Fantabulous February Elopement: Brandi + Matt

Couples find their way to Iceland during the winter months hoping to bear witness to the incredible natural wonder, the Aurora Borealis.  After all, it is a super romantic thing to experience together.  But add in the dynamic of getting married in Iceland too and you have one freaking unforgettable trip!  In fact, some might even say a once in a lifetime experience!  In today’s February elopement, Brandi and Matt find themselves taking a journey to a private ice cave, exchanging personal vows, hiking to multiple waterfalls and canyons, and ending their day with Northern Lights wedding photos!

February Elopement in Iceland

Eloping in February in Iceland is a unique choice to celebrate your love.  As you likely know, the weather in Iceland makes it a necessity to cuddle up!  In fact, the weather can be so brutal that roads close.  Which is exactly what happened the day before these two were going to say “I do!”  But in our experience, the day after a storm day is usually sparkly and February 20th 2023 is no different!

The morning began before sunrise for Brandi and Matt, as they began getting ready at the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon.  Our Iceland wedding hair and makeup artists were dueling Brandi’s fabulous style for the day.  While that is happening, our Iceland elopement photographer and video team documented all of their lovely details like wedding dress, vow books, and groom details.  Next, as the dawn begins the couple load into the super jeep to embark on their February elopement in an ice cave!

Eloping in an Ice Cave

During the month of February, it is extremely popular for adventurous couples to request a private ice cave elopement.  And their wish is our pleasure to find!  In fact, on the west side of Breiðamerkurjökull (and outlet of Vatnajökull Glacier) our Iceland Wedding Planner team previously scouted a beautiful cave that would become their February elopement location.

The warm morning light painted the mountains like a storybook.  Next, Brandi, Matt, our favorite Pastor, Guide, Iceland video team, and elopement photographer geared up to begin the hour or so hike.  After multiple river crossings by foot the group arrived!  Once everyone settled in Brandi and Matt held an unforgettably special ceremony which included personal vows, exchanging rings, and sealing lifelong commitment with a kiss!

Breiðamerkurjökull Hiking Elopement

Following their February elopement ceremony at Breiðamerkurjökull, Brandi and Matt spent time exploring the cave inside and out.  To illustrate, to witness the textures, tones, and history of this specific cave is incredibly inspiring.  Likely because this specific cave was only around for one season.  In fact, a week or two later it collapses.  Therefore, these two were the first and only wedding at of this magical Iceland wedding location!

Mountain Waterfall Exploration

Next on Brandi and Matt’s February elopement in Iceland itinerary, is hunting waterfalls!  And the first one they find is tucked away into a mountain.  Fresh spring water falls from the waterfall and it is delicious to drink!  Matt and Brandi, also toasted their newlywed status with shots of “Black Death” (aka Brennivín) as they explored hand in hand.

River Canyon, Natural Cave, & Moonshine

Icelandic rivers ebb and flow in lots of different ways.  First, some are raging to create hydropower for our tiny country in the North Atlantic.  Second, others craft themselves into extraordinary waterfalls of all sizes.  Third, few exude a see through blue that becomes a bookmarker in your brain.  Well the latter is next to discover on Brandi and Matt’s February elopement adventure!  Meanwhile, after they explored both sides and the natural cave the pair sat and marveled over the beauty this narrow canyon while trying out some Landi (Icelandic moonshine) too!

Wandering to Iceland Glacier Fed Waterfall

Believe it or not, there is a difference between a spring fed and glacier waterfall.  For instance, a spring fed waterfall you can fill your water bottle up with.  Likely it will also be the coldest, freshest, and most amazing water you’ll ever drink!  However, with a glacier fed waterfall there will be sediments / deposits which will taste gritty and maybe even earthy / irony too.

But there can be a mix of water types or a filtration of water as it comes from the glacier and through the mountains.  Which brings us to share with you the last adventure elopement location Matt and Brandi explored together!  What angle do you like the waterfall more, from the ground or from the drone?

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Wedding Dinner

When having dinner at the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon, you can expect a farm to table vibe.  For instance, they go out of their way to locally source ingredients and support local farmers in the area.  Although their team does not make a kransakaka (traditional Iceland wedding cake) our team brought one in for the special celebration.

Next, Brandi and Matt sat down to dinner in their fabulous wedding attire as it is their intention to go back out in hopes of chasing Northern Lights.  After all, who doesn’t want Northern Lights wedding photos?!  Keep scrolling if you want to see how these two end their February elopement…

Ending Iceland Wedding Adventure with Northern Lights

When you embark on a full day adventurous February elopement with our Iceland Wedding Planner team, we always offer the opportunity to head back out over dinner.  To do what you might wonder?  Well of course sunset or nighttime wedding photos!

Likely, it is many couples wish to experience Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) if they travel to Iceland in Fall or Winter.  And thankfully, the stars aligned for Brandi and Matt to witness to them on their wedding night, woohoo!!  But wait that’s not all!  These two had a mini session with our Iceland Wedding Planner team the following morning which you’ll see below….

Post Wedding Iceland Honeymoon Photo Session

Lastly, shortly after sunrise the following morning, Brandi and Matt met our Iceland elopement photographer and video team for a mini honeymoon photo session.  First location was the famed diamond beach.  However there were know shimmering pieces of ice because they were frozen in place in the lagoon.  Second location was an offbeat access point for the one of the glacier lagoon.

And you’ll see from their amazing Iceland wedding film (by Beit Productions) that there were happy seals just chilling on top of the ice.  How freaking fun, right?!  Alright, so now you’re likely sold on planning a February elopement… But how do you begin?  Feel free to contact us to get more information on beginning that unforgettable journey!


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