Sunny Wedding Expedition: Tom + Haley

Adventure weddings and wedding expeditions are similar.  Both are usually experience driven days in stunning places.  But, typically with an expedition it involves more hiking, physical challenges, or both over multiple days.  So shall we witness Tom and Haley’s sunny summer wedding expedition in Iceland unravel?!

July Wedding in Vík í Mýrdal

Oh la la July in Iceland!  Bring on the crazy greens, warmer weather, and abundant sunshine!  Firstly, on July 2nd 2022 Haley and Tom were graced with endless sunshine wedding in Vík í Mýrdal.  Secondly, the couple chose to get ready separate from each other.  Thirdly, our Iceland wedding photographer, hair and makeup team were at work creating.  Fourth, the soon to be newlyweds shared a quite first look.  Next, the group loaded into the super jeep to embark on the incredible wedding expedition ahead!

Green Mountains & Black Deserts

The vividness of this tiny island in the North Atlantic is full on in July.  The greens in the mountains up against the black volcanic sands will leave you in disbelief.  Therefore, on the way to Tom and Haley’s wedding expedition to the glacier there were a few stops to take in these amazing features!

Black Glacier Ceremony

Outside of the tiny town of Vik Iceland, there is a very black glacier named Mýrdalsjökull.  It is black because of a few reasons… To illustrate, there is a sub-glacier volcano lying underneath named Katla.  So when she previously erupted she through lots of ask, sand, pumice, etc into the air and onto the glacier over hundreds of years.  Also, flooded the area  Maybe even bringing a tsunami which in-turn brought in lots of sand in the flood zones near the glacier outlet.  Additionally, the black desert area often has sand storms which pummels the glacier over and over again.

Furthermore, in exploring this glacier you’ll feel like you’re part of history!  How fun for Tom, Haley, and their guests to experience has part of their wedding expedition!!  After a hike, our Iceland Wedding Planner team setup a sweet seated ceremony and speaker system in front of a few small black glacier waterfalls.  The two held a warm, private, sunny ceremony in front of the glacier, it was perfect including their personal vows!

Hiking to an Ice Cave

You might wonder why our team chose against having an ice cave wedding ceremony for these two and their wedding expedition to the glacier.  First, Haley and Tom wanted to have a seated ceremony and the current ice cave that week was not conducive to safely having one.  Second, we are not fans of huge man-made items being in the photos (IE, bridges, ropes, helmets, etc) and it would be required.  Third, ice caves are not always accessible for all hiking skill levels.  Fourth, our Iceland Wedding Planner team, felt this ice cave was more about the “experience” of it.  So experience it they did!

Lupines and Famous Mountains

In case you were curious… Official lupine season in Iceland typically falls between June 15-July 15th.  However it can range a bit earlier or later too.  Regardless, Tom and Haley came during prime time and Haley freaking LOVED it!  They were so picture perfect exploring the famous Rogue One pointy mountain and the nearby lupine fields!!  But on with the wedding expedition…

Lunch in a Lava Field

Who has lunch in a lava field?  Uh, people that sign up for a wedding expedition!  Haley and Tom surprised their guests with a traditional hot dog BBQ experience.  And it was freaking DELICIOUS fun!!

Wedding Expedition in Iceland

Following their lunch, the newlyweds embark on another hike that was longer than the first.  Subsequently, the reward is two waterfalls.  One that is riverside and the other being protruding from the cliffs.  Both were oh-so beautiful and the newlyweds had a blast adventuring together!

Private Waterfalls & Bubbly

Not many things can beat having a glass of bubbles at a private property waterfall.  No ropes, no signs, no barriers, and no people!  Maybe a lamb though 😉  Although Haley would tell you she was keeping her fingers and toes crossed for an Icelandic horse encounter during their wedding expedition!

Exploring Cliff-Tops

Happy to report, horses were found towards the end of the day.  And so was an iconic cliff-top!  Haley and Tom plus their guests took time to savor the views and the last location of their wedding expedition!

Dinner at The Berg

Upon returning to Hotel Vik, the group parted ways to rest and refresh.  Then they gathered again for an intimate group dinner.  A few courses and signature drinks later, they were ready to try their kransakaka!  Despite the fact, dinner was over there was more to come!  Scroll further for more…

Sunset Iceland Wedding Photos

The season of summer is abundant the beginning of July.  Therefore we took advantage of it and went back out to chase the last bits of light on the mountains!  In conclusion, it’s fair to say they had the BEST DAY EVER!  See what Tom & Haley had to say about their experience with us via their Google Review.

Are you feeling super inspired after watching Haley and Tom’s wedding expedition play out?  Please contact us to get the conversation start about possibly planning your very own adventure in Iceland!

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