Misty October Iceland Elopement: Megan + Ryan

Rain, mist, fog, and low clouds make for unique fall landscapes.  Why?  Because they add a level of mystery to where you’re going and what you’re exploring.  After all, if you cannot see the mountain and it suddenly appears, it’s pretty darn inspiring!  Then add in the fact it’s cold outside, it’s the start of snuggle season and you have an uber romantic day together.  Further, all of these elements set the scene for the sweetest, yet interesting October Iceland elopement!

Megan + Ryan

Circa 2015, in Louisiana Ryan and Megan met at work in the medical world.  However it wasn’t until 2017 that they transitioned from friends to a blooming relationship!  They bond over their mutual love of dogs, cooking, football games, concerts, casinos, trying out new restaurants, traveling, and hosting dinner parties.

Fast forward to December of 2020, Megan and Ryan were in Costa Mujeres, Mexico.  Over that week vacation Ryan had the ring everywhere they went but didn’t feel any time was the “perfect” one.  But after a dinner plans had to transition a few times, he realized there was no perfect moment.  Therefore, he took her for a walk on the beach, got down on one knee, and proposed a lifetime of love and adventuring together!  Megan said yes and all of a sudden their October Iceland elopement becomes a reality!

Eloping in Vik

After planning a trip to Iceland in 2020 that got postponed, they decided to plan a October Iceland elopement in 2021 instead!  However, they came specifically to our team because of our remote locations portfolio.  In fact, Megan described that it feels and looks like the couples in all of our wedding photos are the last two people on earth and those amazing places existed for them!

Furthermore, a strong element these two want from their elopement is for it to be experience driven.  Versus playing dress up and taking pretty pictures.  Likely why at the end of the day, they chose our Iceland Wedding Planner team to craft their unforgettable day!  Therefore, their October 11th 2021 elopement journey began in Vik shortly before sunrise.  After hair, makeup, and getting into their wedding attire these two did a “first look” before jumping into the super jeep for the day.

Married Underneath an Ice Cave

When planning an ice cave wedding, it’s important to remember the area is alive and ever changing.  Likewise, you need to remain flexible in regards to locations.  But being enthralled by any glacier features, Megan and Ryan leave it to our team to devise the perfect spot.  Our team took into consideration their desired adventure level.  Next, the week leading up to their day, we scouted the area to decide what our Plan A, B, and C would be.

To illustrate, photographically the best location was in front of an ice cave.  As the tunnel opening was too small for 3 people plus an Iceland elopement photographer.  Therefore, the soon to be newlyweds held a intimate October Iceland elopement ceremony underneath an ice cave which included personal vows and exchange of rings.  And it was oh-so magical!

October Iceland Elopement Photos

Following their October Iceland elopement ceremony, these two went exploring!  First, they realized how unique their ceremony spot is!  Second, they hike up to experience their first ice cave together.  Third, trekking further around they see other intriguing glacier features.  And they had so much fun discovering these rare places!!

Thriving on Adventure and Love

Next, the skies began to open and the sun was shinning as Ryan and Megan discovered our black beach waterfall.  Also with the added bonus of enjoying some traditional Icelandic hot dogs and Brennivín too!

Hiking Elopement Couple Adventures to Waterfall

Often couples who love the outdoors, want to have hiking incorporated into their elopement.  Therefore, next on Ryan and Megan’s October Iceland elopement was heading to a waterfall in the highlands!  Further, these two thoroughly enjoyed the trek, the views, and the cuddles!

Misty Highland Secrets

Continuing deeper into the highlands, crossing rivers, and having a blast, then suddenly everyone was stopped in their tracks… The most stunning mysterious canyon unveiled itself.  Following the canyon they explored a nearby vivid waterfall.

Love & 360 Degree Views

Seeing beautiful views during your October Iceland elopement is invigorating!  Especially when there is a variation of colors, textures, and landscapes.  Our IWP team photographer, likes to refer to these type of spots as random “stop and pull over” type of locations depending on light!

Mountain Top Sunsets

It’s not super often we get actual sunset photos and colors in Vik.  Maybe 1 out of 5 couples or so get the opportunity due to the weather in Iceland.  But on this day in October Megan and Ryan were graced with such a wonderful sight!  …and they savored and delighted in it!

Elopement Dinner Table for Two!

Lastly the end of the day came quick after adventuring together for 8+ hours.  After returning to their hotel these two had a bit of time to rest and refresh.  What awaited them next, was a sweet little dinner together.  Additionally, their table for two is decored with moss, elements of travel and love.  All of which portrayed a simple yet lovely elegance factor.

At the end of the night these two tried hunting for Northern Lights.  But no avail as it was just too cloudy.  So they just enjoyed the kransakaka tradition instead!  Ready to potentially plan your own October Iceland elopement?  Please contact our expert adventure wedding planning team to get that convo started!

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