Windswept Iceland Wedding: Sophia + Cole

The wind in Iceland can vary from soothing to violent and to everything in between!  On a warm summer day it is welcomed to keep the bugs away or cool you off.  But any other time of year it can be beside storms.  What kind of storms you may wonder?  Well in winter it can make a blizzard dangerous and all year can craft sand storms which feel like a spa treatment gone bad, lol!  Regardless of the type having a windswept Iceland wedding is one to never forget!  Come along with us as you witness Sophia and Cole’s stunning March adventure…

March 29th 2023 Iceland Wedding

Planning an Iceland wedding in March is a audacious choice!  Although it is within Northern Lights season it is also paired with storm season.  Which means the weather in Iceland can pose a challenge!  And on March 29th 2023, that is exactly what we dealt with and Sophia, Cole, and their adventure wedding guests rocked it like bosses!

Their windswept Iceland wedding begins long before the sun rose in Vik Iceland.  Our local wedding photographer captured all of their amazing details as the couple got ready.  For example, Sophia’s black Iceland wedding dress wow’d us all!  Look at that lovely gold underlay!  Additional Cole had multiple suits he donned as his groom details.  Moments before the group loaded into the super jeep for the day, Sophia and Cole held a sweet little first look!

Blue Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony

Gale force winds were gusting, truly making it a windswept Iceland wedding adventure from the start!  But the conditions al made the area feel very eerie and exciting all at the same time.  Upon arriving to the outlet within Mýrdalsjökull the group geared up and begin the hike to their ice cave ceremony location.  Due to rapidly changing conditions and the fact gale force winds were happening we needed to plan b the cave location.  As our Princess Cave requires way more than just a 10-15 minute hike.

Next, Sophia and Cole made their way through the famed Katla Ice Cave and over to a private area of it.  Since the pair handled the legal bits in the US before traveling to Iceland they chose to have one of their fabulous guests perform their Iceland wedding ceremony.  Therefore, it was short, sweet, involved exchanging rings and a kiss in celebration!

Following the windswept Iceland wedding ceremony, the pair warmed up, hugged and high fived their guests then spent time exploring this once in a life time spot.  Fun Fact, this ice cave area has since melted away since this fabulous pair wed.

Yoda Cave Wedding Photos

After leaving the glacier it was time for lunch in a natural cave!  And what could be better than treating yourselves and guests to a traditional hot dog BBQ?!  Well, maybe their windswept Iceland wedding photos in and outside of the famed Yoda Cave were better.  Regardless, the cave is such a perfect escape from the storm outside too!

Frozen Waterfall Champagne Toast

When a windswept Iceland wedding day happens, the chances can be high to “plan b” locations.  However, the super fun thing about changing Iceland wedding locations, is that always the “plan b” leaves you in awe!  And the next windswept Iceland wedding discovery spot is one everyone will never ever forget!  To illustrate, this private property waterfall was so frozen everyone could walk on top of the water!  Further, this is an ideal moment to also share in a delicious champagne toast!

Windswept Iceland Wedding Beach Exploration

Sometimes when you’re not only dealing with a windswept Iceland wedding but a gale force one you need a little liquid courage!  And there is no freaking shame in that and our Iceland Wedding Planner team will happily treat you to some Icelandic moonshine as a carrot, lol!  For example, Sophia and Cole may or may not have been bribed with shots before and after they endured the storm.  But #worthit with adventure wedding photos like these!

Dinner in Vik

Lastly once the group returned to Hotel Vik, they had a bit of time to rest and refresh.  After, they gathered together in The Berg for a delicious warm well earned Iceland wedding dinner!  What a freaking EPIC day, eh?  See what Cole and Sophia had to say about it via their Google Review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  If you’re craving a similar vibe to Sophia and Cole’s windswept Iceland wedding day, feel free to contact us!

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