Viking Themed Wedding: Deborah + Corey

Do you find yourself intrigued by the Viking era?  You know between 793–1066 AD of the middle ages when raiding and colonizing was a thing.  Some folks love the history and stories.  Whereas others may be inspired by the attire.  Either way, check out Deborah and Corey’s Viking themed wedding which happened at one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers!

Deborah + Corey

The universe aligned in the summer of 2016, for Deborah and Corey to meet.  Next, they quickly realized they overlapped on the majority of their interests too.  For example, their obscure love of melodic death metal bands and showmanship.  As they are both extremely talented and play a part in music individually and together in bands.  These two do everything together from hiking, camping, traveling, to rocking out at their shows.  Fair to say they live life to the fullest!

Non-traditional couples often gravitate towards our experience driven elopement concept.  Likely because their relationship also does not fit into any mold and a traditional wedding day doesn’t feel like them.  Rather, they choose to spend the day adventuring and discovering new places together.  And Deborah and Corey being practically the definition of non-traditional it was natural they decided to elope in Iceland versus all the rigmarole around a formal engagement.  After they decided, they contacted our team to help them plan their Viking themed wedding adventure.  However the pandemic had other plans for them, so their original adventure scheduled for October 2020 was pushed to 2021 😉

Viking Themed Wedding

Executing a theme wedding can be tricky because it many times it walks a thin line between being understated or over the top.  However, adding in bits of a theme into your day can be quite fun!  For instance, Deborah and Corey chose to include Viking themed wedding elements such  as faux furs for them both alongside a few other Norse details.

But as you’ll see below Deborah kept a traditional wedding dress but did Viking style braids in her hair to add to the atmosphere.  Additionally, shortly after the sun rose, they did a quick first look and then were on their way to begin their adventurous elopement in Iceland!

October Glacier Elopement Ceremony

The morning of October 9th 2021, began a bit foggy and rainy.  Which can be quite typical for this time of year.  Therefore the ride up to the glacier was quite mysterious!  Once they arrived, it was time for a hike and crampons.  Because the glacier is ever changing, this specific day, our Iceland Wedding Planner team felt in the ceremony was most picturesque in front of two ice boulders.  And wow-wee were we right!  How stunning is their Viking themed wedding ceremony?!

Experiencing an Ice Valley

Following their Viking themed wedding ceremony, these two spent some time discovering this unique backdrop nature created.  In fact, did you know this ice valley area is the final life stage of a massive ice area that was just starting to open back in 2019 (when Tara and Josh got married)?  Needless to say there was a lot to experience!  For instance, the massive waterfall, colorful boulders, and dynamic ice walls!  Our Iceland elopement photographer was in heaven especially with the the incredible angles from the drone too!

Black Beach Waterfall on Private Property

Next on their Viking themed wedding adventure was time spent crossing rivers and taking an expedition to a black sand beach lava rock waterfall!  During this time the skies let loose making it a bit challenging but Deborah and Corey powered through and enjoyed snuggling in the rain.  Maybe a shot of Brennivín or two helped 😉

Wandering to a Marshy Waterfall

The intimate moments continued to a marshy private property waterfall…  Although they were totally soaked to the bone, they savored every second of it!  After all it only makes the memories more vivid!!

Hidden River Canyon

Secluded areas are the best to spend your time exploring together.  For example, this hidden river canyon is not near any road and it is a TREK to get there but #worthit!  Plus who doesn’t want a badass super jeep drive in the process too?!  Truly a perfect way to continue their Viking themed wedding adventure!

South Iceland Natural Cave

Seeking reprieve from the downpouring rain, our favorite natural cave was the perfect stop!  Our Iceland Wedding Planner team told them about the history and folklore that surrounds it too enhancing the experience there.

Foggy and Rainy Mountain Top

Ending their Viking themed wedding journey on top of an iconic mountain just seemed right…

Dinner in Vik

Celebrating the evening portion of their day consisted of having dinner at one of the best restaurants in the South!  Meanwhile, a few of their wedding day items were repurposed as simple table décor alongside of a traditional Iceland wedding cake.

Hopefully today Deborah and Corey’s Viking themed wedding adventure leaves you inspired!  If you’re interested in planning something similar, feel free to contact us

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