Adventure & Vows | Darcy + Allison’s Story

Having the experience of adventure & vows is an exceptional one.  Because it’s rare for people to feel empowered enough to decide to celebrate the way they want to.  A way that honors their relationship, how they like to travel, and connect with each other.  But couples that do go this route never regret it!  Therefore, come along with us as you see a couple who serves as a prime example story unravel…

Darcy + Allison

During the summer of 2016, Canadians Allison and Darcy were introduced via mutual friends at a wedding after party.  However it took Darcy around 10 attempts to get Allison to say yes to a first date.  And that first date consisted of fishing!  Fair to say they were both “hooked” after! 😉  These two embrace all adventures in the great outdoors no matter the weather or the season.  From snowshoeing, skiing, to camping and hiking with their husky Zeus they have built an incredible life together!

So naturally when they started talking about getting married, they wanted something unique that celebrated in the outdoors.  Meanwhile an elopement discovering a country on their bucket list together made sense.  So when Darcy suggested Iceland and found our Iceland Wedding Planner team the planning of adventure & vows begins!

July Elopement in Iceland

The weather in July is considered summertime.  But don’t let that fool you as conditions can always vary!  To illustrate, we have had hail happen at the glacier in July!  But don’t fret, this couple just had overcast skies and some wind nothing too terribly extreme.  Further, the soon to be newlyweds got ready together in the suite at Hotel Klaustur.

While our hair and makeup team dolled Allison up our Iceland elopement photographer and favorite Boston video team Veiled in Motion, were hard at work documenting all of their amazing details!  For instance, the beautiful Iceland wedding dress and dapper groom accessories!  Shortly before 8am, it was time to grab “go bags” and load into the super jeep for the day to begin their incredible day of adventure & vows!

Adventure & Vows

Next, the journey from the hotel to the Iceland wedding ceremony location on July 12th 2022, is unforgettable.  For instance, imagine cruising through ancient moss and lava, crossing rivers, and taking an inspiring hike to the spot!  Truly the definition of adventure & vows.  Then you hold a private ceremony in front of a waterfall where you recite your personal thoughts from vow books, exchange tokens, and end the incredible moment with a kiss!

Two for One Waterfall

When we find a waterfall that has multiple ones, it’s a keeper!  For example, Darcy and Allison’s adventure & vows ceremony location actually is a two for one and a bit more.  First, they tall waterfall they were married in front of is the first.  Second, there is a shorter yet wider waterfall feet away which offers another incredible photo and exploration opportunity.  Third, hiking alongside of the river there is another surprise one to experience!

Privacy & Peace

Lovers of all types of waterfalls, Darcy and Allison were open to checking out another private property waterfall we had recently scouted!  Such a private and peaceful place for Iceland elopement photos!!

Beachside Lunch!

Next on their adventure & vows agenda, is a beachside lunch!  On the menu was a yummy traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ with all the fixings.  Meanwhile as the hot dogs were cooking Darcy and Allison spent some time discovering the private property beach with the best view of the famed Dyrhólaey sea arch!  Also following lunch Allison changed into a traditional Chinese wedding dress to honor her family heritage.

Clifftop Folklore

Continuing, overcast skies brought them to the top of Reynisfjall mountain to view Reynisdrangar basalt stacks and to hear the folklore that comes along with it!  Furthermore, during the summer months, puffins can often be seen here coming and going from their nests in the cliffs.

Green Mountains, Glacier Outlet, Crampons, and Champagne!

Later, back up into another area of the highlands the newlyweds go!  This time to discover an offbeat glacier outlet.  To illustrate, the area is chockful of crazy shaped green mountains, black sands, and interesting icy walls!  Therefore it was time to strap on some crampons, drink champagne, and experience the place during their thrilling day of adventure & vows!

Tunnel Ice Cave Exploration

Glacier exploring got a bit more intense when they needed to climb up to tunnel ice cave.  Easy-peasy for these two outdoor lovers.  In fact, I bet they would have loved the challenge of ice climbing!  Having a glacier experience amidst your adventure & vows is unforgettable.  After all, who can say they journeyed to such places all in one day?!  Very few!

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

One of the important things to Darcy and Allison was to have a private dinner for two.  A place where they could laugh and enjoy a mountain view during dinner!  Their wish was our please to grant!  And how freaking adorable was their sweet little wedding cake?!  Truly a day never forgotten!  In fact, see what the newlyweds thought of their overall experience with us via their Google Review too…

Additionally, make you check out their fabulous Iceland elopement film by our faves at Veiled in Motion!  Lastly, looking to plan a elopement focused on adventure & vows?  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to carefully craft unique options for you!  Feel free to contact us to get that conversation started!


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  1. The photos are breathtaking and depicted Iceland original beauty.
    You captured the love between this couple using nature at its best. It was a total joy for me to be able to share my nephew and brand new niece’s special day.
    Great Job!

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