Brave Elopement Adventure: Molly + Brendon

Audacious adventures often require trust, courage, and a leap of faith.  Why?  Because you’re heading into the unknown and likely well outside of your comfort zone too.  Therefore, when Molly and Brendon decided to plan a brave elopement adventure they came to our experienced Iceland Wedding Planner team!  Watch their crazy awesome day unfold first hand in today’s blog post…

Molly + Brendon

During summer of 2014, Molly and Brendon meet and immediately bond over their “bucket lists.”  But then they found, there were a lot of common places they both wanted to travel to and they had so much in common!  Additionally, their life together consists of supporting each other in their dynamic careers, adventure travel, adoration of their families, cooking, tackling home renovation projects, and pushing each to the other side of their comfort zones.

Next, Iceland was originally at the top of both of their wanderlust lists.  Therefore naturally they made that their first big trip together in March of 2015 and then again in September 2017.  They may or may not have become addicted to this place 😉  So bring on their brave elopement adventure in Iceland!  Additionally, before we begin check out Molly + Brendon’s review of our Iceland Wedding Planner team, on Google!

Eloping in April in Iceland

Spring is a thrilling time to elope in Iceland!  To illustrate, it is the time of year when the snow disappears from the mountain tops, start melting in the highlands, trees begin to bloom and landscapes slowly transition from brown green to green.  But it’s still cold and weather in Iceland can still be stormy.  In fact, often we call spring “gluggaveður” which directly translates to “window weather.”  Which basically means it may look nice but bundle up!

April 1st 2022 was the perfect date though for Molly and Brendon to find their way to Iceland for a brave elopement!  Brave not just in the idea of embracing whatever mother natures brings but also the willingness to do or go anywhere for epic exploration and stunning photographs!  The view of Reynisdranger from their deluxe room was insane!  These two got ready together in the morning and were out the door before 8am to embark on their adventure!!

Brave Elopement in an Ice Cave

Arriving to the glacier was dreamlike…  Firstly, driving across the black sand desert, a river, a pumice wave, and seeing the iconic Rogue One mountain is really freaking inspiring!  Secondly, when you put crampons on, handed your helmet, etc shit gets real!  Thirdly, Molly and Brendon craved an ice cave experience to say their personal vows in.  And in order to get one really unique one, it would require they climb down a tiny tunnel that spans more than 40 meters (aka 130 feet).

Brendon, Molly, our Iceland elopement photographer, and video team all made the trek to experience the inside of this once in a lifetime spot.  After all, remember in planning an ice cave wedding ceremony, they often only exist for a short period so the chance of this being the same days or weeks later was nil.  Therefore there was never a question of would they be okay with doing it, it was just how!  Well our team set ropes, Molly borrowed a coat, grabbed the bottom of her dress and conquered it!!  Then inside that gorgeous sparkling cave they said their personal vows to each other.  Meanwhile, after they discovered every inch of the place before climbing out.

Glacier Hiking & Exploration

Immediately following their brave elopement ceremony, they hiked down the glacier.  Why? Because they wanted to witness the cave from the front / bottom of the ice valley.  Along with that they basked in the sunshine and the spring vibes!

Concealed Canyon Waterfall

We are always on the hunt for obscure locations, that’s no secret.  More often than not, we scout location and then never pitch it.  Then when “plan b” is needed it’s the perfect opportunity for that couple to enjoy a location we’ve only scouted!  For instance, this was the case during Molly and Brendon’s brave elopement and they LOVED this waterfall!

Private Property Beach Champagne Picnic

Next on the brave elopement agenda is discovering the most beautiful private property beach in South Iceland!  What a moment too… The shinning sun, the playfulness, and a simple champagne picnic!!  After, Molly may or may not have used her Iceland wedding dress as a net to catch dinner, lol!  You  be the judge 😉

Sunny Waterfall Trek

Sunny days in Iceland can be limited, especially in the South.  So when you get one, marvel in it and be grateful!  For example, the sun brought perfect conditions to journey through a crazy beautiful narrow canyon to get to a sweet highland waterfall!  Furthermore, to our surprise there was still A LOT of snow.  Which continued to prove we had the worst winter in 25 years!  Molly and Brendon hiked, climbed, and traversed along a mountain ledge during their brave elopement in Iceland!

High Above the Town of Vik

Planning a brave elopement in Iceland allows you to step out of your comfort zone together.  Memories are made that way.  Especially ones you tell people about later.  Then again, if you do not have photos to prove it, did it happen?!  Luckily Brendon and Molly had our Iceland Wedding Planner photographer capture the entire day of awesomeness!  Ending the formal “adventure elopement” over the mountain above Vik was perfect!

Lightly Styled Table & Nighttime Black Desert Photos

Upon returning to the hotel in Vik, the newlyweds took a bit of time to rest and refresh before going down for a romantic dinner for two.  No one wanted the day to end or the good weather!  Therefore, everyone went back out hoping for the last bits of Northern Lights.  However, none graced the skies.

But don’t fret because we’re magic makers in our own right!  For example, we brought stealth lights to illuminate a giant rock on private property, ground fireworks, and sparklers!!  See what we did with everything below…  In conclusion, we hope you’re leaving super inspired by Molly and Brendon’s brave elopement in Iceland!  And if you cannot wait to plan your own crazy adventure with us, fill out our contact form to get that journey started…

Lastly, make sure you scroll all the way down to check out their Iceland wedding video by our favorite local team, Beit Productions!


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