Glacier Lagoon Wedding: Heather + Ian

For most people in the world, glaciers and floating icebergs are just features found in books, movies, or seen on television.  Typically not locations they experience first hand.  Therefore, when you come to Iceland for the first time, it may be high on your priority list to visit one of the famed glacier lagoons.  In fact, this was exactly the thought of Heather and Ian who set out to plan an unforgettable glacier lagoon wedding!

Heather & Ian

From first meeting in high school to being adults in the real world, Heather and Ian began their relationship in 2014.  Their relationship blossomed by countless road trips, offbeat and outdoor adventures.  Next, to celebrate their 3 year anniversary together Ian and Heather took a trip to the Dominican Republic.  And right before they were leaving, Ian organized a stunning light display for a romantic proposal.  Heather said yes and their journey towards planning a glacier lagoon wedding began!

Getting Married in September in Iceland

Heather and Ian reached out to our team in May of 2017 hoping for a May 6th 2020 glacier lagoon wedding adventure with 30-50 guests joining.  However, we all know the story of how challenging 2020 was.  Especially with the logistics of bringing two families from two different continents across the ocean.

After several date modifications, September 7th 2021 arrived the the excitement was gushing!  The morning began very early at Hotel Klaustur in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  Our Iceland Wedding Planner teams hair, makeup, and local photographer began crafting and documenting.  The bride to be had such wonderful details honoring her heritage which she included in her Iceland wedding dress!  And good news, morning clouds give way to an abundance of sunshine later on too!  Which is such amazing luck for a September wedding!

Glacier Lagoon Wedding Ceremony

Did you know there are many glacier outlets with lagoons throughout South Iceland?  Although, you may have only heard of the most famous one being Jökulsárlón, which is part of Vatnajökull National Park.  But believe it or not, there is a beautiful private property glacier lagoon among them too!  Therefore, it was the PERFECT spot for Heather and Ian to hold their glacier lagoon wedding ceremony!

Firstly, the view for the ceremony was unforgettable and their 10 guests were in complete awe!  Secondly, to add to the excitement, Ian wanted the first time he saw Heather was as she walked down the aisle!  Thirdly, our teams celebrant Vanessa, performed an inspiring symbolic ceremony and a meaningful hand fastening ceremony.  Fourthly, at the end of the ceremony, Ian partook in the Jewish breaking glass to celebrate the finality of the marital covenant.  What a glorious morning to get married in Iceland, truly!

Iceland Wedding Day Exploration

After greeting their guests following their glacier lagoon wedding ceremony, the newlyweds took time to explore this dynamic area together quietly.  Meanwhile, there is something absolutely memorizing about the icebergs floating, a glacier tongue going down into a lagoon and surrounding crazy shaped mountains!  In fact, it will likely overwhelm your five senses!

Rivers & Waterfalls

More often than not, plan b’s work out better than the first.  Therefore, when our team suggested Heather and Ian bypass one of the originally set locations, they trusted our Iceland Wedding Planner team to deliver.  Fair to say they were not disappointed from the extraordinary photos below!

Never Ending Basalt Features

Basalt is an important part of the geology and history of Iceland.  Many look to it as inspiration because of the shapes and marvel over how it is made.  Therefore, adding to your schedule after your glacier lagoon wedding ceremony is a perfect mix!  Plus, who wouldn’t want glorious drone shots of themselves in this beautiful yet historical place?!

Dreamy Canyon Waterfall Wedding Adventure

Continuing with the private property experience driven wedding schedule, these two and their guests spent time at a canyon waterfall next.  And you know what happened?  There were moments of pure magic when the sun shined behind Heather and Ian too as you’ll see below!  Oh so dreamy!!

Iceland Wedding Photos Church on the Church Floor (Kirkjugólf)

Beginning their day by having a glacier lagoon wedding ceremony, it was ironic Ian and Heather ended their day at the famed “church floor.”  A famed spot within the tiny town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  Also it was a Iceland wedding location, Ian’s sweet grandmother had been talking about experiencing all week!  However, the best viewpoint of this historic place is from above.  Likely why our Iceland wedding photographer got the drone up!

Moss & Driftwood Theme Reception

Lastly after returning to the hotel around 6pm, the group was able to have some time to rest and refresh.  At 7:30pm they then gathered for an intimate dinner reception.  To illustrate, the table was donned with reusable moss and driftwood pieces.  Furthermore, each place setting had a photo of each guest which served as their token place card.  Next, each guest also received a little suitcase filled with treats.

Then once everyone settled in, the delicious 4 course menu began… As a matter of fact, it even included a traditional Iceland wedding cake too!  Such a fabulous finish to day that was much anticipated and long awaited.  Making everything single second was worth it!  In conclusion, has Heather and Ian’s glacier lagoon wedding inspired you to craft something just as fabulous for yourself?  If so, feel free to contact us to get the adventure started!

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