Playful Elopement: Toni + Chris

Being silly with on another is often a foundational element in relationships.  Maybe it’s even in those moments that make you fully yourselves in front of each other too.  So when you get engaged or decide to spend the rest of your life with that person, you may look into planning a playful elopement in Iceland!  Well Toni and Chris did just that, so come along with us to see their adventure unravel…

Toni + Chris

In October 2009, smiles, flirty conversations from across a college bar and a rescue dog named Wilson led into Toni and Chris cultivating an incredible relationship for 10+ years!  During those years, they bonded further by supporting each other through their dynamic careers, road tripping around the USA chasing breweries and Guinness Book places, also growing their fur family!

Meanwhile, on their 10th anniversary of being together, they revisited their first date by watching the new Zombieland release.  After, Chris handed Toni a card which said he wanted to renew their relationship not just for another 10 years, but instead for a lifetime!  Toni of course said yes and planning their playful elopement journey began…

Getting Ready for East Iceland Elopement

As they began to research options to elope… Sadly so many things didn’t feel like “them.”  That way until they stumbled upon our adventure wedding websites.  To illustrate, it was there the possibilities became real when they were considering New Zealand and Iceland.  However, Iceland had always been on their wanderlust list and was a bit easier to get to.  Therefore, they hired our Iceland Wedding Planner team to plan their playful elopement!

Next, having met originally in October, planning their hiking elopement also in October felt right… And October 5th 2021 came quick after planning with our Iceland Wedding Planner team for 2 years!  In fact, the morning began very early at the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon.  For instance, our hair stylist, makeup artist and elopement photographer all got to work before the sun was even close to rising.

Balcony First Look

Before Toni and Chris loaded into the super jeep for the day, the soon to be newlyweds wanted to share a first look.  Also this was an ideal moment for Toni to give Chris her wedding day gift!  Afterwards, it was time for them to begin their playful elopement adventure.

Playful Elopement Ceremony

Meanwhile, it was important to Toni and Chris that the day was an incredible experience not a blur of a day.  For example, they wanted to be able to savor and take in everything from start to finish.  First, these two alongside one of our favorite Pastor embarked on a short hike into a private canyon.  Second, once they crossed the rivers by foot, they settled into a gorgeous Iceland ceremony location.

Third, our Pastor centered them at the start of the ceremony with a inspiring meditation allowing them to be in the moment at this glorious place.  Forth, during the intimate yet playful elopement ceremony, they recited personal vows to each other.  Along with that, they exchanged rings and sealed the deal with kisses and hugs!  Additionally, they were the FIRST to ever be married at this picturesque location!

Canyon Exploring

Couples who explore together, stay together!  At least that’s our humble opinion.  And boy did Toni and Chris enjoy discovering every inch of this never ending canyon area.  For instance, the textures of the walls, pristine glacier fed water, natural cave, and the stillness of the place was super impactful!

Waterfall Hiking

After their playful elopement ceremony, the day continued on with trekking around a private waterfall area.  Truly a stunning place to discover and be themselves.

Feeling on Top of the World

Do you ever get that vibe where you feel totally on top of the world?  For example, maybe you take a hike to the top of a waterfall where you witness the power and all that it took to create such a marvelous feature.  Try it, we dare you!  Furthermore, Toni and Chris did and it was a unique moment in the day.

Lunch at an Offbeat Glacier Lagoon

Oh la la after all that hiking these two worked up an appetite!  Therefore, it was on to the lunch stop which was an offbeat glacier lagoon.  Here the newlyweds watched icebergs float by as the traditional Icelandic hot dogs cooked!  They even brought a bottle of bubbles from their favorite winery back home to share too.  Perfect way to celebrate their playful elopement experience!

Black Sands and First Dances

If you come to Iceland you’re bound to have a black sand beach on your self-drive Iceland adventure at some point.  Well these two shared some stellar dance moves on one with a phenomenal glacier view too!

Golden Valley Iceland Wedding Photos

Lastly on the adventure portion of their playful elopement, was a scenic area we fondly call the Golden Valley.  And honestly this area sparkles in the fall months truly!  Being here during the sunset hours is just awe inspiring as you’ll see from the Iceland elopement photos below… Not sure that words properly describe this place!

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Intimate Wedding Dinner

Upon returning to the hotel, the newlyweds had an opportunity to rest and refresh.  Then they made their way to the restaurant to delight in a warm meal together and a traditional Iceland wedding cake called a kransakaka.  But that’s not where their night ended, keep scrolling!

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Nighttime Elopement Photos

After dinner and going on a 17 hour day, Toni and Chris were game to hunt for some Northern Lights!  Or at the very least, allow our team to craft some epic nighttime wedding photos!  So to the famous Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon we went!  Especially since this is typically where the biggest icebergs are found.

In conclusion, this was seriously the perfect way to end their playful elopement journey, wouldn’t you say?  Hopefully you’ve found yourself in love with this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post today and want to plan your own unique day… If so, we’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact us to get that exciting conversation started!

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