Adventurous Rainy Nuptials: Monika + Conrad

Traditions and superstitions for weddings go back 100’s or even 1,000’s of years for many cultures and countries.  Does a specific one stick out for you?  Maybe the one that says, it can be good luck if it rains on your wedding day.  After all, this is what we say in Iceland too because the chances are likely that it will!  Although if you think about rain and adventuring together, perhaps why that superstition became a thing is because weathering storms (on all levels) together builds a strong relationship.  Therefore, let’s see how Monika and Conrad’s adventurous rainy nuptials unfold…

Conrad + Monika

These two soon to be newlyweds first met each other in prison in circa 2012.  Yes, you read that right!  But I say that with a bit of of a giggle because it was during a University of Wisconsin-Madison research project in prison. 😉  Then a year and a half friendship begun turning into more and a relationship took shape.

Meanwhile, one of our favorite things about Monika and Conrad is that they travel together to challenge themselves, their limits, their fears, crave adventure and love to learn.  One of them specifically called their way of discovering new places as, “define us” type of travel.  LOVE THIS!  Certainly it’s no secret we adore couples who place more value on experiences than things.  After all that is the intangible essence of an experience driven wedding adventure.

Next, from Bahrain, Shri-Lanka to across Europe and the Americas, these two finally come to Iceland in June 2017 for the first time.  While here, they dove into Conrad’s Icelandic roots and were enamored with the diversity of the landscapes.  After arriving back home following that epic trip, Conrad began planning the proposal.  And in March of 2018, he popped the question and they went to Spain after to celebrate!

But now what?  Neither one of them wanted to plan a local wedding with all of the cringe worthy traditions.  Plus who wants to spend $60k on a 5-6 hour experience with 200 people you may or may not know?!  Luckily Google, led them to our Iceland Wedding Planner team and adventure wedding concept!  Then the excitement over planning a wedding came!

October 22nd 2021

Originally Monika and Conrad began planning with us in 2018 and were planning anticipating a May of 2020 wedding.  However, we all know what was happening in the world then, so after several iterations, October 22nd 2021 finally arrived!  The morning begins at Hrifunes Guesthouse with the arrival of our hair, makeup, and photography team, well before the sun rose.

Conrad and Monika decided to get ready separately so they could have a quite moment before leaving to have a first look.  Next, their group of 50+ gathered and loaded into super jeeps in the rain with no idea where they were headed in the darkness.  But the element of excitement was off the charts because they know exactly how Monika and Conrad roll and plan things!!  Therefore bring on their rainy nuptials…

Rainy Nuptials in a Cave

Hjörleifshöfði Mountain and very specifically the Gígjagjá Cave, was the desired ceremony location for Monika and Conrad right from the start.  Rainy nuptials or not, these two wanted to be married inside this historical place.  Firstly, upon arrival their guests were in awe as they made their way inside and to their seats.  Secondly, our favorite pastor performed a nature based ceremony connecting them to the landscapes and each other.  Thirdly, they spoke openhearted words to each other from their vow books.  Fourth, they sealed the deal with a kiss and a champagne toast with their loved ones!  Woohoo!!

Shots on Mountain Tops

With a guest list of 50+ what could be more exciting that taking Black Death shots (aka Brennivín) on a mountain top?  Pretty freaking badass if you ask us and Monika and Conrad’s guests thought so too!  These two and their loved ones really made rainy nuptials look like so much freaking fun while exploring every inch of this exciting place!  And our Iceland wedding photographer even captured stellar drone photos in despite the wind and rain!

Hot Dog BBQ in Heart Natural Cave

Even though the rain was nonstop, everyone was in good spirits enjoying the experience driven adventure!  Especially when it was time for a lunch experience in a natural cave!  To illustrate, following the rainy nuptials, the group go the opportunity to delight their taste buds!   For instance, they filled their tummy’s with traditional Icelandic hot dogs and they were shocked at our delicious they were!

Fun Fact: A few of us may or may not have seen an elf!  Ask us more about that moment on your own wedding day 😉

Ravine Waterfall Exploration

There is a place I fondly refer to as a “Trickle Waterfall” that I was once not impressed by.  For instance, this was back in my early days of private property location scouting (circa 2012).  However, as time went on and our thrilling portfolio and schedules grew, this quite place took on a whole new meaning.  Maybe it’s something about the insane ride to get there, the narrow ravine walls, or the sketchy hike back to the falls.  Dunno but it’s unforgettable as you’ll see!

Cold & Cuddles

After a day full of rain pummeling you but still yet oh-so much excitement…  Sometimes the adrenaline starts to decrease at the last location because you get COLD!  But these two powered through their rainy nuptials and still savored every second!  After exploring and cuddling at this black sand beach waterfall, they enjoyed some drinks and conversation with their guests.

Hrifunes Guesthouse Iceland Wedding Reception

Although, a quaint accommodations is not for all of our couples.  For Monika and Conrad, it was a way to immerse their guests into a traditional like Icelandic homestay.  Because again, introducing themselves to the local culture is part of their, “define us” travel vibe.

Therefore, after arriving back from the rainy adventure wedding day, the group had a little bit of time to rest and refresh.  Later, they were invited into the main house for an Icelandic family style dinner.  Upon arrival, the guests were greeted by our Iceland Wedding Planner team, a glass of bubbles, and shown to their seat!

Furthermore, the group shared local smoked appetizers, salad, traditional soup, a leg of lamb, veggies, and endless rounds of drinks!  Toasts, the kransakaka tradition, an American cake, and dancing rounded out the evening!

Lastly, are you curious to know what Conrad and Monika thought about their day after?  Check out their Google Review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if an experience driven wedding in Iceland is of interest to you!

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