Highland Elopement: Christine + Vladimir

Let’s get lost in the Icelandic highlands together!  Well figuratively speaking that is, as our team knows the interior of Iceland like the back of our hands.  Not many things compare to embarking on a highland elopement in areas unknown.  And Christine and Vladimir whole heartedly agree!  Therefore, come along with us today and observe their remarkable adventure…

Iceland Summer Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Sometimes couples do not want all of their details or getting ready moments captured.  Rather they just want the dynamics of their experience driven elopement documented.  And that’s okay!  Choose to do things your way, it’s your freaking day!  Also, adventuring together is the most exciting thing you can do on your wedding day in Iceland!

In fact, Canadians, Christine and Vladimir came to our Iceland Wedding Planner team wanting that.  But also epic non-touristy locations, but still  being able to savor the time together exploring (IE, Not feeling rushed).

Therefore, into the the interior of Iceland for their highland elopement they went!  After picking up our favorite Pastor at a strategic point, the ceremony was held high up on cliffs with a multi-tiered waterfall behind.  It felt exciting yet iconic at the same time.  The pair exchanged personal vows, rings, and sealed the damn thing with a kiss!!

Connecting and Cuddles

The ultimate goal of an experience driven highland elopement in Iceland is to connect on a deeper level.  One that elevates your relationship and gives you once in a lifetime vibes.  Specifically creating memories that you’ll look back and be like “THAT was our WEDDING DAY!”  So after being married cliffside it was time to hike down into the canyon to explore more.  Our Iceland elopement photographer crafted some amazing images both from the ground and the drone as you’ll see below!

Raging Rivers

Unique bodies of water are found all over Iceland.  However the best one in our humble opinion are raging rivers.  To illustrate, depending on the geography of the landscape the river runs through there are often high or low waterfalls.  Although we scouted this waterfall area years ago, Christine and Vladimir were the first to visit with us which is always a thrill!  And who doesn’t want to be the first somewhere during their highland elopement?!

Icelandic Highlands Cave Lunch

Next on Christine and Vladimir’s highland elopement adventure was having lunch in a natural cave!  Meanwhile, before they tried a traditional Icelandic hot dog BBQ, they thorough discovered the area.  Then after a hot dog or two, they tried Landi (Icelandic moonshine)!

Intimate Mountain Moments

Affection increases when the weather in Iceland changes.  Maybe because the wind whips through you and snuggling helps!  😉  Especially when you’re on top of a canyon and the wind swirls.  So Christine and Vladimir hugged a little tighter between highland elopement photos and adventuring.  We cannot blame them!!  But #worthit!

Highland Elopement Photos

Hard to get to places are our favorite.  To illustrate, that could mean crossing incredibly deep glacier fed rivers via super jeep, by foot, or both! Therefore, there is always an element of excitement that comes along with exploring.  But after you’ll feel free, inspired, and maybe even in disbelief that you rocked it like a boss together!  Likely that could grow to become on of your favorite memories and encourage you to explore more together so your connection deepens as we alluded to earlier.  Furthermore, it’s fair to say these newlyweds rocked it!!

Black Desert Exploration

Colors and textures are important to create variety across different types of landscapes.  Likewise, when you travel to incredible vista points that are colorful it really leaves you inspired.  This is the bonus that comes along with planning a highland elopement!

Eloping in June in Iceland

Such a thrilling day filled with so much beauty!  And make sure you check out their lovely Iceland Wedding Video below from our faves at Beit Productions!  Also see what these two newlyweds thought about their journey with us from their Google Review!

Has Christine and Vladimir’s highland elopement made you want to plan something similar with your own twist?  If so, our Iceland Wedding Planner team would love to hear from you.  Feel free to reach out to us to get that journey started!  Also, please take a moment to hear about what the happy couple had to say about their June wedding experience with us on Google?!


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