.  Then we fast forward to lockdown in the U.K as the pandemic surges and the pair were supposed to celebrate in Rome for New Years Eve.  But instead an unforgettable quarantine proposal ensued!

February 15th Vatnajökull Elopement

Next, when Peter and Eva set out to wedding plan, they knew eloping would be the best fit for them.  Then they both enjoy landscapes that are described as the “ends of the earth.”  Furthermore, in hiring our Iceland Wedding Planner team, they were seeking a private adventure elopement.  Which involved a day of exploring glaciers, caves, and monochromatic scenery.

The morning of February 15th 2023, began at our favorite Southeastern hotel, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon in the Executive Suite (hello private hot tub!)!  Eva and Peter decided to get ready together privately.  But our Iceland elopement photographer went to work documenting all of the beautiful details.  For instance, Eva’s custom dress (designed by Angelina Collarusso), both had jewelry from Cartier, and of course Peter’s handsome wool suit!  Just before 8am the soon to be newlyweds loaded into the super keep to embark on their Vatnajökull elopement adventure!

Breiðamerkurjökull Wedding Ceremony

After about an hour or so drive, they arrived to the glacier outlet named, Breiðamerkurjökull to begin their hiking elopement.  It was really freaking magical to watch the dawn turn into a glorious sunrise!  Hiking slightly more than 1 hour, brought them to a stunning ice moulin.  Truly a perfect setting for their Vatnajökull elopement ceremony!  Eva and Peter’s private and intimate blue ice ceremony was led by our favorite Pastor Halli.

Hiking Elopement Photos

Following their Vatnajökull elopement ceremony, the couple explored every inch of the moulin with our Iceland elopement photographer!  Wouldn’t you love to have adventure elopement photos like these to keep forever too?!  #yesplease!  …they may or may not have toasted with Black Death (aka Brennivín) too!

Icelandic Waterfalls of all Shapes & Sizes

Those of you that love waterfalls of all types, will be thrilled to watch the rest of Peter and Eva’s Vatnajökull elopement unfold… Likewise, the pair kept the hiking momentum up and spent time witnessing the majesty of a glacier fed waterfall!

Courageous Canyon & Cave Exploration

Additionally, there is not a huge list of Iceland wedding locations that bewilder us each time we visit.  However, this crazy blue narrow canyon and sheep cave surprises every single time.  Whether it be the water levels, the sheep, the colors, the history, the season, etc.  It’s a really enchanting place!  Plus it’s  perfectly paired place within a Vatnajökull elopement itinerary.  Our daring newlyweds even had the opportunity to give waders a go for further exploration!

Elopement Photos at Iceland Waterfall

A small snowy waterfall was also on their Vatnajökull elopement schedule.  In fact, it even drew a 5 senses experience!  For example, the air smelled crisp and clean, the crunchy snow was heard on the hike, everyone was surprised to see that it wasn’t frozen, the spring fed water tasted incredible cold and fresh!  Peter and Eva looked like models in front of this amazing place!

Coastal Vibes and Glacier Views

Likely, while visiting this tiny island in the North Atlantic you’ll find black sand throughout the country.  To illustrate, from the highlands to the low land beaches and everywhere between.  Meanwhile rounding out the adventure portion of their day, Eva and Peter discovered a coastal point that was full of glacier views and black sand!  So very picturesque for their Iceland wedding photos!

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Dinner

Once the sun set these fabulous newlyweds returned to the hotel to rest and refresh.  Next, Eva and Peter found their way to the Glacier Lagoon Restaurant.  They dined in their wedding attire and then decided to begin their honeymoon back in their Executive Suite!  After all, who doesn’t want to sit in a hot tub and enjoy the possibility of Northern Lights?!

Looking to plan something similar to Peter and Eva’s Vatnajökull elopement?  We would love to hear from you if so!  Contact us to get that exciting conversation started today!

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