Intimate Iceland Nuptials: Jenn + Myles

Traveling to Iceland with your favorite folks in tow can really amp up the experience.  Because you’ll share a unique adventure that further your bonds as family or friends.  After all who doesn’t want to make unforgettable memories with your people!  Therefore, when Jenn and Myles began planning their intimate Iceland nuptials they decided on to bring along 10 guests… Come along as we share with you their journey!

Jenn + Myles

These two adventurous Canadians met over a decade ago while attending the University of Guelph.  Throughout the years their connection grew as they built a life together.  A life that included their Great Dane pup Morrison and experienced the world together by traveling across Canada, South and Central American, Europe, and Africa.  Craving dramatic scenery, offbeat yet private adventures, it was natural for Jenn and Myles to contact our Iceland Wedding Planner team when they began planning their intimate Iceland nuptials!

The Wedding Journey Begins

Coming to Iceland for their experience driven wedding was not the first time Jenn and Myles visited Iceland.  For example, they ended their European trip here in September 2014 and they became totally obsessed with the dynamic contrasts of the landscapes. And they fell in love with the insane green that thrives in the highlands.

Next, high on the priority list for these two, was they really wanted to share with the immediate family the truly authentic local vibe of the Icelandic countryside.  So Hrifunes Guesthouse proved to be a charming homestyle place that would accomplish this must have.  In fact, they rented the entire place for 2 nights to ensure their guests would be totally immersed in the experience.

Firstly, the group arrived the evening before the wedding to gather for a home cooked meal.  Secondly the sun was shinning for the start of their September 5th 2021 intimate wedding nuptials. Thirdly, Jenn and Myles chose to not have getting ready photos so they could get ready together privately.  Fourth, the group gathered mid morning with go bags in hand to load into the super jeep for the day.

Icelandic Highland Roads

Roads in the highlands are oh-so picturesque!  For instance, while on the way the morning light was so perfect that our local wedding photographer begged to stop to explore before the intimate Iceland nuptials…

Intimate Iceland Nuptials

Reindeer furs on black benches set the scene for Myles and Jenn’s ceremony at a highland waterfall.  Furthermore, to say their guests were surprised, would be an understatement!  Meanwhile, during the actual ceremony, Jenn and Myles spoke their personal vows to each other which made their intimate Iceland nuptials extra special!


Lunch Comes with Spectacular Views

Next on their adventure wedding itinerary, it was quickly time for lunch!  And oh la la did it come with a freaking UNFORGETTABLE river crossings and 360 degree views…  To illustrate, Myles and Jenn grabbed their hot dogs and snuck away to explore the waterfall and canyon firsthand.  Whereas their guests hung around the BBQ and relaxed in the super jeeps escape the rain.  After all who doesn’t love a laid back lunch!

Bring on the Green Valleys

Likely 90+ percent of folks traveling to Iceland are at least a tiny bit intrigued by the crazy greens that live deep into the highlands.  So discovering this hidden valleys with this color is really exciting to the majority of people.  Likewise, Jenn, Myles and their 10 guests thoroughly enjoyed their time around these super green valleys after their intimate Iceland nuptials!

Lava Canyon Waterfall

Iceland is full of crazy lava rock textures from countless volcanic eruptions.  Therefore, next on Myles and Jenn’s intimate Iceland nuptials, was discovering a lava rock waterfall!  Also this was a chance to slip away from their guests and steal a few minutes to have for themselves, which they thoroughly enjoyed!!

Random Highland Explorations

When you visit the Icelandic Highlands for the first time, we must warn you about something… For example, you will get overwhelmed by the urge to pull over and take photos every 5 minutes!  Especially when the light is just right and you feel inspired.  Therefore, working in some time for random explorations following your intimate Iceland nuptials is advantageous!

Glacier Rapids

Iceland isn’t just all waterfalls even though we have a freaking ton of them!  Maybe you’ll find yourself being awe struck by the distance views of glaciers and powerful rivers.  Certainly, Myles and Jenn did!

Gorgeous Glens

What intimate Iceland wedding would be complete without sipping some champagne with epic highland views?!  At the next mountainous valley location, the group toasted the newlyweds.  Afterwards, an endless supply of laughs and smiles echoed around the gorgeous glen area as Jenn and Myles explored.

Hrifunes Guesthouse Wedding Reception

After an action packed Iceland adventure wedding, the group returned to the guesthouse for an authentic homestyle meal at Hrifunes.  Course one was pumpkin soup followed by whole roasted leg of lamb and the dessert was apple pie with in season blueberries.  Yum!  In conclusion, the group spent their evening laughing, toasting, and reliving their days adventure which made the perfect end of their intimate Iceland nuptials, truly!

Are you inspired by Jenn and Myles September wedding adventure?  Check out what the newlyweds had to say about their experience driven wedding with us on Google.  If you want to plan your very own unique adventure, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact us for more information!!

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