Helicopter Ice Cave Proposal

There are places in Iceland that only exist once in a lifetime.  Often they center around the glaciers as they are constantly melting and changing.  And true to our brand, we seek those places out for our couples!  We push the limits to create unique experiences that cannot easily be replicated.  Therefore, we invite you to be witness to today’s incredible helicopter ice cave proposal!

Helicopter from Reykjavik to Vatnajökull

Michael reached out to our team back in November 2021 hoping to plan an epic proposal in January 2022.  Although our portfolio of proposal locations were beautiful, he craved something bigger.  For example, he could not stop talking about and dreaming about the frozen lake ice cave elopement from February 2020.  However, this is the type of place where all of the stars need to align in order for it to happen.

Firstly, you need a Iceland proposal team that scouts.  Second, there needs to be an iceberg in one of the glacier lagoons that has an ice cave inside of it.  Third, the weather in Iceland needs to be cold enough to freeze the lake weeks before (and keep it frozen!).  Forth, you need a local guide to meet you and take you out there.  Why?  So that you will be safe and have someone professional there to react if any issues arise.

Next, let’s rewind back to the morning January 24th 2022… To make this fully a surprise, two of our team Iceland elopement photographers met at Norðurflug in Reykjavik before sunrise.  After departing from the Reykjavik Domestic Airport, it was time to fly to the 5 star Retreat Hotel to pick up Michael and Mayes!  Meanwhile, from their perspective it looked like photography duo was just another couple on a tour with them. 😉  The views from the Reykjanes Peninsula to Vatnajökull Glacier were indescribable!

Ice Cave Proposal

This day Michael got lucky and all of the stars and conditions aligned for this magical ice cave proposal to happen!  Furthermore, the journey took around 2-2.5 hours one way flying in the helicopter across the South Coast of Iceland.  And upon landing, our seasoned glacier guide was ready for us!  The hike across the frozen lake was about one mile so the helicopter left us to fuel for the return flight.

Additionally, Mayes still had no idea that the other couple were from our team and going to forever document her big lifetime moment!  To illustrate, then as planned Michael led her closer to the ice cave…  Mayes was looking around taking her own photos and Michael dropped to one knee.  Instantly when she turned around she was in utter disbelief that this was happening!  Of course she said yes and they spent time exploring this magnificent location!

Celebrating with Dom Pérignon

Continuing with the luxury ice cave proposal experience, our Iceland Wedding Planner team popped open a bottle of Dom Pérignon!  After all who wouldn’t want to share a bottle of bubbles at such a unforgettable place and moment in time!!  Further, Iceland engagement photos followed including some incredible drone shots!

Engaged in Iceland!

Being January in Iceland, the daylight hours are limited, so by 3pm sunset light  begins.  Therefore it was time to go back!  The ride back was just as beautiful as coming until we hit the town of Selfoss, it was then that weather came in.  Arriving back to the helicopter base, these two decided to walk around downtown a bit and then delighted in a fabulous dinner in one of the top Reykjavik restaurants!  Leaving inspired to plan your own ice cave proposal?  Feel free to contact us if so!

© 2022, Photos by Miss Ann (DBA Iceland Wedding Planner / Your Adventure Wedding), All Rights Reserved.

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