March Adventure Wedding: Tabitha + Tristan

In March, South Iceland experiences the transition from Winter to Spring.  The weather can be quite variable during this time of year.  In fact, snow during the month of March in Iceland and specifically in the South can be 50/50.  But this last Winter season was super long as we had snow into May believe it or not!  Luckily the weather behaved for Tabitha and Tristan’s March adventure wedding!  See how stunning everything is as their day unfurls…

March Adventure Wedding

Did you know the best things about having a March adventure wedding in Iceland is 3 things?  First, you’re visiting during Northern Lights season.  Second, it’s full on ice cave season!  Third, you say hello more daylight hours!  For example, for Tabitha and Tristan’s date is March 23rd 2023 sunrise is at ~7am and sunset is ~7:30pm.

Our Iceland Wedding Planner hair and makeup team began alongside our local Vik photographer who dove in capturing all of the fabulous details!  And make sure you do not miss their super cute welcome bag items they surprise their guests with.

Although the morning weather brought overcast skies they quickly blew out before the group loaded into the super jeeps for the day.  So with go bags in tow the group got on their way to the Iceland wedding location for the ceremony.

Plan B Ceremony Location

Overnight winds brought snow to the highland waterfall which either sparked an avalanche or covered it completely.  But even though that was the planned March adventure wedding ceremony location our team pivoted.  To illustrate, the group enjoyed the morning light on a beautiful mountain, fun scenic ride, and guests were surprised by a new plan!

Private Black Beach Wedding Ceremony

Next, the group traveled over a frozen lake to get to a stunning private property black sand beach!  It was here that Tabitha and Tristan made their lifelong promises to each other.  Meanwhile, the sun shined behind them providing warmth to their wedding guests!  As soon as the March adventure wedding ceremony concluded, the group toasted the fabulous newlyweds with delicious bubbles!

Beach Wedding Photos in Iceland

Once all of the groupings of photos were complete our Vik Iceland wedding photographer, took to exploring from the ground and from the drone with the newlyweds.  Furthermore, while the couple had amazing March adventure wedding photos taken, their group collected basalt rocks from the beach.  Such a fun experience for your guests to have their own mini adventure within your big one you’re gifting them!

Gígjagjá Cave

Behind Hjörleifshöfði mountain outside of the tiny town of Vik (where owner of IWP is building her #vikdreamhouse) there is a natural cave named Gígjagjá.  Some affectionately nickname this place the “Yoda Cave.”  Additionally, this historical spot was the next location the group discovered as their lunch spot.

Pretty perfect for a March adventure wedding, right?  However, since it was such a nice winter day (and icicles were falling from the ceiling), the group spent the majority outside running around on the black desert and checking out the other nearby cave.

Plan B Waterfall Prevails

Since the original Iceland waterfall wedding location had to be aborted, we still worked in a fun stop at another!  In fact, how freaking fun is it to play around in the sunshine, have your guests fill their water bottles, and you two cross a river by your own two feet?!  Tabitha and Tristan thorough enjoyed this March adventure wedding stop.

Hiking to a Private Ice Cave

As we alluded to earlier, March adventure wedding days have the opportunity to explore ice caves in Iceland!!  Woohoo!!  And good news too because our Iceland Wedding Planner team takes time to scout every inch of the glacier to find private ice caves.  After all, who wants a bunch of tourists encroaching in on your space?!  #nothanks!

The hike to our private ice cave this year was about 60 minutes one way and this group champed through it like badass bosses!  Upon arrival to our “Princess Cave” the groups jaw dropped as they made their way through!  100% pictureseque!  Oh la la the views from the top were totally insane and #worthit!!

Hotel Vik Wedding Dinner

After a 10+ hour March adventure wedding, it’s important to treat your guests to a deliciously warm dinner!  For example, Tristan and Tabitha held their Vik Iceland wedding dinner inside The Berg.  There the group was able to sit together in a semi-private area and connect!

Further, 3 courses were served being soup and fresh bread, choice of main (beef, arctic char, and lamb) and topped off with a traditional Iceland wedding cake!  But wait… that’s not how the night ended, keep scrolling!

Northern Light Wedding Photos

When having a March adventure wedding, you should go chase the Aurora Borealis if your Iceland photographer says they are happening!  Colors vary but on Tabitha and Tristan’s special day they were stunning even if only lasting for a little bit!  In conclusion, if you have found yourself craving your own unique adventure, please contact us to find out more information!

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