Laid-back Iceland Elopement Photos: Laura + David

One of the most empowering things about choosing to get married in Iceland is that you can have the day be anything you desire.  Adventurous or not, high energy or low, full day or half, inside or out, there are no rules you have to follow!  Also could mean it’s just the two of you or that you bring your favorite folks along.  Maybe you even opt to just have Iceland elopement photos instead of a full ceremony too, who knows.  The important thing is that you do what honors your relationship best!

Laura + David

In 2012, David and Laura met in a serendipitous moment while David was navigating his way through a train station in Romania.  From that day, a friendship bloomed and they became “pen pals” until 2016 (David from Canada and Laura from Romania).  And then things transitioned to these two having a romantic relationship and David making the move to the U.K. while Laura finished her studies.

Next, they began to build a life together in Alberta, Canada.  Since visiting Iceland the first time during Christmastime, in 2017 they knew they had to to plan an Iceland adventure wedding or at the very least Iceland elopement photos!

Mountain Waterfall Exploration

Icelandic mountains are magical.  Although small in statue compared to rest of the world (highest point is 6,952 feet), they come with stunning other features to marvel over.  For example, the colors and shapes are beautiful, waterfalls that reside within, and some even have hidden features like natural caves!

Meanwhile, David and Laura originally planned to have an adventure wedding with guests in May 2020.  But the pandemic made them shift their plans multiple times over.  However, finally the stars aligned and their September 1st 2021 date was now going to happen, woohoo!!

Furthermore, this time around these two wanted to maximize their adventure day, so they were legally married in Iceland and have their ceremony the day before.  Therefore, when the morning came, they were ready to have their Iceland elopement photos taken and really experience each location!

Highland Hiking

When you hike around Iceland you’ll be amazed to find waterfalls are both spring and glacier fed.  Therefore, embarking on a hiking elopement to get to many within the highlands is a thrilling adventure!  Certainly one Laura and David thoroughly enjoyed while exploring the landscapes and getting their photos taken by our local Iceland elopement photographer.

Iceland Elopement Photos

Continuing on with their trekking elopement, these two newlyweds found their way to an even more impressive glacier fed waterfall!  In fact, as you’ll see below it was wonderful and wide.  And oh la la those drone photos offer a lovely perspective for their Iceland elopement photos too!  So beautiful!!

Berries and Beauty

During the end of August and first week of September, you’ll find that all of the berries in Iceland are ripe and ready to be picked!  Firstly, did you know we have delicious blueberries that grow in the wild on the ground?  Secondly, the highland area Laura and David were exploring on their wedding day was abundant with them!  Yum!!  They had a blast taking stops to pick and delight in them.  Thirdly, how fabulous is this spring fed waterfall area?!

September Greens

After picking berries until their hearts were content these two headed to stunning narrow canyon!  To illustrate, travelers are often enamored with the crazy green colors that live and breathe here.  Laura and David thought the greens in this canyon were ideal for their Iceland elopement photos and we could not agree more!  Plus who doesn’t love an exciting ride in a super jeep through some wild landscapes?!

Spellbinding Scenery

Ultimately, the final romantic stop during Laura and David’s Iceland elopement photos and experience driven wedding day was a famous mountain top.  The mountain is named Reynisfjall and there are a whole lots of folklore stories that surround it too as an added bonus!

Hotel Klaustur Micro-Wedding Dinner

Sometimes you want epic Iceland elopement photos and want to experience the locations together, but you also want to have a few of your favorite people join you for dinner!  There’s no shame in having a micro-wedding dinner especially at Klaustur Restaurant.  After all, remember there are no rules when it comes to an adventure wedding!  Laura’s sister and mum from Romania joined them for a delicious dinner and conversation.

The northern lights forecast was not bright, so the newlyweds opted to do a few sparklers outside of the hotel for their final shot for the evening.  Lastly, make sure you checkout Laura’s Google Review of her experience with our Iceland Wedding Planner team!  If their adventure elopement has left you inspired, please contact us to talk about planning your own amazing journey!

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