East Iceland Hidden Gem Near Reyðarfjörður: Hrútádalur

Tucked away minutes away from the town of Reyðarfjörður sits a hidden gem, named Hrútádalur.  Some may even say the best view in East Iceland can be found here.  Come along with us today as we share with you the logistics of hiking to this lovely canyon and multiple waterfalls!

Town of Reyðarfjörður

Villages throughout East Iceland run small.  Likely because they are seaside, remote, and are often surrounded by mountains so winters can be brutal.  However the town of Reyðarfjörður sits pretty at just over 1,300 people year round.  Meanwhile, the town still offers amenities for locals and visitors such as the following…

Things to do in Reyðarfjörður:

  • Kronan (grocery store)
  • Vínbúðin (alcohol store)
  • Veiðiflugan (outdoor store)
  • Debe (outdoor gear store)
  • Lyfja Reyðarfirði (pharmacy)
  • Landsbankinn (bank)
  • Exito Hár (hair salon)
  • Sesam Brauðhús (bakery)
  • Olís (fuel station)
  • Stríðsárasafnið (war museum)
  • Fun hike to Búðará Canyon & Búðarárfoss (waterfall)
  • Tærgesen – Restaurant & Guest House
  • Heilsugæslan Reyðarfirði (doctors office)
  • Hotel Austur
  • Reyðarfjörður HI Hostel
  • Tjaldstæði Campground

Getting to the town of Reyðarfjörður is an easy 5 minute detour off of Route 1.  Therefore, if you are on your way to Mjóifjörður or Egilsstaðir it is ideal to do a little stop here to stretch your legs.  Firstly, if you’re self-driving around Iceland, head counter clockwise.  Why?  Because of the stunning VIEWS you’ll experience from this direction.  Secondly, once you drive by the last large town in the South, Höfn you can expect a 2.5-3 hour winding road drive.

Thirdly, when you pass by the fjord town of Fáskrúðsfjörður, you’re minutes away!  In fact, it is at this point you’ll be between our featured gem, Hrútádalur and the turn off for Reyðarfjörður.  Fourthly, once you come out of the tunnel the road dead ends and you can go right or left.  But please make sure you turn right on to Norðfjarðarvegur, which is Road #92 to go into the downtown of the village.  Next, you can checkout all the cool places we shared above!

Hrútádalur Canyon & Waterfall

During your journey, if you seek to experience a hidden gem all to yourself then we encourage you on your way to Reyðarfjörður to stop at Hrútádalur.  To illustrate, it is the canyon and waterfall area that is immediately to the left when you come out of the tunnel (if you’re driving counter clockwise as mentioned).  Or just follow this Google Map spot to the parking lot.  Then follow the hiking directions that are below…

Hiking to Hrútáfoss

Before you embark on this offbeat hike in Iceland, plan to be in this area for 1.5-3 hours if you wish to do the hike to all 3 waterfalls.  Also, be aware that morning during summer is the most ideal time to trek Hrútáfoss.  The photos you see in this Iceland Wedding Planner blog post are from the first week of June with a 5:30am start.

Heading up to the 2nd and 3rd Waterfall:

East Iceland Wedding Locations

In conclusion, a plethora of Iceland wedding locations await your decision to elope in Iceland.  Which one to choose or how you will spend your day is the bigger question!  Lastly, if you’re planning an East Iceland elopement, the best time to go is between June and mid-October.  Likewise it is valuable to hire a local Iceland Wedding Planner to help you with contacting landowners, local vendors, etc.  Therefore, feel free to contact us to get that incredible planning journey started!

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