Iceland Autumn Wedding: Meg + Craig

When autumn arrives in Iceland there is a whimsical vibe in the air.  Maybe because the colder temps, rain, and wind encourage cuddling and romance.  Or is it because it’s Iceland in general and you need to be prepared to make the best of any weather situation?!  And when hit with challenging weather conditions, you embrace it making it part of your adventure and story… Totally the case for Meg and Craig’s Iceland autumn wedding!

Meg + Craig

Shall we rewind back to 2016 when Meg and Craig went for a first date hike?  We shall!  These two conquered Hook Mountain together, had endless conversations, and delighted in burgers after.  Totally our kind of first date!!  Throughout their 4+ years together, they built careers, a zestful life of adventures together and even a little fur family too.  Next, the iconic Sagamore Hotel set the scene for the unforgettable riverside proposal.  After, they went down the rabbit hole of planning their Iceland autumn wedding adventure.

New Chapter Begins: September 20th 2021

When Craig and Meg came to our Iceland Wedding Planner team, it was important to them that they plan the kind of experience where their guests would walk away with saying, “never have I ever been to a wedding like this!”  To illustrate, a day that would be high energy, action packed, offer a variety of landscapes, romantic, bits of luxury elements added in, and leave everyone with their mind blown…  From Meg and Craig’s Google Review of our team I’d say mission accomplished!  However, feel free to read on and see for yourself!

Additionally, in order to get the maximum out out of your Iceland autumn wedding, you need to begin early!  For example, on this day of September 20th 2021 there was a 6:50am sunrise and a 7:19pm sunset.  But at the fall continues, the days get significantly shorter.  Therefore, it’s fabulous to be able to utilize every second of the daylight hours embarking on your adventure.  Meanwhile, Meg and Craig’s morning began around 5:30am with our teams hair stylist and wedding photographer arriving to Hotel Klaustur.  Next, 8am came quick and it was time to grab “go bags” and have this 16 person group load into the super jeeps for the day.

Religious Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Every couple envisions their ceremony happening differently.  Maybe it’s short (10 minutes) or long (30+ minutes).  Perhaps saying personal vows, repeating, or none at all.  Likely if having guests adding creature comforts like having a seated ceremony and a sound system if having a wedding at a waterfall, etc.

Whereas others focus on the text being religious, Norse, adventure based or something else entirely.  The beauty is it’s YOUR CEREMONY, so you two get to decide what honors your relationship best.  However, in Meg and Craig’s Iceland autumn wedding adventure, these two opted in to have a traditional Lutheran ceremony with the Pastor Axel in traditional dress too!

Iceland Autumn Wedding Exploration

Immediately following Meg and Craig’s Iceland autumn wedding ceremony, they excitedly explored the area as newlyweds!  After all who wouldn’t want to experience this amazing waterfall wedding location?!


Windy Yet Vivid

Although it may not surprise you… But a storm came in after the ceremony.  The weather in Iceland is no joke!  Gale force winds battered our beautiful bride a bit but she still hung in to experience one of the most vivid places in the Icelandic highlands!

Champagne Toast in Hidden Highland Canyon

Surprising your guests with a champagne toast as one of your location experiences during your autumn Iceland wedding adventure is such a treat!  For example, Meg and Craig chose to have their guests delight in Pommery Champagne, fruit, traditional Icelandic pastries, and local artisan chocolates!  And oh la la did everyone LOVE it!!!!

Rainbows and Waterfalls

The best thing about windy and rainy weather conditions is that more often than, not rainbows follow.  Which during any wedding can be a symbol of those who could not join or are no longer with you.  And this massive waterfall that was next on the newlyweds Iceland autumn wedding adventure created a very visible one!

Highland Mountain Love

Further, bits of sunshine also flooded their journey and was nice to focus on in the midst of the wind storm too!

Rogue One Star Wars Mountain

Did you know the first 6 minutes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was filmed in a super green mountain area in the Icelandic highlands?  Being fans, Meg, Craig and their guests delighted in witness the iconic area in real life!

Glacier and Ice Cave Discovery

Next on their Iceland autumn wedding schedule is discovering one of Iceland’s 13 glaciers!  Although there were moments of rocks and sand being thrown around by the wind which were a bit painful.  But #worthit when they found their way up to going inside of an ice cave for the very first time!

Hotel Klaustur Intimate Wedding Reception

Shortly after the group returned after the Iceland autumn wedding adventure, they were invited to Meg and Craig’s reception!  There they would enjoy a table decorated with earthy elements like basalt rocks and birch.  Also to enjoy a 4 course wedding meal!  To illustrate here was their menu:

  1. Appetizer 1: Caesar Salad
  2. Appetizer 2: Choice of Lobster Soup; Chicken Skewers; or Grilled Lobster
  3. Main Course: Choice of Beef Ribeye; Fish & Chips; Lamb 2-Ways; Beef Burger; and Beef Bourguignon.
  4. Dessert: Traditional Iceland Wedding Cake (Kransakaka)

Yum!  Wow what a memorable day these two and their guests shared!!  If you’re feeling inspired to possibly plan your own wedding in Iceland, please contact us for more information.

© 2022, Photos by Miss Ann (DBA Iceland Wedding Planner / Your Adventure Wedding), All Rights Reserved.

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