Katla Glacier Wedding followed by Northern Lights: Danielle + Shawn

Did you know Iceland’s forth largest glacier is named Mýrdalsjökull?  Further, there are many outlets that emerge from it, both touristy and not.  However, most outlets require special transportation like a super jeep or helicopter to access safely.  Also, this glacier has a sleeping giant beneath it… Katla Volcano.  Therefore, it is fitting that we share with you today a Katla Glacier wedding adventure!

Danielle & Shawn

Danielle and Shawn’s meeting story should be made into a Hallmark movie… As everything aligns at just the right times.  For example, they go from a surprise first meet in her sisters kitchen over guacamole.  To a missed meeting in Seattle to him jumping on a red eye flight to Denver to make her breakfast!  Oh oh, he’s a chef by the way and she works for NASA.

Insert obstacle… They lived 1,000’s of miles a part with her in California and him in Washington state.  But when you know, you know!  So Shawn moves to Cali and their relationship goes to the next level!  Fast forward through lots of date nights, road tripping, hiking, international traveling, Shawn morphing into a fantastic cat dad, and 2 proposals later…  They were on their way to planning a Katla Glacier wedding!

October 3rd Wedding in Iceland

Shawn and Danielle came to our Iceland Wedding Planner team wanting to plan an experience driven adventure wedding with guests.  Elements that were most important were to action pack the day getting married inside or beside an ice feature and spend the rest of the day discovering untouched earth without any tourists.  Since none of their family and friends had been to Iceland, it was important to the soon to be newlyweds they introduce them to Iceland in the most extraordinary way!

October 3rd 2021, quickly came and their 8 guests made it in the night before to check in to the host hotel.  Next, the morning began well before sunrise with our Iceland wedding photographer, hair stylist and makeup artist getting right to work!  Shortly before leaving the hotel, Danielle and Shawn shared a sweet first look.  Furthermore, excited with “go bags” in hand everyone loaded into super jeeps for the day to head to the Katla Glacier wedding!

Katla Glacier Wedding Ceremony at an Ice Altar

Meanwhile the group were enthralled by the scenery they encountered on the ride up to the glacier!  Upon arriving our team equipped them with helmets, crampons, and specific directions.  Why?  Because glacier quick sand is a thing, believe it or not!

Within a sparkling ice valley a perfect spot was carved out that emulated an ice alter.  How fitting, right?!  During the intimate Katla Glacier wedding ceremony, these two spoke inspiring personal vows and exchanged rings.  Immediately following their kiss the group toasted the spectacular occasion with bubbles!

Venturing Around an Ice Valley

Without a doubt, it’s incredible to explore an ice valley.  So many different types of features to experience during their Katla Glacier wedding adventure!  To illustrate, there was the ice alter, the waterfall behind, ice boulders, an ice cave, and colorful textured walls.  Plus the angle from a drone is quite beautiful too!

Highland Waterfall BBQ + Beer Tasting

Can you imagine having a BBQ and a curated Icelandic beer tasting at a magnificent highland waterfall?  It’s possible!  After all, when you hire our Iceland Wedding Planner team we specialize in unique experiences!  But could this waterfall top their Katla Glacier ceremony?  Likely not but judge for yourself below 😉

Playful First Dance Among Magical Mountains

Snow in the highlands in early October is pretty normal, especially the deeper you go!  But the group thoroughly enjoyed playing in it along with the bride and groom who did a twirl of two!!  They may or may not have collected a few rocks along the way in the moon-like landscape.  After all, half of the Katla Glacier wedding guest list works for NASA, so why not?!

Snowy Valley Exploration

Freshly fallen snow, really paints the landscapes to an inspiring degree!  For instance, Danielle and Shawn adventured around hand in hand really taking in the reality of how epic this place is!

Waterfall Warm Up with Coffee & Donuts!

Sometimes the weather in Iceland is challenging to your body.  And having a little warm up along the way does wonders for your spirit!  So when the group arrived to the last location in the day, they were treated to hot coffee and Icelandic donuts, called klienur.  Next, once they were warm Shawn and Danielle spent time exploring the majesty of this stunning waterfall.

The Berg Restaurant Reception

After a short rest and refresh time period, the group met again for a delicious dinner at The Berg.  They toasted with signature drinks, laughed endlessly, and took funny photos.  Meanwhile a warm homemade meal and conversation after an exciting Katla Glacier wedding and adventuring together, was exactly what they needed to recharge!  Along with that, some sugar from their kransakaka (traditional Iceland wedding cake) helped too!!  Then it was onto to Aurora Borealis hunting… Because after all it is October!!

Iceland Wedding Photos Underneath the Northern Lights

Likely, when people plan a trip to Iceland between the months of September and March, they secretly hope to witness the Northern Lights.  No shame in that!  In fact, it seems like they come out when you least expect it…

For example, while on the way to one of our favorite private property natural caves to stage a nighttime shot, we were hopeful.  However when we were  setting up we realized the Auroras were out!  Therefore, these two were able to marvel and get some gorgeous Northern Light wedding photos!

Wow-wee what a day Danielle and Shawn shared!  Lastly, if you are ready to plan your own very special experience driven Katla Glacier wedding or elopement under the Northern Lights…We encourage you to contact us to get more information on beginning that unforgettable journey!

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