Honoring Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

No matter if you’re eloping or planning an Iceland wedding with guests, you may want to honor someone.  Maybe that person could not attend in person or has passed away before the day.  Regardless, honoring loved ones on your wedding day is a wonderful way to have that person or individuals be a part of your lifetime moment in spirit.  Today our Iceland Wedding Planner team will share with you some ideas.

Reasons to Honor

There are countless reasons why you may want to honor something during your wedding day.  To illustrate, here are a 5 reasons why you may consider:

  1. Loved one has passed away.
  2. Someone could not attend for whatever reason.
  3. You wish your pet could have come and want to have them there in spirit!
  4. You and your partner have had a hard journey and want to honor the fact you made it to this point!
  5. Maybe you really appreciate what an impact someone has had on you and you want to honor them live and in person.

Honoring Loved Ones During Iceland Wedding Ceremony

As you think about what your ceremony could look like, this could be a lovely point to honor someone.  For example, you could do any or all of the following items:

  • Crafting a sign that can be tied to an empty chair in honor. Bonus: Pair this with their favorite flower on the chair!
  • Having a poem read (or they read it if in attendance).
  • Play a song in honor of the person or reason.
  • Have their favorite flower or color as part of your wedding flowers.
  • Buy a small frame or locket with their photo in it, that can attach to your flowers or wedding attire in some way.
  • Enjoy a moment of silence during the ceremony to think about and create space for them to join.

Other ways to Honor Throughout Your Wedding Day

If embarking on an adventurous elopement or experience driven wedding, there are hours of adventuring together.  Likewise, here are a few more ideas to consider when thinking about honoring loved ones:

  1. Take a shot in their honor!
  2. Toast to the moment and they are with you in spirit.
  3. Draw their name in the sand and maybe collect a little in a vile as a keepsake?
  4. Bring a framed photo of the person and get a photo with them at the locations you venture to.  Pairing it with a flower or small bouquet can be an added bonus.
  5. If it’s a special pet you’re missing, have their image print onto a sock to wear that day!
  6. Honoring loved ones during your Iceland wedding could also mean you gift them with an experience or tangible present.

Memorializing During Iceland Wedding Reception

Although your Iceland wedding reception is all about celebrating the two of you it can be a nice time to reflect in gratitude of others too.  For instance, several ways in honoring loved ones could be…

  • Buy or make a symbol in honor them and display it somewhere prominent.
  • Create a party favor to gift your guests with that honors the person.
  • Donate to a cause that impacted the person.
  • Thank the person in a speech or toast you give.
  • Take time to write a poem or letter to the person and place it at their place setting.  Or if the person is not in attendance, place it at an empty setting in honor.
  • Have a memory table.  To illustrate, this could mean framed photos of folks who have passed away, trinkets, a sign, or something else which reminds you of them or that moment in time.
  • Hold a dance of honor or dance to their favorite song (or one that reminds you of them).

Hopefully our Iceland Wedding Planner blog post on honoring loved ones during your wedding is helpful to you!  Furthermore, if you’re ready to begin planning your adventure elopement or experience driven wedding contact us!

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