Immersive Wedding Experience: Alfred + Elizabeth

When you go down the path of planning an destination wedding with guests you have a lot of choices.  From 900,000 islands to 195 countries to countless indoor or outdoor locations all over the world.  As you debate between places, you may also choose between having a traditional or immersive wedding experience.  But what the heck is the difference?

Immersive Wedding Experience

First, having a traditional wedding could mean you’re planning a local or destination wedding.  After all, destination weddings many times are traditional weddings just in a pretty place.  Second, it’s likely you’re planning to host your guests over the course of a few hours.  To illustrate, like ceremony to reception kind of vibes.

Whereas, having an immersive wedding in Iceland means creating a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary or traditional.  Truly, engaging all 5 senses, mind, and emotions of the couple and guests.  Further, it’s about crafting an unforgettable experience driven wedding where every detail is carefully chosen to transport everyone into a world of enchantment and love.

Our Iceland Wedding Planner team specializes in these types of wedding adventures.  And today we would love to share with you Alfred and Elizabeth’s journey…

February 10th 2023

Here we go!  So Alfred and Elizabeth chose February 10th 2023 to get married in Iceland.  Now if you know anything about the Icelandic weather, you know that can be risky business!  But these two and their 4 guests were ready for it!!

Long before sunrise their immersive wedding experience began at Hotel Vik.  First, our Iceland hair and makeup team began crafting Elizabeth’s fabulous style.  Second our local wedding photographer grabbed the brides two wedding dresses, details, and the grooms Scottish attire.  Third, shortly before the group loaded into the super jeep, Elizabeth and Alfred held a sweet first look.

Snowy Waterfall Wedding

Talk about a winter wonderland!  It was S-N-O-W-Y all along the way to their immersive wedding at a waterfall.  Upon arrival, our Iceland Wedding Planner team setup the ceremony.  For example, black wooden folding chairs, sound system, and romantic firepit!

The group took their seats and our favorite Pastor held an adventure geared ceremony where the couple exchanged rings and ended it with a kiss.  Meanwhile, following the ceremony the group had a chance to fill their water bottles, take in the epic scenes and learn more about the area!!  Also, the now newlyweds have a chance to discover the waterfall from top to bottom!

Snack Time at a Black Desert Cave

Next, as part of the immersive wedding experience, the newlyweds and their guests warmed up with a coffee, hot chocolate, Icelandic donuts and a first dance!  How fun right?!  Also they learned about the history of the cave and saw why many refer to  the cave inside of the mountain, Hjörleifshöfði as the token “Yoda” cave.

Hammock Inside an Ice Cave

Okay, so if you know our Iceland Wedding Planner team, you know we crave a good challenge and love pushing the limits on what hasn’t been done before.  Especially in ice caves!  For instance, you might remember the floral swing we put up in an ice cave?  Therefore, when Elizabeth and Alfred told us they were “up for anything” we obliged and put up a hammock inside an ice cave!  To somehow make it even better, we surprised them with a glass of champagne.  Because the heck not?!  After all, a milestone like this should be freaking celebrated!

Ice Formations & Flares

Earlier we alluded to how the weather can be pretty extreme in February in Iceland.  That evening, they were calling for the weather to change and become pretty windy and gnarly.  Since the prospect for Northern Lights were null, Alfred and Elizabeth were on board to move up their nighttime immersive wedding experience to be at dusk.   Therefore, the hike continues over to the touristy Katla Ice Cave…

After a hike up and into the cave the couples eyes marveled over the grandeur of the area.  Additionally also over the fact it’s a once in a lifetime spot!  Further, the pair crossed rivers, rain, and wind.  The spot to create some nighttime magic,  is at the sinkhole area of the ice cave.  It was there that the flares and ground fireworks would be picturesque as you’ll see below from our Iceland wedding photographer!

Dinner in Vik

Lastly, the couple meet again with their guests for dinner.  In fact, the table was decorated with moss, silver reindeer candle holders with white candlesticks.  Fair to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed their warm and delicious dinners!  Curious to know about what Alfred and Elizabeth thought about their immersive wedding experience with our Iceland Wedding Planner team?  Read their Google Review!

And keep scrolling down if you’d like to witness their adventure wedding film by Beit Productions too!  Additionally, if you want to plan your own unique Iceland wedding or elopement adventure, please contact us for more information!


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