Frozen Waterfall Wedding: Amber + Jonathan

As the first frost covers the rugged landscapes of East Iceland, a magical transformation begins.  The land of fire and ice becomes a realm of breathtaking beauty, where the baron wilderness meets the ethereal allure of winter.  The chill in the air is no deterrent though!  Rather, it’s an invitation to explore a world untouched because of a fresh snow fall!  Truly a place where adventure and serenity come together, seamlessly.  In this remote corner of the island, the winter season offers once in a lifetime experiences that are as diverse as they are awe-inspiring!  Therefore, we are pleased for you to take a journey with us to experience this East Iceland frozen waterfall wedding adventure!!

Amber & Jonathan

Let’s rewind back to 10 years ago when Amber and Jonathan met in a serendipitous moment on their university campus.  After realizing how much they had in common and aligned their paths were love bloomed!  And so did their exciting lives which expanded into adventuring in their Land Rover, camping in their Mink camper, and exploring with their golden doodle Rufus!

Since they had been to Iceland multiple times, they knew it would be the perfect place to profess their lifetime love for each other!  So after contacting our Iceland Wedding Planner team the planning for their frozen waterfall wedding begins!

February 23rd 2023

Amber and Jonathan came to Iceland with a handful of guests in tow.  As having an intimate celebration was important to them.  The morning of February 23rd 2023, began well before the run rose.

Our Iceland wedding hairstylist and photographer went to work capturing the abundant details.  To illustrate, items like a fabulous wedding dress, groom details, vow books, etc!  Also the pair surprised their guests with a welcome bag and timeline card, how fun right?!

Shortly before the crew grabbed their adventure wedding go bags, and loaded into the super jeep to embark on the frozen waterfall wedding… Amber and Jonathan shared a few quite moments doing a first look!

Frozen Waterfall Wedding

For adventurous winter lovers and nature enthusiasts, holding a frozen waterfall wedding ceremony is a dream come true!   For instance, the tranquility of a winter wonderland and the power of nature’s frozen masterpiece is as symbolic as it is stunning!  Along the way to the Iceland waterfall, Amber and Jonathan took in the untouched beauty.

After a short hike from the super jeep, the group gathered for a sentimental ceremony which included personal vows, a reading honoring their pup Rufus who could not be in attendance, exchanging rings, and began their new partnership with a picturesque kiss!

Winter Exploring & Champagne!

Following their frozen waterfall ceremony, the newlyweds took time to explore and top and bottom of the frozen waterfall.  And it’s fair to say it did not disappoint!  Also as the sun shined brighter, higher and stronger the waterfall unthawed more!  Meanwhile, hiking back to the truck the group delighted in a champagne toast and Rufus inspired cake pops!  What a fab way to continue the celebration!!

East Iceland Black Sand Beach

Next, while on the journey out from the frozen waterfall wedding ceremony location, we were lucky enough to spot reindeer!  Meanwhile, the next Iceland wedding location was a black sand beach full of beautiful sand dunes, incredible mountain and glacier views!  Which angle do you like more… From the drone or from the ground?

Journey to an Icy Blue Sinkhole

Is it possible that a glacier sinkhole (or moulin) can be more exciting than an ice cave?  But know a sinkhole is a type of ice cave we have in Iceland.  Allow our adventurous frozen waterfall wedding newlyweds and local Iceland wedding photographer to show you the unforgettable beauty…

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Wedding Dinner

Long after the sun set the Iceland wedding group arrived back to the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon.  After 30 or so minutes of rest and refresh time they gathered again for a delicious dinner.  Furthermore, you’ll see that their wonderful table décor is from our rental collection.  And how lovely is that basalt rock table runner with matching tealights?!

Concluding their evening meal after the frozen waterfall wedding adventure the group gathered in the lobby bar area.  Why?  Well for the Iceland wedding cake tradition!  But wait, that’s not all that happened…

Northern Lights Wedding Photos

While they were feasting on dinner and cake, the illusive Aurora Borealis showed herself!  So after saying a few goodbyes to their guests the pair snuck away with our Iceland wedding photographer to see if it was possible to catch them brighter anywhere else.

The green colors were most prominent.  What a way to end their experience driven wedding in Iceland, right?!

Lastly, if you’re interested or ready to plan your very own frozen waterfall wedding or elopement feel free to contact us!

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