Slushy March Wedding: Steven + Marie

Outdoorsy couples often gravitate to choosing not only unique places to get married, but also doing so during challenging weather times.  Why you might wonder?  Likely because that is when the the landscapes look different than any other time of the year.  And here in South Iceland, having an early March wedding could mean a snowy, windy and maybe even a slushy wonderland!

Steven + Marie

Let’s rewind back to October 2015 at the Bath University Skydiving Club.  This is when Steven and Marie meet and instantly become best friends and soon soulmates!  Days together consist of supporting each others careers, skydiving, cycling, and travel adventures that always include things centered around the outdoors and / or adrenaline.

To illustrate, things like swimming with sharks, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and country hopping to experience new cultures and landscapes!  Next, in the summer of 2019, right before they were boarding a flight to the Maldives, Steven proposed endless life of adventuring together… Marie said yes and Iceland March wedding planning began!

March 5th 2022 Wedding in Iceland

Almost immediately upon their return from their Maldives engagement trip, they contacted our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  Having been to Iceland before, they knew they wanted to get married here.  And they were hoping for a March 2021 adventure wedding.  However, the pandemic delayed those fabulous plans just a bit.  But then they were back on track to have an amazing 5th of March wedding in 2022!

The morning began at a luxury house instead of a hotel and with our hair and makeup team dolling Marie up so she felt like a bride!  Also, our Iceland wedding photographer got to work documenting all of their perfect details.  For example, Marie had two wedding dresses and Steven had some handsome groom details too!  Next, their group of of 15+ guests grabbed their “go bags” and loaded into the super jeeps for the day…

Slushy March Heathen Wedding Ceremony

Although these two were capable of doing more adventurous routes with our Iceland Wedding Planner team.  For instance, things like intense hiking, ice climbing to a cave, snowmobiling, canoeing to a waterfall, etc.  They chose a March wedding itinerary that was centered around the luxury lodge they were staying at and one they knew their guests would easily enjoy as well.

Therefore, bring on a lakeside Heathen wedding ceremony!  Complete with our black benches with reindeer furs and all weather firepots!  Additionally, they had roses of honor placed on the empty seats of the benches to represent folks who passed away too soon.

After the guests were seated, their Ásatrú ceremony began.  Steven and Marie held oath rings as they declared their lifetime promises to each other.  Furthermore, the celebration continued with their guests drinking from a Viking horn to wish positive vibes onto their new marriage.  Lots of laughs and smiles followed as the group explored the slushy yet frozen lakeside area.

Icelandic Black Beach Exploration

Escaping the snow and slush for a bit, these two and their guests adventured to a lava rock beach!  However, the weather became pretty fierce in wind, rain, and dropping temperatures.  But Marie and Steven rolled with it and just embraced harder!  And heck there is no shame in keeping your coat on for some of your Iceland wedding photos too during a March wedding!!  Following their discovery of this historical place, they group delighted in a deliciously traditional hot dog BBQ to warm up.

Hiding Away in a Natural Cave

The weather in Iceland sometimes forces you indoors for a break.  But what could that mean?  A natural cave can be a perfect place to seek refuge during a March wedding in Iceland!

Quaint Countryside Waterfall

Many river waterfalls in Iceland have the elevation and texture to be waterfalls.  And let’s be honest any size waterfall when you haven’t experienced one that day is stunning sometimes!  During their March wedding adventure, Marie, Steven, and their guests reveled in it’s beauty despite the heavy rains and wind!

Moss Meets Windy Cliffs

There are so many natural elements that’s scream Iceland.  However, the fan favorite might be moss.  Many folks find themselves speechless over the texture and color no matter the time of year.  For example, next on their March wedding schedule was a clifftop.  However, upon arriving to the cliffs, there were dangerous gale force winds which made their stay short.  Meanwhile, on the way out there was a freaking stunning lava field the newlyweds were excited to explore!


Ever wonder how you say, “cheers” in Icelandic?  It is Skál (sk-owl)!  And what better way to toast to the newlyweds by having a toast and first dance inside another natural cave.  All away from the crazy March wedding weather!

Iceland Luxury Lodge Private Chef Reception

Marie and Steven, desired a more homey type of accommodation where they would be surrounded by their loved ones.  Therefore, it was natural they book one of the Iceland Luxury Lodges.  Additionally, instead of going to a nearby restaurant, a private chef was brought in to cook local favorites.

So upon returning to the lodge after the adventure day, they jumped in the hot tub while our team and catering team setup!  The group delighted in a 4 course wedding meal that was truly a traditional yet culinary experience.  Lastly, they ended the night with toasts, laughs, and make your cheeks hurt smiles!  Inspired by Steven and Marie’s March wedding adventure?  Please contact us to get an idea of what it would take to plan something similar!

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