Striking September Pagan Elopement: Malin + Óskar

Some couples out there, do not want to be confined to any type of mainstream religion.  Maybe their connection is with nature or mythology.  And that is the beauty of choosing to elope adventurously because it’s all about you two and you get to choose!  Malin and Óskar had previously done the big glittery church wedding traditions back in Sweden and not one moment of it felt like them.  Therefore, they wanted a redo and looked to Iceland.  See their Pagan elopement unfold…

Oaths to Last a Lifetime

Often having a Pagan elopement ceremony is referred to as Ásatrú in Iceland.  To illustrate, it is an organization that focuses on connection with nature, Norse mythology, and heathenry.  Since Malin and Óskar are not believers, partaking in a ceremony of this kind definitely felt more like “them.”  The morning of September 17th 2021, began a bit overcast and windy but oh-so wonderful!

Meanwhile, the forever newlyweds hiked to their private property waterfall and met their Ásatrú celebrant.  During the ceremony they held an oath ring and spoke their lifetime promises to each other.  Next, the ceremony ended with drinking from a horn in union and celebration then sharing the rest with the earth.

Pagan Elopement Photos

Likely, you noticed that Malin is wearing a traditional Pagan elopement dress with a beautiful flower crown.  But Óskar opted in for a handsome wool suit for his groom details.  Back home in Sweden they have a toddler so being able to adventure together carefree was really connecting for them.  And these two savored the experience as our Iceland elopement photographer captured them exploring from the ground and drone.

Trekking Newlyweds

Connection grows for many couples when they are on vacation together.  Furthermore, sometimes even hiking together can deepen your bond.  Which is exactly what Malin and Óskar love to do together so doing some trekking on their wedding day was a must do.  Therefore the next location on this Pagan elopement journey is a basalt rock waterfall that sits tucked away and off the grid.  A feeling of intimacy really overwhelms this place because it really feels like you just discovered it!

Mountainous Love

The hiking continues on into another mountain area where a waterfall is fueled by glacier melt.  Further, the sheer power that you not only see but hear is almost impossible to fathom!  However it seemed like Malin and Óskar were in their happy place.

Thriving on Experiences

A sweet little  spring fed waterfall crossed our path during this Pagan elopement and the newlyweds took a water break!  After all, who wouldn’t want to delight in the purest water on the planet?!  Truly a must do Iceland experience.

Riverside Waterfall Wonder

During fall time, rain often dominates the Iceland weather forecast.  First, before you think that is a bad thing, take note that the next place these two discovered was a riverside waterfall.  Second, this specific waterfall only exists when a lot of rain has happened that week.  How picturesque is this striking place?!

Discovering Textured Cliffs

Taking a walk through basalt cliffs is a very calming experience.  Likely you’ll be overwhelmed by how peaceful it is.  But then you’ll begin to think about what massive force of nature had to happen to create this.  …and how long ago it happened.  In conclusion, Dverghamrar was the last Iceland wedding location on Malin and Óskar’s day with us.  Lastly, if you’re engenerized by this unique Pagan elopement, please contact us to get that conversation started!

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