Iceland Waterfall Proposal: Robert + Megan

Out of all of the places in the world to ask someone to marry, pretty sure Iceland somehow makes it to the top of the list!  Especially since there are countless locations with different dynamics to choose from.  For example, would you choose a black sand beach, ice cave, volcano, or would you plan an Iceland waterfall proposal?  Come along with us today as we share the proposal story of Robert and Megan!

Iceland Waterfall Proposal

International couples often choose Iceland to explore because it is between them.  For instance, Robert is from Florida and Megan from the U.K saw Iceland as the perfect in-between meeting spot this past September!  Wanting to ensure everything was absolutely private and perfect, Robert reached out to our Iceland Wedding Planner team to craft an unforgettable Iceland waterfall proposal.

Meanwhile, beyond our list of 25 best places to propose in Iceland, we have a whole other amazing list of private property locations that we only share with our clients.  So!  After Robert had a look he felt most connected to proposing at a private property waterfall that has forest vibes.

Upon their arrival to the spot, Robert took Megan for a little walk in front of the falls and started telling her how much he adored her, etc!  Well it quickly led into a beautiful waterfall proposal in which Megan immediately said “YES!” and even kissed him while he was still on one knee!  Swoon!!  Following this monumental moment, the two celebrated with endless kisses, bubbles, and so many smiles their cheeks hurt!!

Captivating Canyon Exploration

Continuing on cloud nine, the newly engaged couple were thrilled to head to the next location which was a glorious canyon!  The views from this canyon were almost as stunning as their Iceland waterfall proposal.  In fact, the angle from our photographers drone was pretty darn epic too as you’ll see below.

How to Propose in Iceland

There are so many ways to propose.  But once you find your person and are ready to pop the question, what do you do then?  First, choose Iceland.  Second, hire a seasoned proposal planner and photographer that is local to help you every step of the way.  Third, decide on your ideal location.

Fourth, finalize your plan on what will happen once you arrive to the location (what you will say, do, where you’ll be, etc).  Again, hiring a local Iceland Wedding Planner will help take all of the stress away so you can just show up and have fun!  Then after you execute your Iceland waterfall proposal, maybe it’ll be time for you to plan an ice cave elopement or hiking elopement, who knows!  Dare you to consider and feel free to contact us for more information!

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